A Review Of The HoMedics Instant Pedi 3-in-1

Are you looking to give your feet and toes a treat? The HoMedics Instant Pedi is an excellent electric pedicure machine that can give your feet and toes a new lease of life. The HoMedics is a quality electric pedi with three types of diamond rollers for smoothening your feet and removing the hard skin. It is a great looking, powerful device that delivers solid results.

HoMedics Instant Pedi review

homedics instant pedi review

HoMedics Instant Pedi

What I like

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Innovative design
  • 3 types of rollers
  • Quite easy ot use

What I don’t like

  • No pouch to store it
  • Takes time to get the results


What are you buying?

Diamond crystal rollers

The HoMedics comes with diamond crystal rollers that help clear all the dead skin and leave your feet and toes feeling soft and smooth. The diamond roller heads have radiant microdermabrasion tips that gently peel and rejuvenate the skin. The diamond crystals are one of the hardest and perfect for tackling hard and rough skin. Well, when was the last time you treated your feet with diamonds? 🙂

Powerful motor

The Homedics Instant Pedi has a powerful motor that gives it its powerful performances. The machine uses 3 AAA batteries to run the three different pedi rollers and achieve the desired results.

Curvy with an ergonomic shape

homedics instant pediThe curvy and ergonomic shape of the device makes it pretty simple to use. The design allows for one-handed use. The HoMedics pedi is handheld and one that you will simply run over your sole feet. It is small and capable of reaching to all parts of the feet including the nooks and crannies. The micro pedi rollers are replaceable and lock into place after use.

The handle is designed to fit into your hand for that perfect grip as you use it.

Two-speed setting

The pedi comes with a two-speed setting that allows you to control the speed of the rollers. There are areas of the feet that are more sensitive than others are requiring a lesser speed. There are low speed and the high speed that can be controlled through the switches.

Three types of rollers included

Unlike some of its competitors, HoMedics Instant Pedi comes with three rollers included and you can choose the one that suits your foot sensitivity. The three types of rollers to choose from include the fine, the coarse and the extra coarse. The intensity and the speed of the rollers can easily be controlled using the speed switches depending on the area of the feet you’re working on.

How easy is it to use?

The HoMedics Instant Pedi is quite easy to use because of its design. It is easy to pick up with the handle easily fitting in your hand and giving you a sturdy grip. Change the rollers to suit the sensitivity of your feet and adjust the speed accordingly to control the intensity of the rollers. The micro pedi rollers are replaceable and lock into place with ease.

It is comfortable to hold and maneuver with ease. It is a great pick that removes hard skin effortlessly.

What accessories are included?

The box comes with just the homedics callus remover and the precise cleaning brush. One has to buy the 3AAA batteries. There are no other included accessories as you just need the batteries to get it running.

Key features of the HoMedics Instant Pedi


  • Lightweight and ergonomic for comfort and easy maneuver on hard areas.
  • Three types of rollers included to suit the foot sensitivity.
  • The design is a great one and the quality looks fine.
  • Quite easy to use.


  • It does not come with a nice pouch to store it or the brush.
  • Good performance but results take more time than with some other electric pedis.

Anything else you should know?

It seems that the HoMedics Instant Pedi is a great callus remover that works perfectly as per the reviews, rating, and recommendations online. It does not take long for one to notice negative comments online about a product that does not work as promised. However, the HoMedics pedi seems to be positively rated.

Most of the consumers that have rated the product love its design, ease of use and the ergonomics. This can be understood as the HoMedics callus remover does a great job in removing dead skin and smoothening your feet.


Personally, I recommend the HoMedics electric pedi for its excellent features. The three rollers are great and can be replaced with easy to suit your feet’s specific needs. If your feet are the sensitive ones then going with the fine rollers and setting the low speed works just fine.

The machine is also pretty easy to hold and use on all parts of the feet with ease. The ergonomics are great giving you a sturdy grip. You can buy this one with confidence knowing your money is well spent.

Where to buy?

HoMedics Instant Pedi Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Homedics ia quality pedicure machine with diamond rollers for smoothening your feet and removing the hard skin. It is a powerful device with a powerful roller that delivers great results.

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