17 Toenail Designs To Watch Out For This Season

As summer reaches its peak, nails are undoubtedly among the body parts that will get full attention from ladies. Neatly manicured nails bring out the beauty in every girl and speak volumes about their personality.

Decorating your toenails is the newest craze in the industry, and the designs keep evolving every day. Stay different this year and get yourself bright and cheerful with the following toenail designs.

1. Nude and silver rhinestones

toenail designs with silver

Photo credit: sfnailart

Spice up your nails with this unique toenail art design. The design makes you step out of the ordinary and adds some class in your choice of nail art. You can have it in nude and silver contrast.

2. Chrome design

Black and white chrome

Photo credit: gelnailsat

Don’t be left out this summer. The chrome design will suit any occasion. Black and white never go out of season and give you a mirror effect which pimps up your personality making you glow all season long.

3. Tribal toenail art

tribal toenail art

Photo credit: nailsmagazine

You can rock the season with this fantastic pink and white design. Make it more fun by adding black, sharp arrows and a pink and blue heart design. You can never go wrong with this look whenever you want to go wild.

4. Orange rhinestone design

orange rhinestone design

Photo credit: caltanvina

You can look glamorous without going to the salon. Paint your nail with just one colour and add some rhinestones. Use orange nail polish and apply a few rhinestones on each big toe once it’s dry.

5. White, black, and blue flowered design

White, black, and blue flowered design

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

Get a chance to rock the outdoor with this white, black, and blue-flowered design. Paint your nails white and at the edge draw a blue flower pattern. At the other corner, draw a sexy black chain.

6. Sky blue, white, and black navy design

Sky blue, white, and black navy design

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

Bring out the contrast in colours and feel like an angel goddess by combining sky blue, white, and black. Paint the nail blue then make a cross with sky blue stripes. Use black nail polish to draw a dagger and black tails.

7. Baby pink and black polka design

Baby pink and black polka design

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

Combining baby pink and black will give you a classy look. Have lovely white dots resting on pink nail polish. You can add glamour by crossing the dots on all the four toenails and make squares on the two big toes.

8. White, blue polka and gold design

White, blue polka and gold design

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

Nothing beats colour blocking like white on blue, and blue on white. You’ll feel totally girly by painting some nails white and adding blue polka dots and painting some blue and adding white polka dots. Complete the look by putting a gold pastel.

9. Glittery design

Glittery design

Photo credit: jennihanne

Glitters bring out the wild and boldness in every girl. Rock your summer with pink nail glitters. You can have the sparkles in metallic gray or silver depending on your mood.

10. Peach, blue, black, and red tribal design

red tribal design

Photo credit: thehautespot

Go for the perfect toenail design by going hard on colours. Make patterned nails by combing peach, blue, black, and red colours. You will feel bold and ready to conquer the world as you step out in style.

11. Hot pink with polka dots

Hot pink with polka dots

Photo credit: xnailsz

Hot pink is the new black. Add some sparkle to your life by rocking hot pink and silver rhinestones or polka dots. The colours will sure bring your sexy back and bring out the girl in you.

12. Blue and silver glitters

Blue and silver glitters

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

You can make simple glittering nails combining blue and silver glitters nails polish instead of going for plain colours. Complete the look by drawing a rhinestone cross pastel on the big toes, and a pastel the other nails.

13. Purple, black, and white polka

Purple, green, and white polka

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

Bring out the royalty in you by painting your nails purple then reinforce them with white polka on the big toes. To enhance the look; consider using a purple, glittering polish.

14. Red, silver, and white polka design

Red, silver, and white polka design

Photo credit: lilalammi

You simply cannot go wrong with red nails enhanced with gray free-flowing abstract pattern design, and white polka. The look is simple, and you can do it by yourself if you have a toothpick.

15. Grey, nude, and black “Burberry” design

burberry toenail design

Photo credit: loverofnailartdesigns

When you don’t know what colour combinations to use, consider subtle shades e.g. gray, black, and nude. They come out cool yet trendy and sexy for the summer. Does it remind you of Burberry?

16. Purple and silver hearts designs

Purple and silver hearts designs

Photo credit: jennihanne

Purple and silver bring out a royal and expensive look. Paint the big toes purple and the rest silver. Accentuate the purple with two white or silver hearts for the ultimate look.

17. Royal purple, silver, and black

Royal purple, silver, and black

Photo credit: pizzaperfectnails

Combine these three colours and let them fade into each other for that trendy and luxurious look. Enhance it with white or silver stones and step out in style.

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