Do I Have A Foot Fetish?

One of the most fascinating and frustrating things about human beings is how similar, and at the same time, different they are. Consider identical twins for instance. They may be difficult to tell apart, but their ideas, likes and dislikes are different.

For this reason, what turns you on, may not necessarily work for your partner. There isn’t a one-touch-fit all method when it comes to pleasing your partner. Rather than getting frustrated, you should embrace the differences and learn to work around them. Discover what works for you and your partner as well. It is the only way to ensure your sex life is fulfilling indulgent and above all, healthy.

If you are reading this, you know what fetishes are. In fact, you are wondering if you have one – a foot fetish.

Foot fetishes are by far one of the most misunderstood of all. To some individuals, it is gross, and they cannot fathom how the big toe or a ‘seductive ankle’ may excite you.

Before we delve deeper and into understanding more about foot fetishes, you should understand that it is not wrong to be attracted to feet. It is similar to the attraction to breasts and women’s derrière.

To start us off, what exactly is foot fetish?

Do I have a foot fetish?

do i have a foot fetish

Though some comedies seem to suggest foot fetish is for geeks and freaks, it is shocking to realise that foot fetishes are simple and common.

Simply put, foot fetish is a heightened sexual interest in the feet or specific footwear. It is most common in men than in women.

The beauty of foot fetishes is that they do not need the incorporation of other objects. Additionally, they are not dangerous. Ordinary sexual acts can have feet incorporated into them.

How is life with a foot fetish?

If you have a foot fetish, you will discover that you find bare feet more intense and erotic than seeing your partner naked. It is mainly because feet have significant power over you compared to the bum or breasts.

If you are in a relationship where your partner accepts your fetish and makes an active effort to incorporate it into your sex life, smelling your toes and feet or licking them will get you close to the edge.

Using the feet to rub and stimulate your sensitive parts will also do wonders for you.

What causes foot fetishes?

Sex experts concur that there are varied causes of foot fetishes. Below are some of these.

1. Have an early experience with feet

This theory suggests the development of foot fetishes as a response to some erotic associations. If at the beginning of your sex life you had a sensual experience involving feet, your body and brain might have created an association between feet and pleasure.

It is known as the Pavlovian response.

2. Desire to submit

For some men with foot fetishes, the only thing that gets them aroused is touching, talking and fantasizing about it. For others, the thought of submitting at a lady’s feet, rubbing, smelling, touching and licking them is all they need.

3. Disgust

Warming, this theory is weird. It suggests that as the level of arousal increases, the levels of disgust fall. As such, response to disgust is not strong. This alteration allows an individual to interact sexually with objects and body parts that would otherwise have been disgusting – like feet.

The element of it being a taboo is in line with some cultural messages regarding sex; it is dirty shameful and naughty. Engaging in a foot fetish may be one of the ways to reconcile these negative sexual messages with sexual pleasure. In simple terms, forbidden fruit is sweetest.

4. Nothing in specific

Last but not least, at times, having a foot fetish might be a part of you. It might be what makes you special, what makes you tick without any specific reason. The sooner you embrace it, the happier you will be.

Be careful with how you deliver the message to your partner. Your delivery will make a huge difference in his/her acceptance of it.


Hopefully, that explains and answers any questions you might have on foot fetishes. If you choose to indulge this side of you in the long run, get your partner onboard using subtle methods. You could start by offering a Thai foot massage or complimenting their feet.

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