How To Soften Toenails Easily At Home

Sometimes, for no reason at all, our toenails become hard. This often means they become brittle at the same time. Brittle toenails should be avoided at all cost as it means you are much more likely to pick up fungal infections. Although fungal infections can be treated, they are often very tricky to get rid of on a permanent basis. Once you have picked up a fungal infection such as Athlete’s Foot, it seems to want to come back again.

Looking after your toenails on a budget

how to soften toenails

Some skin care and nail care companies sell over-the-counter nail softeners which you can use to soften your toenails. Specialised products are often expensive, and when you want to know how to soften toenails and to keep them soft, they may not be the products you want to spend your money on. As a matter of fact, some of these products can indeed be a complete waste of money. Natural products do a better job when it comes to softening toenails.

How to soften toenails with your own mixture

What do you currently have in your home beauty kit? If you happen to have both Chamomile essential oil and baby oil, you are in luck. Blended together they make the perfect way to start to soften your toenails and any hard skin on your toes. Chamomile is a gentle oil, but at the same time, highly effective when it comes to softening both the skin and nails.

Invest in a good quality essential oil, and blend it in a small bottle together with the baby oil. When you step out of the shower or enjoy a foot spa, make sure you dry your feet properly and then massage the oil into your toenail and the rest of the toe. It should dry quickly if you massage your toes for a little bit longer than usual. This mixture, or toenail home remedy, will not only soften your nails, but it will nourish them at the same time.

Another way to soften your toenails

How to soften your toenails does not only have one solution. Using an essential oil is not the only thing that you can do. If you like to spoil your feet with regular foot spa treatments, consider adding Johnson’s Chamomile Baby Shampoo to your foot spa. It can do wonders for your feet and will make them lovely and soft. However, should you be suffering from extra hard nails, you should go for Johnson’s Chamomile Baby Oil Gel. This product is great when it comes to achieving soft nails on your toes.

How to soften toenails with Johnson’s Chamomile Gel

To do this, you basically only need two things apart from a little bit of time. It takes longer to do this treatment but the results are amazing. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to pour yourself a glass of wine and retreat to in front of the TV.

Make sure you bring with you some cling film, your glass of wine and the chamomile gel. Simply apply the gel to the toenails, and carry on to wrap the cling film around the toe. Leave for an hour or two depending on how hard your nails are at the time, and then wipe off any excess with a moist tissue. Done on a regular basis, it means nice soft nails at any time.

Why use Chamomile to soften your toe nails?

Chamomile is one of the few herbs which contains a range of essentials oils which work to soften hard areas. Not only is chamomile great when it comes to achieving soft nails, but it is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is what makes it an overall good quality treatment for your entire foot. Chamomile products are inexpensive and do not at any time involve using any harsh chemicals.

Some artificial foot care treatments may indeed start to harden the nail instead. Natural chamomile treats for feet will never do that, and you may even want to try out foot peel masks containing chamomile (but don’t put it on your face!).

We often think of nails as dead tissue. In fact, nails are far from dead tissue. They will defend themselves against artificial treatments and may even lose their structure. Always pay attention to the appearance of your toenails. Make sure you are aware of both colour, white lines, and any ridges. If you look after your feet on a regular basis, it will not take you long to soften your toenails.

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