What You Need To Know About Pedicures For Men

When thinking about manicures and pedicures, many men only think of feminine aspects such as nail polish. The fact is, manicures and pedicures for men can play an important role in maintaining overall good grooming and good health.

Men of all ages and from all walks of life are learning that having their nails done provides relaxation and comfortable, professional results in caring for, shaping and grooming the nails. In fact, so many men are coming to this realisation (and the realisation that other grooming services provide good value) that the National Retail Federation in the US has reported that grooming services for men have increased in demand by about 40% in the past 5 years.

Do you need a professional pedicure for men?

pedicure for men

Many men, from professional athletes to office workers to construction workers and more are finding that having a pedicure is an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate hard-used feet. What about you?

If you are a serious athlete or just spend lots of time on your feet at work, you could probably really benefit from a professional pedicure. You needn’t worry that you would feel out of place at a nail spa because lots of salons now offer special services geared just toward men.

Examples includes sports pedicures and executive pedicures. These procedures are generally set up to be no-nonsense and geared toward the needs of men. These types of procedures usually includes a soak with Epsom salts, exfoliation of dead skin, toenail clipping and a rejuvenating massage for the lower legs and feet.

Professional pedicures are also great for men who have difficulty trimming their own nails and providing their own foot care. If you experience muscles stiffness, have arthritis or for some other reason have trouble seeing and reaching your feet comfortably, a professional pedicure can be a godsend.

Are there other spa services for men?

Many men start out their spa experience with just the pedicure, but they usually become comfortable and curious pretty quickly. Manicures and pedicures are usually done in an open area, so it’s easy to see and become comfortable with the idea of a professional manicure. Having your fingernails professionally done adds a well-groomed, finishing touch for any man, and a manicure can be very relaxing.

Once you’ve dipped your toe in the water (both figuratively and literally) you may find yourself wondering about facial treatments, massage, mud baths and other pampering treatments. If so, you can feel completely comfortable trying added services. These are typically performed in a private setting, so if you like it you can continue to explore. If not, no one is the wiser.

Should you take precautions?

Naturally, you should consult your doctor about pedicures services if you have diabetes as you must be very careful with your foot care. You should also be careful in spa selection. When you choose a spa to perform your first pedicure, be sure to give it the once-over before stripping off your shoes and socks.

Follow these smart safety tips to ensure the best experience:

  • Look around the spa and check for cleanliness. If the place does not look clean, don’t go there.
  • Ask about cleaning and disinfecting procedures even if the place looks very clean. Equipment such as foot spas can appear clean and still harbour bacteria.
  • Instruct the manicurist/pedicurist not to push back or clip your cuticles.
  • Do not allow a razor tool to be used on your feet for dead skin removal.
  • Only have a pedicure if your feet are free of injury, rashes, blisters or other anomalies.

You’re in grand company!

When you decide to get a pedicure for men, you can take heart in the knowledge that you are in good company. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat player) especially enjoys getting a sports pedicure. Wade says that he felt a little shy about indulging in this process at first, but after he had done it once he was hooked.

In addition to Dwayne Wade, Tim Tebow, American football quarterback, also enjoys professional grooming services. Other famous men who like to have their nails done include David Beckham and historical figures such as Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.

Is it just an indulgence?

In truth, professional nail grooming is an excellent idea for serious athletes and that’s why Howard Osterman who is the podiatrist for the basketball team, the Washington Wizards, actually prescribes this treatment to players. He says that it is more a medical treatment than a cosmetic treatment and that players should consider professional pedicures to be a part of the standard training program.

Lest you think that only American men indulge in pedicures, consider this: The Times recently ran a report stating the UK spas are currently experiencing an increase of 30% in pedicure services for men. Additionally, Margaret Dabbs (a podiatry clinic in London) reports that patrons who partake of their special medical pedicures (performed by a podiatrist) include businessmen, football players and A-list celebrities.

It’s easy to see that there are many good reasons for a man to have a professional pedicure. Whether you seek to improve your foot health, want a break from your daily routine or simply need help with your foot care, a pedicure offers excellent value.

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