Are you suffering from hard skin on your feet? Are you looking for ways how to get rid of it? Here is the solution. An electric foot hard skin remover (electric foot file or pedi if you want) is becoming an essential part of domestic foot care and you should definitely consider buying one.

The reason is that it is simpler to use, and is more efficient than traditional manual options such as foot files and pumice stones. It is also much cheaper than visiting a podiatrist, which is obviously a big consideration for most of us.

Therefore, in our view, whoever wonders how to get rid of hard skin on feet needs a good electric pedi. The first step is understanding what options are available on the market.

  • Product   
  • Brand   
  • Power   
  • Speed   
  • Weight   
  • Removable Head   
  • Rollers Included   
  • Our Review   
  • Our Rating   

  • Scholl Pedi
    Wet & Dry

  • Scholl
  • Rechargeable, Cordless
  • Dual speed
  • 250g
  • No
  • 1x Wet & Dry
  • 4.8

  • Scholl Velvet
    Smooth Pedi

  • Scholl
  • 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • One speed
  • 320g
  • Yes
  • 1x Coarse
  • 4.5

  • Scholl Velvet
    Diamond Pedi

  • Scholl
  • 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • One speed
  • 320g
  • Yes
  • 1x Extra Coarse
  • 4.6

  • Micro Pedi

  • Emjoi
  • Rechargeable, Cordless
  • Dual speed
  • 240g
  • Yes
  • 1x Extreme Coarse, 1x Extra Coarse
  • 4.5

  • Micro Pedi

  • Emjoi
  • Corded
  • One speed
  • 340g
  • No
  • 2x Extra Coarse (anti-bacterial)
  • 4.7

As you can see in the table above, the pedi market in 2019 is actually dominated by two brands i.e. Scholl Pedi and Emjoi Micro Pedi. Although there are also other brands on the market, these two are the most popular. As such, anyone who intends to go shopping for an electric pedi needs a basic understanding of these brands and their products.

Pedi Reviews have tested all major brands on the market, including Emjoi Micro Pedi hard skin removers and Scholl hard skin removers. But before we take a closer look at each of them, let me tell you which one has achieved the best results in our tests.

Best hard skin remover – Editor’s choice

scholl pedi wet and dry

Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi

Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi is a brand new addition to Scholl hard skin remover range, favourite for those who who want a reliable pedi device that can be used both on dry and wet skin.

It doesn’t need batteries; it has two speeds; and its performance is second to none. If you are looking for a reliable and high performing electric foot file, Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi is the right device for you.

It’s good to know that Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi achieved the highest score of all electric pedis tested during our review.


Total rating: 4.8 stars out of 5

  • Performance: 5
  • Comfort: 5
  • Noise: 4.5
  •  Cleaning: 4.7
  • Ease of Use: 4.7

Scholl Wet & Dry HP

Scholl Pedi product range

Scholl is one of the best known foot care brands in the UK and Scholl pedi is perhaps the best selling hard skin remover on the market. This is because Scholl hard skin removers are known for their high-quality, ease-of-use and affordable prices. Below are the pedis which are sold under the Scholl brand.

Scholl Express Pedi – Classic and simple

scholl express pedi

Scholl Express Pedi

Although it was introduced to the market in 2012, it is perhaps the most popular Scholl pedi out there. Maybe it lacks sophistication of the latest Scholl hard skin removers but customers still love it.

And we can see why: it is simple to use, weighs under 300 grams, runs only on 2 AA batteries, and can run for 3-4 hours continuously.

It is fitted with rotating sandpaper rollers which can tackle most hard skin although we must admit that it is not as efficient as the latest products in this category. Read our full Scholl Express Pedi review.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi – Sophisticated and elegant

scholl velvet smooth pedi

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Electric Hard Skin Remover is an improved version of the Scholl Express Pedi introduced in late 2013 as a response to Emjoi’s new products.

It got a new ergonomically shaped handle and a replaceable head which is much easier to clean compared to a fixed head of previous products. It is fitted with rollers similar to the Express, but it is more powerful.

The downside is that it weighs 320 grams and runs on 4 AA batteries instead of 2 AA batteries required by the Express or 2-3 AA/AAA batteries required by most Emjoi Micro Pedi products. Some customers also claim that it is nosier than the Emjoi’s Micro Pedi product range. Read our full Scholl Velvet Smooth review.

Scholl Velvet Diamond Pedi – Extra power and strength

scholl diamond pedi

Scholl Diamond Pedi

Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi is a variant of Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi introduced in 2015.

The main difference compared to the previous products is its Scholl extra coarse roller, which is great for the toughest skin. Despite its extra strength, it comes in a pink colour which is obviously very feminine and clearly targeted at Scholl’s female customers.

Again, the main downside we can see is its weight and the fact that is slightly larger and also noisier than its main Micro Pedi competition. Also, similarly to other Scholl pedis, it comes only with one roller included, so you need to invest more if you require extra rollers. Read our full Scholl Diamond Pedi review.

Micro Pedi product range

Micro Pedi is manufactured by Emjoi – another leading maker of foot care products. Micro Pedi hard skin removers are renowned for their ergonomic design, supreme performance and free accessories. Below are the major products which are sold under the Micro Pedi brand.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Professional – Premium pedi

micro pedi professional

Micro Pedi Professional

Emjoi Micro Pedi Professional Portable Pedicure Device is one of the most powerful electric hard skin removers on the market.

It uses two interchangeable micro-rollers i.e. the extreme coarse and extra coarse. These rollers spin at 30 times per second and can rotate 360 degrees to remove even the hardest skin.

It is also one of few products on the market that are rechargeable and not battery operated, which is, unlike in electric toothbrushes, quite unusual in this segment.

It is a Emjoi’s premium product and its price reflects that. Read our full Micro Pedi Professional review.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Portable – Portable hard skin remover

micro pedi portable

MICRO Pedi Portable

Emjoi Micro Pedi Portable Pedicure Device is perhaps most popular pedi on the market. It has been a number one best seller on Amazon for a long period and we are not surprised having reviewed this product.

It has a long list of positives: it is reliable, portable, not too overpriced. Although maybe not as elegant as Scholl pedis, it is renowned for its ergonomic design. It is smaller and lighter than its Scholl competitors. It also comes with two anti-bacterial rollers and runs on two AA batteries.

From negatives, we could mention the head that is not removable and therefore its cleaning requires slightly more effort. Also it may not be as effective as the latest hard skin removers given it is on the market since 2011. Read our full Micro Pedi Portable review.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Man – Hard skin remover for men

micro pedi man

MICRO Pedi Man

Emjoi Micro Pedi Man is specifically designed to cater for the needs of men skin and we think it does this well.

Its shape and colour are less feminine which is a plus when you are targeting male customers with a device that is not usually seen in a gentleman hand. It has a large profile and is fitted with a super coarse mineral roller ready for the toughest skin conditions.

The roller spins 360 degrees and rotates at 30 times per second. It can thus remove most rough skin. Despite these characteristics, it is very light and also very affordable.

Again, its head is not removable which makes the cleaning a bit more difficult. Read our full Micro Pedi Man review.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Power – Powerful and reliable

micro pedi power

MICRO Pedi Power

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Power Pedicure Device is one of the few truly electric pedis on the market.

Unlike the other pedis which use batteries, this one runs on electric power. It has a cord which is plugged into a power source. As such, it requires no charging time but obviously it is not fully portable. It is mounted with an anti-bacterial micro-mineral roller and comes with an extra roller. It has a sturdy and ergonomic design.

It is more expensive than the other Micro Pedi devices reflecting its status of a premium product. Given the higher price tag, we would expect the removable head to be included. Read our full Micro Pedi Power review.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Mini – Small hard skin remover

micro pedi mini

MICRO Pedi Mini

If you are looking for a powerful pedicure roller for use on the go, this is one of the best. It uses 2AA batteries to power a motor that turns a micro mineral roller.

The roller may be small but it’s highly effective at removing dead skin and calluses from your feet. The roller rotates 30 times a second to quickly buff your skin to a silky smoothness. The roller is coarse enough to smoothen your feet but not too rough that it’s uncomfortable to use.

It’s small enough to fit in your purse or travel bag. Read our full review of Micro Pedi Mini.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Nano – Great option for travellers

micro pedi nano

MICRO Pedi Nano

This portable pedicure device uses a flex roller that contours around your feet to reach areas where a normal straight roller wouldn’t. This ensures that every inch of your foot becomes soft and smooth.

The extra-coarse roller rotates 30 times a second to provide an effective buff even on callused feet. But it still feels gentle on your feet. So don’t worry even if you have sensitive feet.

The roller runs on 2 AA batteries and is small enough to fit in your travel bag. Read our full review of Micro Pedi Nano.

Other pedi brands

Although Micro Pedi and Scholl Pedi are the major pedi brands on the market, they are not the only ones.

HoMedics Instant Pedi

homedics instant pedi review

HoMedics Instant Pedi

The HoMedics roller provides an easy and effortless way to scrub the dead skin and hard calluses off your feet. Just attach one of the 3 rollers onto the main unit and move it over your feet. A powerful motor turns the diamond crystal rollers, easily filing away dead skin cells and tough calluses from your feet.

You can choose the most comfortable speed setting from the two options available. The unit is ergonomically designed for easy holding and use with one hand. It much easier to use and more effective compared to a pumice stone.

Your feet will look smooth and feel soft. Read our review of HoMedics Instant Pedi.

Clarisonic Pedi System

clarisonic pedi

Clarisonic Pedi

The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic foot pedicure kit has everything you need to keep your feet smooth, soft and beautiful.

The main item is the handheld device to which you can attach a buffing brush head to remove dead skin and a stainless steel disc for smoothing away calluses.

It also includes the Pedi-Buff scrub which you apply on your feet when using the brush or disc. After you are done buffing, use the included Pedi-Balm moisturizer and Pedi-Boost to further soften and smoothen your feet.

It’s great if you have dry cracked feels or callused feet. Read our review of Clarisonic Pedi System.

Soap & Glory Foot File

soap and glory foot file

Soap & Glory Foot File

This is a simple but highly effective foot buffer. It’s a must-add to your foot care kit.

The buffer has three usage options. One side has a coarse texture which is good for removing the worst of calluses and dead skin. The other side is smoother. It’s great for giving your feet a smooth finish.

Hidden in the handle is a smaller file that is meant for use between your toes. It removes all the accumulated dead skin and gunk.

Note that is a metal buffer mounted on a sturdy metal handle. It will last long without the buffers wearing down or the handle snapping. Read our review of Soap & Glory Foot File.

JML Ped Egg

jml ped egg

JML Ped Egg

The JML Ped Egg foot file is a nice compact file you can carry around with you. It looks like an egg with 135 micro-filers spanning the surface. The files are metal but completely safe for your hands and feet. They quickly buff away calluses, cracks and dead skin on your feet.

Instead of leaving a mess behind, the shavings collect in a compartment inside the egg where you can easily clean them out later.

The main downside mentioned by customers is that it’s a bit blunt hence not very effective on really rough and callused feet. Read our review of JML Ped Egg.

JML Pedi Pro Deluxe

jml pedi pro deluxe review

JML Pedi Pro Deluxe

The JML Pedi Pro Deluxe is an easy to use electric home pedicure kit. It consists of a palm-size unit on which you attach one of the accessories included with the package.

Accessories include six buffing pads, a cleaning brush, a stainless steel shaving disc and a buffing disc.

There are 2 speed settings to ensure maximum comfort plus an integrated tray to collect shavings. Use the included pouch for storage and traveling.

Read our review of JML Pedi Pro Deluxe.

Pedi Spin

jml pedi spin

Pedi Spin

The Pedi Spin has more 1-star reviews than all the other reviews combined. Most customers say its claims of leaving your feet smooth and silky soft are completely bogus. Not only is it ineffective in buffing away hard skin and calluses, it can cut your skin.

The kit includes a filing plate, a finishing head and 12 replacement finishing pads. But the components are made from poor quality materials that don’t do anything to your feet and don’t last long.

If you saw the Pedi Spin advertised on TV or you’ve seen it mentioned somewhere and want to buy it, don’t. There are many other electric files that are much more effective, safer and just as affordable. Read our review of Pedi Spin.

iVog Pedi-Luv 200

ivog pedi-luv 200

iVog Pedi-Luv 200

iVog Pedi, a brand renowned for its rechargeable hard skin removers, offers iVog Pedi-Luv 200 Powerful Callus Remover, which is a sort of hybrid between the battery-operated and purely electric motors. It has a rechargeable battery system.

This pedi comes with 2 coarse rollers which have two different speed settings. It features an ergonomic design which is lightweight and provides a good grip. Each one is shipped with an extra pair of coarse rollers, which makes it a very good value for money.

The customers who struggle with foot hard skin are however less impressed with its performances compared to the Micro Pedi or the Scholl Pedi products. Read our full iVog Pedi-Luv 200 review.

Thins to consider when buying an electric foot file

The magnitude of proper foot care and maintenance cannot be stressed enough. However, for the modern, working person, even finding the time for a little TLC becomes more difficult by the day. Not to mention just how expensive it is to visit spas and parlours for weekly treatments. So if you are in the market for a personal, heavenly pedicure experience at home, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a range of options available to suit your needs.

At this point, the major decision that you will be faced with is whether a manual or electric hard skin remover for feet – also known as an electric pedi – is best for you. Electric hard skin removers have become an indispensable part of domestic foot care in recent times as they tend to be more user-friendly and efficient than traditional manual skin removers, such as foot files or pumice stones.

When considering what electric hard skin remover to choose, it is best to figure out what you require from a pedi device and then how your budget best compliments these requirements.


Whether manual or electric, both systems are portable. You can pretty much tote them around discreetly wherever you go. It is true that manual systems do not require any form of power whereas electric systems do, however, this does not need to limit their portability. Usually, there is the option of re-chargeable, electric power supplied or battery pack power supplied electric pedi devices. Afterwards, the choice comes down to pretty much how much power you wish to have and for how long at a time.

While battery powered pedi devices are usually a better option when you know that you may be without continued electric power supply on that long camping trip, consider that you lose the power intensity that you would get from a corded or electric system. On the other hand, with a electric system there can be no loss of power as it requires no batteries or charging time.

Design and functionality

Do you require an open or closed roller, a removable head or a dual speed system? These all depend on your needs from the system and how you skin responds to each. Consider the factors below in detail.

  • Whereas a closed roller tends to get clogged easier, opened rollers won’t clog but are messier to use. The clean-up time with open rollers should definitely be considered prior to purchase.
  • Removable heads tend to be easier to clean so this should also be considered since your hygiene and health is of great concern. There are also some options to have anti-bacterial or flexible (also known as flexi) heads.
  • Although some electric skin removers have dual speed, you should consider whether or not you need more than one speed. Perhaps you’ll just use one speed anyways so the extra cash to be spent on an additional speed may not be economical. However, if you have very bad calluses, an additional speed may be a blessing in disguise since adding extra pressure usually stops most devices instantly.


It’s a good idea to consider whether you are able to get additional accessories for your electric pedi device. Having an option to purchase replacement parts such as additional heads will lengthen the time that you have with your trusty device.

Another important feature is the density of the rollers. Consider the extra course rollers if you have thick calluses, however, as time goes by you may want to transition to softer rollers as the rough skin disappear. Of course this transition will be much easier if your choice of electric skin remover comes with a removable head option.


Brand is also an important consideration when making the decision of which electric pedi device will be best for you. The market today is flooded with brands from all over the world. Not to tout items made in China as “cheap” per se, however, they are generally known to be replicas made from cheaper material for the cost conscious shopper. For a more permanent minded buyer, a well-known brand will offer a better choice and they also tend to have a wider variety of options.

Take for example, Scholl and Emjoi Micro Pedi – who are market leaders in this area – and have developed a range of systems and styles that stand up pretty well based on numerous customer reviews over the years. A word to the wise is sufficient; it is better to stick with the known brands when purchasing electric hard skin removers. They last longer, stay true to their name and usually offer a warranty.

How to use electric pedi devices

Once you have settled on your hard skin remover, it is a good idea to know how to use it properly. Following the simple packaged instructions will lengthen the life of your device and prevent harm to the product or its user. As a general rule of thumb, here are some simple best practices to apply when using your electric foot file:

  • Use only on clean, dry feet.
  • Do not use your electric device while in the shower or bath.
  • Ensure you know how to use the safety mechanisms.


There are two brands that enjoy approximately 90% of the market share in electric pedi devices, namely Scholl and Micro Pedi. They have about 2 and 6-7 devices respectively with the market leaders of these brands described below.

Best Scholl Pedi

scholl pedi wet and dry

Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi

Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Pedi is the latest addition to Scholl’s well-known range of hard skin removers.

It is an ergonomically shaped electric foot file that doesn’t need batteries, is rechargeable and has two speeds so that you can adjust it to your feet condition.

It is the first electric pedi that is waterproof, so it can be used also on wet skin, in your shower or bath tub.

You may think it’s not that important, but you need to understand that removing dry skin can be sometimes a really messy process.

Customers have raving reviews about this product and its performance, and we have also been very impressed.


Best Emjoi Micro Pedi

micro pedi power

MICRO Pedi Power

Emjoi’s Micro Pedi Power device is electronically powered hard skin remover with one of the best performance on the market and the best rating from Pedi Reviews.

It comes packaged with an additional anti-bacterial roller.

This premium device costs about £35-£50 for what you get a reliable and efficient hard skin remover.

When required, you have an option of purchasing replacement rollers for around £15.

Seventy-seven percent of the customers who reviewed the Emoji Micro Pedi Power on Amazon gave it a 5 star rating.

What next?

Now that you’re enlightened go ahead and pick up your trusty electric pedi device and keep your feet callus free and looking like you just came from the spa every single day.

Hard skin remover frequently asked questions

Q: Do electric hard skin removers work?

An electric hard skin remover, or simply a pedi, comes with a rotating head that buffs away hard skin on your feet. You can use it to get rid of calluses and smoothen your feet.

The effectiveness of a pedi will depend on its quality and how well you use it.

Q: Are electric hard skin removers safe?

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, an electric hard skin remover is completely safe.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Only use a pedi on clean dry feet unless it is designed for use on either dry or wet feet.
  • Unless the manufacturer specifies that the pedi is waterproof and safe for use in water, do not use it in the shower. Remember it is an electric device.
  • Be gentle on your feet. Too much pressure could injure your skin or make it more sensitive.

Q: Do I need to connect an electric hard skin remover to an outlet?

There are some electric hard skin removers that need to be connected to an outlet. If you buy one like that, make sure the cord is long enough.

But most pedis are cordless. They either use replaceable AA batteries or have a rechargeable battery.

The cordless ones are great for travelling.

Q: Which are the best pedi brands?

Our two favourite brands are Scholl and Micro Pedi.

Their products are known for their high quality, reliability and excellent performance. They are the two highest rated pedi brands in the market.

Both have a wide range of pedis for different situations and needs including travelling, wet/dry use and extra-tough calluses.

Other good brands include HoMedics, Clarisonic and JML.

Q: Can I use an electric hard skin remover in the shower?

Some electric foot files are waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. But always check manufacturer specifications first.

If an electric hard skin remover is not waterproof, it can be dangerous to use when taking a bath.

Q: Is an electric hard skin remover painful?

A pedi can be uncomfortable to use if you apply too much pressure on your skin. You should be gentle even when removing tough calluses.

Otherwise, the pedi will leave your skin raw and sensitive.

If a particular pedi has speed settings, select the speed you feel most comfortable with.

After you are done, rinse your feet in lukewarm water and then apply a moisturizer.

Q: Can I replace the roller head of an electric hard skin remover?

In most cases you can. This lets you change to a new roller when the current one is worn out or switch to a different type of roller for better results.

Some electric hard skin removers come with a coarse roller for large and tough calluses as well as a finer roller for a smooth finish or for those with sensitive feet.

Q: How do I clean an electric hard skin remover?

Remove the roller and clean it with warm water and a soft cloth. Some manufacturers also recommend using a soft brush.

Check the user manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.


In a nutshell, those are the major electric hard foot skin removers on the market. We receive a lot of questions from people asking which hard skin remover is better: Micro Pedi or Scholl Express Pedi? There is no simple answer to that question.

Both brands have advantages and disadvantages and the right choice for you depends on your preferences. Is there a particular feature you are looking for? Diamond roller or removable head? Are you temped by free extra rollers or do you prefer a brand that you know well.

Ideally, you should be able to answer all these questions before you make your final decision about which hard skin remover is the best for you. Most shoppers typically choose between Micro Pedi or Scholl Pedi products. However, the HoMedics Instant Pedi or iVog Pedi also offers a great option especially for those who prefer rechargeable pedis.

As a reminder, here is our list of best hard skin removers on the UK market today:

Hard skin removerPowerWeightOur rating
Scholl Pedi Wet & DryRechargeable, Cordless250g4.8Check price
Scholl Velvet Smooth PediBatteries320g4.5Check price
Scholl Velvet Diamond PediBatteries320g4.6Check price
Micro Pedi ProfessionalRechargeable, Cordless240g4.5Check price
Micro Pedi PowerCorded340g4.7Check price
Micro Pedi ManBatteries170g4.4Check price
iVog Pedi-Luv 200Rechargeable, Cordless260g4.3Check price

If you are still not clear what you want, please check our buying guide with key considerations to select the best electric foot file. The presence of numerous brands means that shoppers have a wider pool from which to choose the best hard skin remover for feet.