Shoes can very cruel if you allow them to be. It is often the choice to sacrifice comfort and functionality for fashion and the desire to be stylish.

Footcare is the farthest thing from the average woman’s mind during the day. However, the setting sun often witnesses those dogs barking an entirely different tune.

Responsibility has women carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but the most stress seems to be placed upon their often mistreated feet. In today’s society women walk three times more than men, and many feel we think ten times more, but that is a different subject.

On top of that, 90 percent of all women wear shoes that are too tight. That last fact would surprise exactly 0% of people surveyed since it is considered chic to buy smaller shoe sizes.

This explains why the overwhelming majority of women either suffer from foot diseases or report constant pain in their feet.

Following our lead

Sit down in a comfortable chair, take those shoes off, which are going to be too tight nine times out of 10, and prop your feet up.

Please feel free and listen to our advice on proper footcare. Our words are designed to be like little magic fingers which massage the feet by teaching your brain how to properly care for those big, functional, foundations we all like to pretend are somewhat “dainty.”

That loud “meow” was the sound of that cat coming out of the bag, ladies. Let’s be completely honest, if our feet were the size we perceived them as they would snap off trying to carry us around during the day.

Now, how many times have you heard your friends say “those shoes make my feet look huge?” Ladies, I would like to introduce you to the sound of reality, our feet are big, that is exactly why we are able to effectively walk.

The first thing we are going to promise you is we will not provide any extra spoonfuls of sugar when administering our footcare medicine. We will provide remedies and ideas which will heal, but you need to meet us halfway and purchase some shoes which actually fit and provide necessary support.

Our mission

Our goal is to help as many women take better care of themselves as is possible. We believe in starting from the ground up, obviously that is why we chose footcare. We believe that if your feet are treated better and during the day, they will treat you better during the night.

Ladies, if our feet had voices, do you have any idea what they would be saying to most of us? We want to help you hear their voice by translating their needs directly to you with words which heal, despite being a little sharp around the edges.

Thanks for reading this and looking forward to your comments on our website,

Nicky Ellis, Editor-in-chief