Best Nail Strengthener [Reviews And Recommendations]

There are several reasons why your nails could get weak, stunted and brittle. One of the most common is the chemicals in nail products. Certain gels, lacquers and polishes could weaken your nails. Some habits such as biting nails could also weaken them and keep them from growing even after you stop the habit.

For some people, their diet is the culprit. If your diet is low in vitamin C, iron, calcium, folic acid and proteins, your nails will not be as strong as they should be. For some women, hormonal imbalances can also cause splitting and cracking.

The following nail straighteners are perfect if your nails keep breaking or splitting. We have picked the best strengtheners that deliver fast and safe results.

1. Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein

If you haven’t heard your friends or co-workers rave about Nailtiques, this is one of the best and fastest-acting nail strengthener. It is formulated with proteins and conditioners that strengthen your nails while also protecting them from further damage.

If you also have trouble getting your nails to grow, this formula will help. Most users reported positive results within a couple of weeks of using it.

Whether you wear it alone or with nail polish, it will just be as effective.


  • Fast acting.
  • Can be worn with nail polish.
  • Highly effective at making your nails stronger, longer and more beautiful.


  • It takes a bit of work and time to apply it on all nails.

2. OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

This strengthener contains two essential components: calcium and wheat protein. Calcium hardens your nails, which reduces peeling and splitting. Wheat protein on the other hand, boosts nail growth. Combined, both components deliver longer and stronger nails.


  • Effective in combating flaky and brittle nails.
  • Can be used with nail polish.


  • Not as fast-acting as some other nail strengtheners.

3. Nail Envy Colour Strengthener Nail Polish and Treatment

This is the coloured version of the Nail Envy nail strengthener above. If you want a nail strengthener that doubles up as nail polish, get this one. The colour is Hawaiian Orchid, a pale pink that will go perfectly with most outfits. You can wear it in the office or to a weekend party.

Most importantly, it will help your nails get stronger and longer.


  • Can be used as nail polish.
  • Effective at hardening nails.


  • When used on its own, it lasts only a few days before it begins to chip. Many users recommend applying it as a top coat on top of the original clear Nail Envy strengthener.

4. Duri Rejuvacote Nail Strengthener

This 14ml (1ml less than most) bottle of nail strengthener is great for chipped, split and cracked nails. If you feel ashamed about showing your nails to others, Duri Rejuvacote will have then looking shiny and smooth in a few weeks.

It contains keratin protein to boost growth and vitamin A and E to make your nails look more vibrant.


  • Effective.
  • Can also be used as nail polish (it is coloured).


  • We are not too comfortable with some of the ingredients such as formaldehyde and alcohol.

5. Eveline Cosmetics Nail Therapy Total Action

This is the smallest bottle of nail strengthener we have reviewed so far (only 12ml). But users have a lot of good things to say about it including that it acts fast and produces lasting results.
The formulation penetrates your nails and triggers regeneration from the inside. Within no time, your nails will be stronger, longer and will look better.


  • It acts quickly, typically within a couple of weeks with daily application.
  • Effective in hardening and lengthening nails.


  • Small bottle.

3 things to consider when buying a nail strengthener

The above are just a small sampling of the many nail strengthener brands we came across. With so many choices available, picking the right strengthener for your nails can be daunting. Here are the three most important things we considered when picking the best. Keep them in mind when you are shopping for a nail polish or gel to combat your brittle nails.

1. Safety

The first thing we checked for any nail strengthener we considered was the ingredients list. The more natural components a nail strengthener has, the better. Look for ingredients like keratin, wheat protein, and natural oils.

Double check to ensure there is no ingredient which you are allergic to. We have seen a few customers complain of a painful reaction to some nail strengtheners.

2. Effectiveness

Most of the nail strengtheners we encountered were all big promises will few if any results. We were careful to pick only those that we were sure would work. The above nail strengtheners not only work well, they also work fast.

The best way to find out if a nail strengthener is as good as the seller says is to read the customer reviews. If too many people say they are yet to get any results after weeks of using it, try another one.

3. Clear vs. coloured

There are generally two types of nail strengtheners: clear and coloured. The one you choose will depend on your preferences. Clear nail strengtheners are ideal for those who don’t want a nail polish look on their nails. If you want to retain your natural nail style, go for this type.

If you don’t want to apply a clear nail strengthener and then apply a nail polish on top, go for the coloured ones. They are 2-in-1 products, acting both as a nail polish and nail strengthener.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why do I need a nail strengthener?

To strengthen your nails. If your nails frequently chip, peel or break off, a nail strengthener can help. It will harden them and even make them grow longer.

Q: Can I use a nail strengthener with nail polish?

Check manufacturer instructions. But most nail strengtheners can be used together with nail polishes and lacquer without reducing their effectiveness.

Q: How do I apply a nail strengthener?

The package should come with instructions on how to apply the strengthener. Most are applied in the same way you would apply nail polish, nothing complicated.

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