Emjoi Micro Pedi Guide: How To Choose The Best Micro Pedi For You

Looking for an easy and safe way to attain a professional pedicure in the comfort of your flat? Tired of the rough, dry skin on your feet snagging the bed sheets at night? The Emjoi MICRO Pedi line can solve these bothersome issues with minimal time or effort.



Portable and rechargeable Corded (no batteries required)

Anti-bacterial rollers included

Micro Pedi Portable


No No


Micro Pedi Man


No No


Micro Pedi Power


No Yes


Micro Pedi Nano


No No


Micro Pedi Professional


Yes No


Micro Pedi Mini


No No


MICRO Pedi Portable

The battery powered MICRO Pedi offers coarse mineral mini rollers that rotate a full 360 degrees, 30 times every second to quickly remove callous and hard skin. Your feet will look and feel brilliant in a matter of moments! A replacement micro-mineral roller is included. Stop relying on disposable pumice stones and metal blades to slough off your skin and enjoy smooth feet once and for all.

MICRO Pedi Man

The Emjoi MICRO Pedi Man can effectively buff your feet with its micro-mineral roller that spins 30 times per second, 360 degrees. Safely exfoliate your tootsies in the comfort of your home and save yourself a ton of brass. Pocket size, ergonomically correct and ideal for travelling, this model is ideal for any man with thicker callous.

MICRO Pedi Power

Achieve salon similar pedicure results in mere seconds. The extra-coarse micro mini roller can help you enjoy softer soles and smoother heels with little effort. Zero batteries or recharging time required; thanks to the electric cord. An additional Extra Coarse Micro-Mineral Roller is included. The Emjoi MICRO Pedi Power is a great choice for keeping in your loo or bathroom and incorporating into your personal hygiene routine.

MICRO Pedi Nano

This compact model offers a first in the MICRO Pedi line; the MICRO Pedi anti-bacterial Flex+ roller technology. This gadget is capable of soothing your rough feet and is the perfect travel size. This roller has been specifically designed to match the contours of your feet to deliberately exfoliate hard skin from all areas of heels and soles. The MICRO Pedi Nano requires 2 AA batteries.

MICRO Pedi Professional

This cordless and rechargeable option is sweeping its way into professional salons. Simplify your pedicure routine and considerably cut down your buffing time. The Micro-Mineral roller spins 30 times every second to effectively and gently remove rough skin. Enjoy the mounted extreme coarse micro-mineral roller and an additional anti-bacterial extra coarse micro-mineral roller, charging base and adapter, cleaning brush and travel pouch that comes with this unit. The MICRO Pedi Professional is one of the best hard skin removers on the market.

MICRO Pedi Mini

The MICRO Pedi Mini is the most compact model, ideal for those who travel frequently. A safer and more effective option compared to metal scrapers; enjoy smooth feet in seconds thanks to the Extra Coarse Micro-Mineral Roller design. This unit requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Frequently asked questions about Emjoi MICRO Pedi

emjoi micro pedi

1. Can everyone in the family enjoy the MICRO Pedi products?

Absolutely not! These products are not suitable for children or individuals with poor circulation or diabetes. Avoid using on any infected, irritated, inflamed or red areas.

2. Why are diabetics excluded from the MICRO Pedi family?

Due to diabetic neuropathy or loss of feeling in their feet, these items are not recommended for individuals with diabetes. It is possible that complications could arise due to their inability to heal properly from a foot injury or increased risk of infection.

3. Why are individuals with poor circulation excluded from Emjoi MICRO Pedi products?

Poor circulation can translate to less feeling in the extremities. The elderly and those with thinner skin may be more at risk from suffering from unbeknownst nicks and cuts.

4. Can I potentially remove too much skin off of my feet with the MICRO Pedi Man or the MICRO Pedi?

Fear not, these MICRO Pedi products are meant only to carefully buff away hard and dry skin. Once this layer is eliminated, the roller will continue to spin; however, no extra skin will be removed from the feet.

5. There are 3 types of replacement rollers? What’s the difference?

The three different roller colours of rollers represent three different grades. The least coarse roller is pink; specific for fine finishing and ultra smooth action. Blue is the next extra coarse roller ideal for targeting stubborn, dry skin. Lastly, the coarsest roller is blue and golden shades, suitable for extra rough heels and soles.

Any Emjoi MICRO Pedi unit can utilise all three varieties of replacement rollers; however, the MICRO Pedi Man works best with the golden blue, superior coarseness option.

6. Can ladies use the strongest rollers and the MICRO Pedi Man unit?

Of course women and men alike will enjoy their sweet smooth feet by using the super coarse micro mini rollers on either the MICRO Pedi Man or the MICRO Pedi units.

7. Can I clean the rollers?

Simply use the provided brush or any kind of soft bristle brush to gently clean your unit. Do not submerge rollers in water.

8. How can I clean my MICRO Pedi Man or MICRO Pedi unit?

Since the MICRO Pedi is water resistant, rinsing under running water is the most effective way to clean the apparatus. The MICRO Pedi Man on the other hand, is NOT water resistant; therefore, water is not recommended. Use the provided brush or a dry cloth to complete cleaning maintenance. Prior to cleaning, remove the rollers from your unit.

9. How many times can I use each roller before replacing?

Of course, everyone’s feet are different; however, on average, expect approximately 8 to 10 uses per roller.

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