Elle Macpherson Foot Spa: The Body by Homedics Aromatherapy

Elle MacPherson has developed an all new range of foot spas called “The Body”. This luxurious treat for the feet is affordable, easy to use and provides a full array of relaxing, rejuvenating treatments.

elle macpherson foot spa

Elle MacPherson Foot Spa

Elle Macpherson Foot Spa is designed to promote rest and relaxation and deliver measurable benefits in terms of improved blood circulation and stress relief.

What are you buying?

This aromatherapy foot spa includes an aroma mist diffuser for use with included Frangipani aromatherapy oil. A mood enhancing coloured LED array helps set a relaxing scene. These stellar features combined with magnetic stimulation, vibration massage, magnetic and/or hydro therapy provide a complete beauty treatment for your feet and a complete relaxation treatment for you.

You can pick and choose between treatments and make specific adjustments to suit your current needs. For example, the vibration massage feature can be used with or without water. Select from several massage attachments and brush rollers. Adjust the temperature to the most comfortable setting for you.

How easy is it to use?

The Body Aromatherapy Foot Spa is very easy to use. It is controlled via a simple push-button panel located within easy reach at the front of the unit. The base of the spa is angled for both comfort and ease of water disposal. This spa is generously sized for comfortable use by people with feet sized to 12UK/47EU.

What accessories are included?

When you open the box, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Instructions
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • The Elle MacPherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa
  • Two pumice stones (1 coarse for exfoliation and 1 smooth for polishing)
  • A bottle of Frangipani scented aromatherapy oil
  • An assortment of four massage rollers

Key features of Elle Macpherson Foot Spa


  • Good performance – steam and bubbles provide an authentic spa experience. Many users are very happy with the steam function.
  • Comfort – the massage feature is not overwhelming for sensitive feet. The spa is comfortable for larger feet. The aromatherapy oil is enjoyable.
  • Quiet – the motor is very quiet.
  • Design – the coloured LED mood lights are luxurious and relaxing.


  • Heating – some complain that the heating function is not strong enough or does not work at all.
  • Customer reviews – some users complain that various aspects of the spa stop working after a few uses or complain of intermittent functioning. Some purchasers feel that the magnets are not really effective.

Anything else you should know?

It is important to note that this foot spa is not recommended for use by people who suffer from poor circulation or diabetes. Although the spa does help improve circulation, it is not specifically intended to treat this problem. Consumers with questions are strongly advised to consult a physician before purchasing or using this or any similar product.


Overall, most purchasers seem to be very happy with Elle MacPherson’s The Body by Homedics Aromatherapy Foot Spa. This is especially true of the more unusual and luxurious features such as coloured LED mood lights, steam and aromatherapy. In terms of basic functions, such as heating the water and providing reliable service in the long term, it a good number of people express concerns. The bottom line seems to be finding a very reliable supplier who will honour the warranty promptly in the event something goes wrong.

Where to buy?

Elle Macpherson Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use


Elle Macpherson Foot Spa is a good footspa providing luxurious features such as coloured LED mood lights, steam and aromatherapy. Its long term reliability needs to be proven though.


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