Scholl Compact Foot Spa (DRFB7017UK)

If your feet are tired and aching, the Scholl DRFB7017UK Compact Foot Spa will have them refreshed and tingly in just a few minutes. It is a reasonably priced, compact, simple, yet powerful foot spa that the majority of users like very well.

scholl compact foot spa

Scholl Compact Foot Spa

Users like it so much that they report setting it up before going to work in order to have it ready and waiting when they arrive home.

What are you buying?

The aptly named Scholl Compact Foot Spa is small and space saving. It is created in an attractive green and white color scheme suitable for men and women. The spa performs bubble massage and bubbling accunode massage. It has a heating element to keep your water at the right temperature for a long and comfortable treatment. The accunodes located in the heel pad and throughout the basin are very stimulating for tired feet. The controls are waterproof and can be operated by toe-touch. The splash guard doubles as a foot rest and has carefully placed drain holes to allow feet to drip dry.

How easy is it to use?

The compact foot bath is very simple and easy to use. Moving the unit from place to place, setting it up and storing it are very easy. It is light weight, and the used water can be poured out through the handy spout located in the middle of the splash guard. The non-removable splash guard prevents splatters and spills. Remember to wipe the interior of the splash guard dry before storing the unit.
The operating switch is a waterproof, flat-panel switch that you can operate with your toes. After you press the switch, you will need to wait a few moments for the bubbling action to start.

What accessories are included?

No accessories are included. The Scholl Compact Foot Spa is a simple and streamlined purchase with all functions self contained.

Key features of Scholl Compact Foot Spa


  • Size – although the unit is small, the basin is generously sized and can accommodate feet through size 12. The foot bath holds three full pints of water for a depth of about four centimenters.
  • Design – maximum and minimum level lines take the guesswork out of filling the basin. The floor of the tub is made of a comfortable gel material. The toe touch controls eliminate stooping and reaching.
  • Heating – Using the bubble function does not seem to cool the water.
  • Simple – the functions are streamlined and simple. The foot bath is a good value.


  • No drying massage – this foot bath does not provide a dry vibrating massage. You must fill it with water before turning it on.
  • Bubble function – cannot use bath salts or the bubble jets may become blocked. Be sure to set the unit on a hard surface.
  • Noise – some users say that the motor is too loud to be able to watch TV or listen to music while using.

Anything else you should know?

You must be cognizant of keeping the bubbling function unobstructed. There are two bubbling grooves that run from the back to the front of the unit. If the bubbles seem to be blocked, try moving your feet back a bit. You may be blocking them with the soles of your feet. Additionally, deep carpet will block the vents that allow air in to make bubbles, so you should always place the unit on a smooth surface. Another possibility is that the vents can be blocked by mineral deposits in your water. If you have very hard water, you must use a descaler periodically. It goes without saying you cannot use bath salts because they will clog the bubbler. You can use bubble bath or hand soap. Some users report that hand soap is better as it does not produce excessively dramatic bubbles.


The Scholl Compact Foot Spa is a basic workhorse of a foot bath. It is a good choice for people who want a foot bath that is rugged, easy to use and dependable. Its basic design includes the most important functions desired by foot spa buyers at a very reasonable price and from an established, trusted and respected company.

Where to buy?

Scholl Compact Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use


Scholl Compact Foot Spa is a reasonably priced, compact, simple, yet powerful foot spa that is good choice for people who want a foot bath that is rugged, easy to use and dependable.

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