Scholl Express Pedi: Electric Hard Skin Remover

Scholl is a leading brand in foot products, meaning that there are very high standards set for Scholl hard skin removers. Today I have looked at one of the first electric pedis introduced to the market – the classic Scholl Express Pedi Electrical Skin Remover. Below is what I found out during my testing.

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Scholl Express Pedi review

scholl express pedi review

Scholl Express Pedi

What I like

  • Portable
  •  Simple design
  •  Good grip
  •  Affordable

What I don’t like

  •  Performance
  •  No extra rollers


What are you buying?

When you purchase the Scholl Express Pedi device you are buying a handheld pedicure device that is battery operated. The rotating device is meant to be pressed against the rough skin so that it can buff it away. It is a very lightweight device with one speed and a coarse roller.

  • Weight: 259g
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries (included)
  • Speed: Single speed
  • Removable Head: No
  • Rollers Included: 1x Coarse

How easy is it to use?

Handheld pedis are not complicated devices and this Scholl Express Pedi is no exception. With a simple switch, easy to access battery compartment, and intuitive design, you’ll be able to use this Scholl pedi without even having to consult the manual.

What accessories are included?

This Scholl Express Pedi comes with two AA batteries. It is safe to operate as there are no sharp blades involved.

Key features of Scholl Express Pedi


  • Portable and simple – this is a very conveniently sized and light (under 300 grams) pedi that also is cordless (2 AA batteries are included). This means that you can even take your pedi outside and enjoy the sun on your deck while you pamper yourself. You can also use rechargeable batteries with higher Amps for a bit more power in this device.
  • Grip – the handle of this pedi device gives you an exceptional grip so you can truly work every angle around your foot.
  • Affordable – good value for money as it is one of the least expensive hard skin removers on the market.


  • Performance – there is very little to fault with this product except for the fact that it represents the first generation of Scholl pedis and therefore its performance is relatively weaker than the Scholl Velvet range.
  • No extra rollers – the Express Pedi rollers are easy to replace and will last long. However, Scholl’s practice (unlike some of its competitors’) is to include no additional rollers in the package. While the replacements may seem a bit expensive, you are still paying far less than you would visiting a podiatrist or going to get a professional pedicure.

Anything else you should know?

This device does come with batteries, however it is a very powerful pedi that will, if used frequently, require batteries on a consistent basis. It is recommended to purchase rechargeable batteries as this will save you time and effort in the long run.

Additionally, this device has no catching mechanism for the skin flakes. This means that during operation you will have your buffed away skin falling down on the ground around you. It is important to put a towel down, hold your foot over an empty tub, or have a bin beneath you to catch the shavings.


This is a very good and simple pedi with very little to fault about it. The price is exceptional, and the design is flawless because of its simplicity – it is portable and ergonomic. Definitely a device for those looking to get a decent pedi that will be used on a consistent basis.

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With many pedis failing to withstand the test of time and tough calluses, it’s great that Scholl provides an exceptional alternative that leaves users feet silky smooth like every pedi promises. No need to make appointments with a podiatrist – now you can have smooth callous-free feet whenever you feel like it in the comfort of your own home.

Where to buy?

Scholl Express Pedi Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of Use


Scholl Express Pedi is a very good electric pedi with very little to fault about it. This Scholl hard skin remover will attract you by its price as well as its clean, ergonomic and simple design.


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