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Ever notice how quickly a room clears when your shoes come off? Or maybe your dog just can’t get enough of your stinky pair of sneakers. Like most people with really bad foot odour, a simple visit to your friends can quickly turn uncomfortable and embarrassing.

This condition is medically referred to as bromodosis and is much more widespread than you think. In fact, anyone can get smelly feet due to a number of reasons. While there are several solutions to effectively deal with smelly feet, it makes more sense to start with what actually causes it and how to avoid foot odour altogether.

What causes sweaty/smelly feet and foot odour?

The most popular culprit that is almost always responsible for smelly feet is sweat. Regardless of the time of year or temperature, anyone can get sweaty feet. However, there is a group of people who are more susceptible than others. Among these are teenagers, pregnant women, people with athlete’s foot and individuals with a medical condition referred to as hyperhidrosisor excessive sweating.

An active lifestyle and lack of proper hygienic practices could also be a contributing factor. Each of your feet is a natural habitat for millions of bacteria that thrive on sweat and skin cells.As the sweat comes from your pores, this bacteria breaks it down and decomposes it; thus releasing a cheesy odour in the process.

This is not problematic for most people because they change shoes often and keep their feet clean. Wearing the same shoe for two days in a row will only expose your feet and create the model conditions for the bacteria to multiply and keep stinking up the area.

Why you should prepare your feet adequately for long distance hiking or sports that have your feet in shoes all day

If you’re a professional competitor or fitness enthusiast who takes part in many types of sports, you probably spend hours on end preparing both your mind and body for the task ahead.

Now, while the rest of your body is just as important, the feet could just as well be the most important tools of the trade. For those of you who have never had to hoof it for extended periods, you might not appreciate the sensitive mechanics of your natural vehicle.

However, if you often trek for long distances, participate in high-performance sports or find yourself on your feet for the greater part of the day,then you no doubt know exactly how essential it is to keep your feet in tip-top condition. This could mean all the difference between a winning round and a devastating day at the mines.

Even centuries ago the military understood how crucial foot health was to the success of any operation. Lack of preparation and the right equipment could lead to things like blisters, calluses, and corns that will definitely turn what could have been an easy walk through the forest into an excruciatingly painful march of death.

Honestly speaking; it seems a little hard to take in the amazing sights and sounds that nature has to offer if your next step is more painful than the last. So whether you are a hiker, rucker, athlete or an average Joe, taking care of your feet is a skill everyone should know.

By following the simple tips below, you should be able to perform better than ever while ensuring your means of locomotion remains as fit as a fiddle.

  • Clip your toenails
  • Apply powders, creams, tapes and other forms of protection
  • Wear the right pair of socks
  • Wear only well-fitting shoes/boots that have been broken in
  • Learn how to treat foot injuries promptly
  • Air out your feet every now and then

Best foot powder – Our top picks

However, if the problem still persists, then it’s time to take things to a whole other level. Here are some of the best foot powder remedies that can help neutralise even the worst foot odours.

1. Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder

powder for smelly feet

Gold Bond products have long been renowned for helping people take a load off and soothe their pains. The Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder offers outstanding respite much to the relief of many people with foot issues.

The powder can be used for temporary relief of itchiness and pain associated with minor irritations in the skin. Trying to stay active in the hot sun can quickly turn messy and sweaty, especially when your feet are enclosed in a tight shoe. In addition to offering immediate relief, the Medicated Foot Powder from Gold Bond is also soothing and controls even the most severe foot odours.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Foot Powder

foot powder for sweaty feet

When it comes to the ultimate weapon against stinky feet, Dr. Scholl’s products seem to be just what the doctor ordered. With a bottle of Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Foot Powder, the active person can now bear the day without fear of embarrassment or discomfort.

This foot powder not only helps to neutralise foot odour but also comes to the aid of numerous issues. Thanks to Scholl’s clever incorporation of a special cooling ingredient, your feet can now stay comfortable and refreshed all day long. The powder also absorbs excess moisture from sweat to prevent the build-up of athlete’s foot fungi.

3. On Your Toes Foot Powder

best powder

Are you tired of dealing with those messy foot creams on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re looking for something more permanent and less time consuming. Fortunately, one manufacturer has heard your pleas and come up with an ingenious solution for foot odour. With one simple treatment of On Your Toes’ Foot Powder, you can rest assured that foot odour will not be a problem for six months.

This unique Microfined formula is seamlessly absorbed into the pores of your shoes thus preventing the build-up of bacteria for another six months. No bacteria directly translates to absolutely no bad smells and no more embarrassing situations with friends and family.

4. SHOE Rescue – All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder

foot and shoe powder

Like most people who suffer from smelly feet, you have probably tried every possible treatment you could get your hands on. From fancy types of socks all the way to the most expensive creams on the market, there is really no shortage of solutions. However, you also probably realized that it is not so easy finding an easy solution that won’t leave you messy and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, SHOE Rescue is amongst the most trusted and popular foot and shoe odour neutraliser there is. Thanks to the clever incorporation of some natural ingredients such as peppermint, tea tree and lavender oils, you won’t have to deal with nasty, pungent smells.

5. Squeaky Cheeks – All Natural Foot Powder

body and foot

Spending too long on your feet or demanding too much of them can have severe drawbacks; especially if you don’t take care of them properly. The most common problems are blisters, corns, calluses and horrible odours that can empty a hall. This is why people needed a solution that effectively cleared out all these issues.

One such dreamer was the inventor of Squeaky Cheeks; a fireman who was exasperated with the current choices available. After months of formulating, he came up with a healthy, natural and sustainable solution. Today Squeaky Cheeks all Natural Foot Powder is a staple for athletes, podiatrists, and labourers from all walks of life. One bottle of this wonder powder will not only prevent shoe odour for up to six months but also prevent chafing, blistering, and rashes on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does foot powder work?

Different types of foot powder work differently. But ultimately, they all aim to reduce or eliminate foot odor.

Others also help with itching and irritation on feet.

Because sweat is the main cause of foot odor, most foot powders contain ingredients that absorb moisture. This reduces the amount of sweat that accumulates in your shoes during the day.

Others directly tackle the bacteria that cause your sweat to smell. These types of foot powders have a bigger and longer lasting effect.

In addition to reducing odour, most foot powders also contain ingredients that provide cool relief, protection from rushes and blistering and foot moisturization.

Q: What is the best foot powder?

There are many trusted brands online including Dr. Scholl’s, Gold Bond and On Your Toes.

They all have great reviews and proven results.

When you are shopping for a foot powder, look for those with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisture-absorption properties.

These typically have the best results because they attack foot odour from different angles.  

For that refreshing feel, look for a brand that also contains cooling ingredients such as menthol or ingredients that add a nice smell such as natural essential oils.

Q: When should I apply foot powder?

Refer to the bottle’s label or leaflet for instructions on when and how to apply foot powder.

Generally, you should apply foot powder after you take a shower, before you go to work in the morning or before you go for a run or to the gym.

Q: How do I use foot powder?

The bottle’s label will provide the best directions for using the powder.

Generally, you apply the powder either inside your shoes (if you are not wearing socks) or inside your socks.

The most important thing is that the powder is in direct contact with your skin.

Wash your feet and dry them completely before applying the powder.

Q: Can you use baking soda as foot powder?

Sure you can.

Baking soda is great at absorbing sweat and killing foot odours. Baby powder, talcum powder and corn starch can also absorb moisture and reduce smell.

However, these home remedies are usually not as effective compared to medicated foot powder.

Medicated foot powders have a longer-lasting odour-reduction effect. Most also have extra ingredients that combat itching, blisters and chaffing.

If you have a mild foot odour problem, a home remedy like baking soda might be enough. But for severe odours, we recommend a medicated foot powder from a trusted brand.

Q: Can I use foot powder on my body?

Check manufacturer specification and warnings on the label or accompanying leaflet.

Most foot powders have ingredients that are meant for application on your feet only. They are different from body powders.

Even if the label doesn’t say anything, it’s generally not a good idea to use a foot powder on your body.

Get a separate foot powder and body powder.

Q: Can foot powder help with itching and blisters?

Yes, some foot powders can reducing itching and blisters.

Check the label or product description before buying to see what the foot powder can treat.

Anti-itch foot powders typically contain ‘cooling’ ingredients like menthol to reduce irritation and itching.

All foot powders reduce the risk of blisters forming by absorbing swear. Excessive sweating is one of the causes of foot blisters.

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