5 Winter Footcare Tips You Wish You Had Known Earlier

The feet are the most neglected and overlooked parts of the body when it comes to giving them the special attention they deserve. During summer, most people take good care of their feet because they spend most of their days in slippers.

However, when winter arrives, they tend to neglect their feet because most of the time is spent in boots. If you are a victim of ignoring your feet during winter, it is important to know that you are largely increasing the risk of causing irreparable damage to your feet.

On the other hand, if you feel the need for winter footcare and you don’t know how to do it, here is a list of some winter footcare tips to get you started.

1. Always maintain clean and dry feet

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During winter, people tend to wear very thick clothing. This includes heavy socks and boots to keep your feet warm. However, this stout footwear is also sweaty (read also our article: How To Remove Bad Odour From Shoes) and can cause many fungal infections if not put in check. Therefore, you should always ensure that your feet are not only clean but also dry. Wet feet are also too smelly and uncomfortable to walk around with. Therefore, remember to also dry in between your toes before putting on closed shoes or socks.

2. Use socks made of natural fabrics

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When shopping for socks to wear over the winter period, it is advisable to prioritise natural fabrics such as cotton and wool over synthetic fabrics. This is because synthetic fabrics will cool your feet faster and also promote sweaty and smelly feet. Natural fabrics keep off moisture and this makes it easy for you to maintain dry feet and avoid various potential infections. Excess moisture will also make your feet cool faster, and this can potentially lead to frostbite.

3. Consider using foot powder

Boots are a must-have addition to your closet in preparation for winter. A combination of heavy boots and socks is likely to attract too much moisture. Consider using foot powder in your socks so as to maintain dryness for longer periods. For example, if you will be traveling or you will be engaged the whole day and won’t have enough time to keep checking on your feet, foot powder will always come in handy. Foot powder also helps reduce the risk of fungal infections and can help in treating athlete’s foot.

4. Always wear the right shoes

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When it comes to shopping for winter shoes for your kids, you are most likely to be tempted to buy them a size larger hoping that they will grow into them with time. However, always keep in mind that shoes are not like coats. Shoes must fit properly right away to avoid discomfort and promote practicability. Bearing in mind that winter is the best time for skiing and ice skating, wear shoes that fit properly to prevent blisters and other foot and ankle injuries. This also applies to socks too. Wearing socks that are too tight for you will make your toes clamp together. As a result, there will be too much friction leading to blisters.

5. Do not shy away from foot warmers

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Cold feet highly encourage frostbite during winter. It is, therefore, advisable to invest on valuable foot warmers to help keep your feet warm. If you are working on a tight winter budget, foot creams are also a good option for warming your feet. However, electric foot warmers are among the best options for effectively warming your feet. Maintaining warm feet will help reduce the risk of frostbite and other fungal and bacterial infections that come with cold feet.


Winter is a cold season that prompts us to stay covered up. This means that some parts of our body will receive more care than others. The feet are always among the most neglected and overlooked body parts when it comes to grooming. However, this shouldn’t be the case anymore. All the tips outlined above will ensure that your feet are well taken care of throughout the winter season.

It is also advisable to have regular foot baths and to trim your toe nails to prevent breeding of disease-causing agents. Avoid wearing socks two times in a row without washing them. Take good care of your winter boots and air them often to avoid accumulation of moisture. When using the foot cream, rub your feet from the heel up towards your toes. This will not only warm your feet but also keep your skin moisturised.

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