A Review Of The HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa FB-350

The HoMedics Luxury Foldaway Foot Spa FB-350 is one of the better foot spas you can get in the market with a sleek design and great features. It comes with a vibration massage that helps soothe your aching soles leaving a satisfying ripple across your entire feet. There are further acu-nodes on the foot of the spa that work together with the vibrations to stimulate the acupressure points on your feet. Overall, it is a good product to intensify the foot spa treatment of your feet and a good value for money.

HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa review

homedics luxury foot spa

HoMedics FB-350

What I like

  •  It folds away with ease
  •  Keep warm function works well
  •  Acu-nodes
  •  The size fits the whole family

What I don’t like

  • Requires an extension lead
  • Quite loud


What are you buying?

This foot spa from HoMedics is the company’s new attempt to enter the word of luxiours foot machines (we weren’t too happy with this HoMedics foot spa). What do you stand to benefit when you buy the HoMedics Luxury Foldaway Foot Spa FB-350? Let’s have a look at some of the key features in the foot spa that makes it a great product.

1. Collapsible for easy storage

This one does not give users difficulties when it comes to storage. The foot spa is not that compact, but the manufacturers have made it foldable which I personally think is a great feature. You just need to fold it after use and easily store it away. It is less bulky than most options in the market flipping flat when you want to store it away.

2. The vibration massage

How often do get to massage your feet and toes? The HoMedics Luxury Foldaway Foot Spa FB-350 is the perfect solution for all your fee and toe massage needs. The vibration massage will kick into action the moment you switch it on giving you a relaxing feel on the feet. The calming sensation it brings is something you will not get by solely massaging your feet with your hands.

3. The Acu-nodes

The floor of the foot spa comes with acu-nodes. The acu-nodes are the little bumps and lumps that combine with the vibration to give your feet a sensational feeling. The acu-nodes stimulate the acupressure points on your feet leaving you feeling great. Moving your feet back and forth on the acu-nodes slowly intensifies the treatment procedure.

How easy is it to use?

Are they easy to use? This is a common question among new buyers looking to give their feet some massage. This foot spa is pretty easy to use as you just need to put in water at comfortable temperatures first. There is an indicator on how much water you should put in.

Once there is enough water to the required level simply plug it in, and it will start to vibrate doing the wee jig. The acu-nodes at the bottom might create some little bobbly bits which you should get used to with time.

It’s mains powered and also has an easy pour spout.

The only caution is to keep animals like cats and dogs away from the sound from the foot spa can be quite loud. 15 minutes of the massage should be more than enough to give your feet a relaxing feel that you’ve missed for a long time.

What accessories are included?

The kit does not come with any extra accessories making it quite easy to use. It is one product you get out of the box and use without having to fix anything.

HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa key features


  • It folds away with ease making it great for travel or when you need to store it.
  • The water inside the spa can be kept warm for long periods.
  • The bumps and lumps give a soothing feel to the feet as it is massaged.
  • It is quite versatile and a good fit for the whole family.


  • It is quite loud, and the sound does counteract the good relaxing feel.
  • It requires an extension lead as the flex is short making one’s feet be close to the power socket.
  • It is a bit expensive when you compare to other brands in the market.

Anything else you should know?

They are a great fit for all family members fitting a wide range of shoe sizes. They are great with both the small and big feet. They can accommodate people who wear shoes up to size 12 making them versatile enough. They are a great option for pampering nights when you are with friends and family members.


Despite the few cons, the HoMedics Luxury Foldaway Foot Spa FB-350 is a great product for a relaxing feel on your feet. The fact that it fits both small and big sized feet for up to shoe size 12 makes it quite versatile. It is one of those products that give you the chance to massage your feet and create some relief from the aching soles.

For those who are still undecided, you can have a look at other home foot spas that we have reviewed.

Where to buy?

HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa is a good product and a good value for money. It’s foldable, versatile and is one of the better foot spas you can get on the market.

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