A Brutally Honest Review Of Pedi Spin

Let’s admit it – we all hate it when we buy a good or service only to discover later that we were short-changed due to the product’s inability to deliver on its promises. In most cases, it’s the publicity or hype surrounding such products that influence us into buying them.

For this reason, we’d like to bring to your attention a product by the name Pedi Spin – a dead skin and callus remover that has been trending lately for all the wrong reasons.

A quick glance at its Amazon’s customer reviews page paints a picture of disgruntled users who feel they made the wrong decision in purchasing it. So, what exactly is the problem with it? Below is my honest review of the device.

Pedi Spin review

Below I outline the various specifications and features of Pedi Spin as indicated by its manufacturer. However, it’s important to mention that not all claims are factual and thus the reason I decided to write this review to point out such discrepancies.

Pedi Spin features

jml pedi spinEach Pedi Spin set includes one unit of the device, a finishing head, a filing plate, a cap, and 12 replacement finishing pads.

The purpose of the finishing plate is to trap any resulting shavings which of course sounds great for hygiene. Additionally, the included cap will prevent the finishing head and plates from getting dirty or damp when the device is not in use. You also have a wide collection of finishing pads meant for clean shaves and finishes.

The device has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle. Besides, it offers you both high and low-speed settings which you can switch to depending on your skin sensitivity and the intensity of your calluses.

If you’re to go by these specifications, you’d probably be tempted to believe that this is another exciting callus remover worth trying out. However, here is our advice; just spare your money and take a pass on this device. Here is why.

How Pedi Spin works – why you should steer clear of it

“Stops as soon as you put it anywhere near your skin. Hardly touches your hard skin.”

Well, these are not my words. Rather, they are sentiments by one of the numerous displeased Pedi Spin users. And to be honest, this statement summarises it all as far as this device is concerned.

As such, nearly all users’ complaints revolve around the device’s inability to stand the least of pressures or contacts when in use. Of course, this is not what you’re looking for in a tool that’s meant to shave those hard calluses on your feet.

But why does the Pedi Spin record such a high-level of ineffectiveness?

Firstly, as its price tag indicates, very cheap materials have been used to manufacture this device, which results in its poor quality of performance. Pedi Spin is full of cheap plastics and although I agree that cheap isn’t always equal to flimsy and unreliable, I’m afraid it it the case here.

Secondly, it’s important to mention that this callus remover is powered by ordinary AA batteries which is a major problem. Unlike their lithium-ion counterparts, AA batteries lack the required level of power to run a tool of the calibre of callus removers. This is why most cordless products that resort to using this type of batteries end up flopping.

Thirdly, the device offers very little user instructions especially in regard to switching out the heads in order to use the replacement finishing pads. This makes it quite difficult for most users to figure out how to install these pads onto their device heads during replacement.

Our verdict

To this end, I believe my message is clear – you’re better off avoiding Pedi Spin if you treasure your money (of course everyone does). Instead, look around for a more reputable callus remover (e.g. Scholl, Emjoi Micro Pedi, etc.) even if it means spending a little more than Pedi Spin’s price tag.

Do you have any experience with this device? Please share with us in the comment box below.

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Where to buy Pedi Spin?

Pedi Spin Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
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  • Cleaning
  • Ease of Use


Bottom line is that you’re better off avoiding Pedi Spin. Look around for a more reputable hard skin remover even if it means spending a little more than Pedi Spin’s low price tag.


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