Pedicure Glasgow: Top 10 Pedicure Salons in Glasgow

Sandal weather is around the corner and if your feet are looking a little…scruffy, it’s time to head for a pedi. We don’t just trust anyone to deck out our digits, and neither should you.

Here are 10 of the best pedicure salons in Glasgow whenever you need a pedi, tried and tested by many.

Top 10 pedicure salons in Glasgow

pedicure glasgow

Re’Luca Hair and Beauty

Re’Luca comes highly recommended for its ultra-beautiful nails, but this salon can also do subtle. It’s famous for immaculate gel polish application- smooth, charming and extremely magazine worthy.

  • How much: £ 10 for file and polish, £ 20 for express pedicure and £ 25 for deluxe pedicure
  • Address: 1431 Dumbarton Road
  • For booking call: 0141 954 1091

Three Little Birds Spa

Incredible is the word we use to describe this glamorous spa, which also offers massage, facial, holistic therapy and universal contour detox foot spa. This place will give you recommendations and advice to suit your personal style and preference. Meticulous (don’t expect a fast job) is what your toenails will look like for weeks.

  • How much: £ 25 for express pedicure and £ 33 for luxury pedicure
  • Address: 120 Great Western Road
  • For booking call: 0141 332 3082

Hair in the City Glasgow

Splendour is the philosophy at Hair in the City Glasgow. Which means that whatever ideas your stylist has, they’ll discard them first, if they won’t make your nails look beautiful. It’s an excellent tactic, one that prescribes beautiful nail arts and elegant nail polishes.

  • How much: £ 25 for gel polish, £ 30 for pedicure and £ 45 for pedicure and gel polish
  • Address: 14 High Street
  • For bookings call: 0141 552 2848

Savannah City Centre Day Spa

If you want a pampering pedicure treat, you should head straight to this indulging haven. Tranquil with a soothing atmosphere, this salon is luxurious yet simple, and the therapists are proficient at tackling nails to give you superior treatments that totally express your personality.

  • How much: £ 35 for spa pedicure, £ 40 for luxury spa pedicure and £ 50 for a special treat dubbed under the name Peruvian chocolate bliss pedicure
  • Address: 27 Washington Street
  • For bookings call: 0141 270 2317

Deborah’s Beauty in the City

Reliable and approachably priced, Deborah’s beauty in the city offers a full range of pedicure services, plus facials, eyebrow tinting, and lash extensions. There are lots of colour choices, and they usually accept both walk-ins and same-day appointments.

  • How much: £ 25 for basic pedicure and £ 35 for luxury pedicure
  • Address: 90 Mitchell Street
  • For bookings call: 0141 204 4075

Bella Derma Beauty Salon

Get just about any kind of nail design at this elegant salon. Possibly the most affordable pedicure salon in Glasgow, which explains why it’s a favourite among many. Excellent service, durable results and a warm, friendly team of therapists are on the menu. They are best known and recommended for Medi Pedi, which is a full chiropody / podiatry treatment plus all traditional pedicure work finished with a shellac and massage.

  • How much: £ 25 for a full pedicure, £40 for Medi Pedi
  • Address: 258 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands
  • For bookings call: 0141 632 1900

Clinica Medica

If you’ve got dead skin, a regular pedi won’t just cut the bill for you. As the name suggests, Clinica Medica, in addition to regular pedi services, offers an upgrade to a MediPedi treatment. You can book in with a podiatrist as well as one of their therapists to deal with any calluses or corn removal. All clients have a full consultation upon arrival as standard.

  • How much: £28 for full pedicure treatment, £38 for luxury pedicure. MediPedi treatments start at £20
  • Address: 49 Crow Road, West End
  • For bookings call: 0141 356 6969

Polished Up Salon

If you’re in Springburn, you probably already know this posh spot. Reputed for its sanitation, friendliness, and superior quality service, the salon also offers facial services, eye treatments and hair makeovers.

  • How much: £ 25 for pedicure treatment
  • Address: 353 Edgfauld Road, Springburn
  • For bookings call: 0141 237 2020

Belle & Blackley Beauty

A pedicure Glasgow staple, this place is known for extremely high-quality service and attention to detail. Luxury is on the menu, from pedicure and manicure to facial and skin care. Using only professional nail treatments, their amiable therapists will transform your feet while you enjoy some me-time.

  • How much: £ 18.80 for mini pedicure and £ 29.60 for luxury pedicure
  • Address: 205 Hope Street
  • For bookings call: 0141 353 3334

SR Beautique Skin Care and Nails

SR Beautique Skin Care and Nails is the foundation of excellent service, superior skill and exceptional results. This salon has garnered a reputation for their warmth and intimacy coupled with years of pedicure know-how. You can never go wrong with them- think customer service, luxe atmosphere and attention to detail.

  • How much: £ 12.50 for mini pedicure, £ 30 for full pedicure and £ 42 for spa pedicure
  • Address: 386 Paisley Road West, Cesnock
  • For bookings call: 0141 427 5624

Final thoughts

It all comes down to what works as the ultimate form of indulgence in your nail treatment regime. We looked for the best salons in pedicure Glasgow and found 10 that made the cut. Did we leave out your favourite salon? Tell us about it in the comments.

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