Best Shoes For Doctors, Nurses And Medical Professionals

In between seeing patients, doing medical procedures and filling out paperwork, doctors spend a lot of working time on their feet. Comfortable footwear is absolutely essential for their comfort and productivity. Factors like balance, comfort and breathability are very important.

So we went out and compared among dozens of popular shoes that are ideal for doctors. Based on things like material, cushioning and support, we choose the 5 best shoes for doctors and other health professionals.

Whether you are planning or already are a doctor or a nurse, these are our top five recommendations for your ideal hospital footwear in the UK. Note that all of them are unisex.

Which are the best shoes for doctors, nurses and medical professionals?

1. Unisex Soldini Premium Comfort Clog for Healthcare Professionals

clog for healthcare professionals

High quality Italian leather gives these shoes added comfort and durability. A padded sole ensures you will wear them for years without any problem. In an acknowledgement of a doctor’s environment, the shoes come with an anti-bacterial TNT lining. They are also slip resistant and anti-static.

To help you walk faster in between your medical errands, the shoes have been designed with an energy-absorbent heel. This gives you some bounce, which reduces effort needed to walk and ups your speed.


  • You can wear them all day with no pain or sore feet.
  • Durable thanks to the high grain Italian leather.
  • Easy to slip in and out of.


  • Not ideal for health professional who prefer closed shoes.

2. Oxypas Ultralite Orelia for Medical Professionals

best shoes for medical professionals

This super lightweight footwear is perfect for doctors who prefer closed shoes that are easy to wear and have some style. With a heel height of only 1 inch, the shoes provide the right amount of support to your feet. The shoes are made with a washable material that also dries quickly.


  • Very light, making them perfect for walking and standing all day in.
  • Easily washable material that dries quickly.
  • Plush cushioning inside for all day comfort.


  • Not ideal for doctors who would love something open and more breathable.

3. Oxypas Studium Autoclavable Medical Footwear

best shoes for nurses

Another great pair of clogs for medical professionals who prefer open footwear. The Oxypas Studium shoes are autoclavable (can be sterilised in a specialised device) making them ideal for clean rooms, surgical operations and laboratories. You can also machine wash them.

The primary material used is thermoplastic polymer. In addition to being very durable and strong, it is highly flexible. This allows your feet to move naturally.


  • A soft footbed and the super flexible thermoplastic polymer used as the main material make these shoes some of the most comfortable for doctors.
  • Easy to wear and remove. You just slip them on or off.
  • The polymer used is anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-fungal.


  • Not exactly the most stylish shoes. They are all practical with no focus on aesthetics though this may not be an issue with most doctors.

4. Jallatte Jalfrison S3 HRO SRC Laboratory Doctor Shoes

best laboratory shoes

There are two sides to these sleek-white closed shoes. There is the outside made with leather to provide durability through gruelling days and years of walking through hospital hallways.

Then there is the inside made with textile to create the most comfortable enclosure for your feet. A soft insole, soft lining and a breathable material keep your feet pain-free and fresh for hours.


  • The leather exterior makes it very durable. It will serve you well for years.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Comfortable design with a low heel, padded interior and plenty of toe room.


  • Not ideal for doctors who prefer open shoes.
  • Has a laced closure system, which means a bit more work putting them on and removing them.

5. Crocs Unisex-Adult Duet Clog

best shoes for male nurses

If you are not sure what shoes you should buy, a pair of adult unisex Crocs is always a safe choice. They are comfortable, breathable, durable and easy to wash. The flat heel provided the required arch and heel support. The wide design ensures that your feet have enough room to move naturally.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to slip on and off.


  • Not ideal for those who want some style in their footwear.

Brief Buying Guide

With so many options out there, making the right choice can be a little confusing. Once you have your budget and sizing details, the next step is figuring out the most important things to look for in a good pair of medical footwear. We have listed five of them to help you kick start your research.

i) Comfort and breathability

Comfort is the most essential thing when it comes to shoes for doctors. You are going to be walking a lot and spending a lot of time standing. Unless you want to end your day with aching legs, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must.

Check that the in-sole is comfortable. The shoe should also be breathable, which helps keep your feet fresh and dry all day.

ii) Support

This is another extremely important factor. The shoe should be designed in a way that properly supports the heel and arch. This means a low-heel (not more than 2 inches) and a raised arch. Whether you are standing or walking, the shoes should feel natural.

iii) Durability

With all the miles you rack up walking up and down, you are going to need a long lasting pair of shoes. Leather is often the best material for durability. There are however many others that offer the same level of durability.

iv) Ease of use

The shoes should be easy to slip in and out off. Here, laced shoes rank lowest while clasped or slip in/off footwear ranks the highest. They should also be easy to wash.

v) Extra features

Look for shoes that offer relevant extra features such as slip resistance, anti-static, anti-bacterial and so on.


1. Which design is the best, closed or open?

Both have their advantages. For example, open shoes are more breathable. Your final choice will depend mostly on your personal preferences. Some doctors prefer closed shoes while others swear by open footwear.

2. Why do I need shoes specifically for medical work?

Shoes made specifically for health professionals offer many advantages. They are more comfortable, offer more support and last longer.

3. Are clogs good for nurses?

Clogs are popular with nurses and medical professionals. They are the perfect footwear for standing and walking all day.

The soft cushioning, lifted heel and toe rocker provides a great mix of comfort and support. The open design also means breathability is not a problem.

Of course, clogs are not all made the same. Look for high quality clogs specially designed for nursing. They’ll provide the best comfort.

4. Are Sketchers and sports shoes good for healthcare workers?

If you find a nurse not wearing clogs, they are probably wearing sport shoes. Sketchers are especially popular.

Sports shoes provide the support, cushioning and breathability that nurses and healthcare workers need to last through long shifts.

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