What Is A Gel Pedicure And Why Should You Get One?

Gel manicures have become very popular these days, but have you ever thought about getting a gel pedicure? While you may think that you could get by with an old-fashioned lacquer treatment on your toenails (because they aren’t as visible as your fingernails) the fact is, just the opposite is true. Gel is especially suited to pedicures because it is so very durable. When you get a gel pedicure, you can expect it to last at least for weeks and retain its good looks every step (literally) of the way.

There are a number of different types of gel available for pedicure use. Of the many choices, Bio Sculpture Gel is the most durable and the most flexible. It lets your nails bend, so it does not crack or shatter and it doesn’t break your toenails. Bio Sculpture Gel is very versatile, and a good pedicurist can create a wide variety of designs and patterns using it.

Drying/curing time for gel manicures is a lot shorter than for lacquer based polish. When you get a manicure with old-fashioned nail enamel, at least four layers are necessary to create a durable surface that resists chipping and scratching. Waiting for all of these layers to dry can be extremely time-consuming.

Gel nail color is much more efficient. The process usually takes only three steps:

  1. Base coat
  2. Nail color
  3. Topcoat or nail polish

Once the layers are in place, drying is a breeze with an ultraviolet (UV) nail lamp. Alternately, a light emitting diode (LED) lamp may be used. All-in-all, drying and curing takes less than 10 minutes.

Long lasting results are perfect for pedicures

A good gel pedicure can last up to two weeks. This is because the bond that is created through the curing process is so much stronger than the bond of old-fashioned enamel polish to nails. When you have your toenails done with gel polish, you can expect your pedicure to withstand exposure to sand, sun and surf.

Not only does a gel pedicure last longer than a traditional pedicure, it looks so much better! Gel nail treatments render a jewel-like shine. The topcoat is rich and glossy and definitely eye-catching. The great thing is, this gloss does not dull. You can expect it to be just as shiny the day you have it removed as it was when applied.

Are there any downsides to gel nail polish?

There are a few things you should be aware of before you choose to use a gel nail product. To be an informed consumer, consider these facts:

  1. Some people have a reaction to the chemical, methyl acrylate, which is found in gel nail polish. It can cause skin rashes. If you do develop a sensitivity to it, you should remove the nail treatment right away and treat the area with cortisone cream.
  2. Another chemical that is cause for concern is BHA (aka: butylated hydroxyanisol). This chemical is carcinogenic and is found in some nail products. Be smart and check the ingredients on any product that is applied to your nails or skin.
  3. Exposure to ultraviolet light can be a matter for concern because it is UV rays in sunlight that cause excessive sun exposure to be cancer-causing. The fact that gel manicures last for a long time may very well offset this risk; however, it is smart to be aware before you consent to any sort of procedure. If exposure to UV light is a concern for you, opt for a salon that uses an LED curing process.
  4. Just as with traditional manicures and pedicures, the removal of gel polish involves exposure to acetone. This chemical has a very harsh drying affect on the nails and may cause peeling and brittleness.
  5. For a gel pedicure, your nail surface must be prepared by abrading with an emery board. This sort of treatment can weaken your nails and may cause them to break and provide an inroad for infection.

Is a gel pedicure a good idea?

All-in-all, as with any cosmetic procedure good judgement can help protect you from possible downsides. Be sure to give your nails a break from treatments from time-to-time so that they can be exposed to air and grow naturally. When you want to look your very best for a special occasion or a holiday, indulging in a gel manicure and/or pedicure is a good idea because can get it once and expect it to stand up to hard use and last.

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