How To Grow Better Nails In Just One Week

Is it possible to grow your nails in a week? Your fingernails grow one-tenth of an inch every month, so it can take between three and six months to grow out all new nails. For this reason, there is very little you can do in the course of a week to fundamentally alter the condition of your nails.

Having said that, if you do have a special event coming up or just want to see a big improvement in your nails quickly, there are a few things you can do now that will improve the appearance of your nails in just seven days.

In this article, we will provide some smart tips that will help you get nicer looking nails in just a week. We will also provide sound advice that will help you put good lifestyle habits in place to improve the health of your nails. Read on to learn more.

6 short term tips for better looking nails now

how to grow your nails in a week

1. Nail biting: If you bite your nails, you must stop. Keeping your nails polished and/or applying strongly scented (bad tasting) lotion can be effective in reminding you not to do this. Chewing gum or otherwise occupying your mouth may also help.

2. Nail hardening: Applying a nail hardener may help prevent breakage, chipping and splitting in the short term.

3. Protection: Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning. Protect your nails from harsh chemicals and from excessive exposure to water. Both will weaken your nails and lead to chipping, splitting and breakage.

4. Moisturise: Keep lotion on your hands and nails. At bedtime, moisturise the cuticles with a natural oil, such as vitamin E oil, Argan oil, or another organic, non-petroleum based oil. Wear cotton gloves while sleeping to help the oil soak in and to prevent accidental damage to your nails.

5. Rest: Avoid activities that will break your nails. You have probably noticed that when you are on vacation and free of work and household duties, your nails grow better and faster (unless you bite them). If you can take a break from housework, gardening, typing and the like before your special event, your nails will have a better chance of growing quickly.

6. Fake it: If all else fails, you can turn to artificial nails to present a nice appearance at your special event. Of the three types of artificial nails available (acrylic, gel and silk) the latter is the gentlest and most natural choice. Silk nail wraps do not extend the length of your nails. Instead, fabric is wrapped over the existing nail and secured with light glue. This provides a smooth base for a manicure. This procedure is temporary, and the fabric will disengage from your nails with extended exposure to soap and water (e.g. when washing dishes).

Lifestyle guidelines for long term nail health

The key to genuinely attractive nails lies in the establishment of good lifestyle habits. If you destroy your nails by biting them, it is usually a sign of anxiety. Getting to the bottom of your problem through counseling or hypnosis can help you end this bad habit.

Getting ample rest and managing stress through daily exercise, eliminating sources of stress in your life, meditation and other good stress management practices can also help you get nail biting under control.

Proper nail care is also essential to healthy, attractive nails. Be sure to keep your nails trimmed, clean and well-moisturized to help increase their natural strength and flexibility. Although nail hardeners can provide a short term solution to weak nails, they should not be used long-term because they ultimately weaken your nails and make them brittle. Strong, natural nails are flexible.

Use a moisturising hand lotion every time you wash your hands, and continue to apply natural oil to your cuticles and nails at night for regular, intensive moisturising and nourishment.

Keeping your nails trimmed in a rounded shape will help prevent snagging. File gently and in one direction using a diamond nail file. Keep your nail care tools clean, and never share tools with anyone. If you go to a professional manicurist, bring along your own nail tools to avoid picking up germs and bacteria from shared tools.

Stay healthy by eating a balanced, natural, whole foods diet. Your diet should consist of at least half fresh fruits and vegetables. One-quarter of your diet should be high quality protein sources and the other quarter should be whole grains (or an equivalent if you are avoiding gluten).

Shun processed foods and hydrogenated oils. Use coconut oil for hot cooking and olive oil for cool applications, such as salad dressings. Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of pure, filtered water.

Take a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement daily. Be sure that it contains an ample amount of biotin (30 mcg) as this is especially good for your nails, bones and teeth.

There really is no fast fix for poor nail health

The condition of your nails reflects the condition of your overall health. Follow the steps presented at the start of this article to improve the appearance of your nails quickly (although we understand you just wanted to know how to grow your nails in a week). Follow the lifestyle guidelines presented in part-two to improve your health and the quality of your life, and subsequently the condition of your nails.

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