Scholl Diamond Pedi: Extra Coarse Power Hard Skin Remover

The Scholl Diamond Pedi is a new addition to the family of Scholl’s electric hard skin removers. It replaces the first generation of Scholl Express Pedi and belongs to Scholl’s well known Velvet Smooth range. It features diamond particles and a new extra coarse roller that are effective on very rough skin.

I think many of you would agree that removing painful calluses and coarse skin on your feet can be a hassle, even with a powered pedi buffing away at your foot. Many hard skin removers are incapable of truly providing the silky smooth feet that you get right after a professional pedicure, however this Scholl Diamond pedi is near perfect. Below is a summary of what you should know before you buy it.

Scholl Diamond Pedi review

scholl diamond pedi

Scholl Velvet Diamond Pedi

What I like

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Great on very rough skin

What I don’t like

  • Noisier than competition
  •  No extra roller


What are you buying?

A battery operated pedi. This device is specifically designed to remove dead or hard skin on your feet, so they are beautiful and soft. Many electric foot files lack the diamond encrusted exterior that the Scholl Diamond Pedi features. This means that this battery powered pedi not only takes the strain off your arms and legs, but removes skin faster and leaves your feet far more polished and silky smooth at the end.

  • Weight: 320g
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Speed: One speed
  • Removable Head: Yes
  • Rollers Included: 1x Extra Coarse

How easy is it to use?

The Scholl Diamond pedi is easy to use and is ideal for those with really tough feet or for those who have never even used an electric foot file before. Once you have removed the exterior packaging, this pedi is set to go. Simply power it on (with a simple on/off twist), place it against your foot, and feel the diamond roller chipping away painlessly at the dead skin on your feet.

What accessories are included?

There are four AA batteries already installed.

Key features of Scholl Diamond Pedi

When it comes to battery powered hard skin removers, this one nearly tops the list. It was created by a highly respected brand, and it definitely holds up to the standards one would expect from Scholl.


This particular diamond pedi from Scholl is:

  • Durable – diamond encrusted and sturdily built, this Scholl diamond pedi definitely withstands extensive use. For those concerned about a manufacturing defect, there is a full 2 year warranty covering this pedi.
  • Easy to clean – Micraumina removable head makes the cleaning process so much easier.
  • Portable – no cords, no charging worries, no hassle. This comes with four AA batteries needed; however even if you are using it extensively, you don’t have to worry about constant changes for batteries as it does not drain that much power.
  • Great on very rough skin – the diamond encrusted roller spins rapidly, quickly shaving off the dead skin in a painless yet very efficient manner.


Unfortunately, while it is a great device, it is not perfect:

  • Only one roller – it comes with only one roller included, so if you want to test different types of rollers, you need to order them separately. Some customers have also noted that the extra coarse roller may be little too ferocious to use for sensitive parts of feet. Also there have been some complaints that the diamond heads not lasting as long as the original Scholl rollers from earlier models.
  • Noise – the fact that the roller is not closed helps the cleaning process but it increases noisiness.

What customers say?

Check a video review on this product (click below to open a new window).

scholl diamond pedi review

Scholl Diamond Pedi Video Review

Anything else you should know?

Polishing your feet and removing off that dead skin can be a messy process. While some pedis may have a closed roller, meaning that they catch some of the flakes coming off, this one does not. Some enclosed roller pedis do get clogged easily, which may be why this particular pedi is a better option; however make sure to use a towel and prepare for a small cleanup after use!


The Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi Extra Coarse Power Hard Skin Remover is battery operated hard skin remover featuring resilient diamond particles, and a safety mechanism that prevents you from causing damage to your feet if you apply too much pressure. This Scholl Diamond pedi is definitely worth its price and will give you beautiful beach ready feet all year round.

If you are still not decided, check other electric hard skin removers that we have reviewed recently.

Where to buy?

Scholl Diamond Pedi Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of Use


Scholl Express Diamond Pedi is the latest addition to Scholl’s electric hard skin removers. It features diamond particles and a new extra coarse roller that are effective on very rough skin.


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