Athlete’s Foot Cream Vs Spray What’s The Difference?

Before we get into the cream versus spray debate, let’s first begin by defining what athlete’s foot is. I’ll start you off with a question.

Have you ever experienced dry, cracked feet? If your answer is YES, you probably know how painful and embarrassing it can be. In some cases, these painful, cracks are an indication of athlete’s foot, which is a common foot condition.

Fortunately for you, there are several remedies for treating athlete’s foot, and they are easily accessible. They include creams, sprays and powders and even essential oils for athletes foot.

The trick with getting rid of athlete’s foot is treating it as soon as you suspect an infection. This will help you salvage your feet before deeper, more painful cracks develop.

Now for the athletes foot cream vs spray debate, we’ll have a look at each of the contestant individually over 3 tests and then tally the results and announce our champ!

Let’s dive right in…

athletes foot cream vs spray

First test – Application

Athlete’s Foot Cream

Applying cream to your feet is as easy as squeezing out a dime onto your hand and rubbing it on the affected area.

Depending on the cream you use, you’ll find that some are easily absorbed into the skin while others are heavy and greasy. It’s the greasy creams that can end up giving you all kinds of headaches.

First, if it isn’t absorbed properly, it will keep your feet too moist and may end up rubbing on your socks and shoes. Fortunately, most athlete’s foot creams are well absorbed into the skin and this shouldn’t be a bother.

Athlete’s Foot Spray

Athlete’s foot sprays are quick and easy to apply and require little to no effort once they’ve been sprayed onto your skin. There are hundreds of spray varieties on the market and they vary in scent and strength.

Some companies have even created lightweight sprays for those who prefer ultra-light liquid formulas. Because of the viscosity of sprays, they work better for covering large areas of the skin. Most people prefer using sprays to creams since they are less sticky and heavy.

Winner – SPRAY

With the right athlete’s foot spray, application is a breeze. Whereas with creams a little more care has to be taken during application.

Second test – Effectiveness

Athlete’s Foot Cream

Athlete’s foot creams work very effectively when applied to the affected areas correctly. Because the cream is rubbed onto the skin, you can be sure that a majority of it is going to target the affected areas and stop the itching.

Athlete’s Foot Spray

Sprays are extremely effective at moisturising your skin; this is what they excel at! What they don’t excel at though is a sustained attack on the fungus causing ‘tinea pedis’ (athlete’s foot) because overtime the moisture gets rubbed off.

Sprays are however, very good at soothing the skin, which for an athlete’s foot sufferer can be the most welcome remedy.

Winner – CREAM

What makes cream more effective is its ability to effectively target the affected areas of the skin. Creams are also better absorbed into the skin – which fastens the healing process.

For best results, use both cream and spray together – spray first to effectively moisten the area, then cream, to promote healing. Just make sure the spray has dried first before applying the cream, or you might end up with an extremely moist skin.

Third test – Value

Athlete’s Foot Cream

This largely depends on the product you’re using, but for the most part, you’ll get a lot more when using cream than when using spray.

During application, a lot of spray is wasted while cream is effectively applied onto the affected areas. Still, when it comes to longevity, cream will last longer on your skin than spray.

Athlete’s Foot Spray

Because sprays are thinner, they require you to apply a thick layer on each of the affected areas for several seconds, not just momentary sprays.

Another problem with sprays is that it’s hard to tell how much you’ve applied, unlike creams which provide a clear visual of how much has been rubbed onto the skin.

Winner and today’s champion- CREAM

When comparing them side by side, cream just takes the cup! That being said, it’s much better for you to think of them as partners rather than competitors.

For best results – don’t just use cream or spray – use them BOTH!

There you go – you have taken two powerful athlete’s foot fighters and combined them for maximum results.

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