Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa Shopping And Product Review

You know when you get home really exhausted and swamped only to be hit by a massive migraine? What do you think brought it about? Probably walking around all day or worse; squeezing your toes in that 9-inch stiletto until your feet fall asleep.

Some of these pesky problems can be avoided by simply treating our feet with the care and respect they deserve. What better way to tell your only wheels thank you than by treating them to a relaxing and rejuvenating foot spa? Read on to learn more if Revlon Foot Spa is the right foot spa machine for you.

Revlon Foot Spa review

revlon foot spa

Revlon Foot Spa

What I like

  •  Variety of functions
  •  Easy to use and comfortable
  •  Good vlaue for money
  •  Accessories

What I don’t like

  •  Plastic used looks fragile
  •  No water heater


What are you buying?

When it comes to finding a unique balance between aesthetics and functionality, Revlon seems to know where the sweet spot lies. I’ll just come out and say it, the heels make the girl, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, maintaining posture and strutting my stuff all day in high heels leaves me sore and even bruised. I tried all those shoe liners, but nothing really seemed to do the trick.

The Revlon foot spa not only gives my valiant feet a much-needed rub-down and roll over, but this gorgeous device also loosens you up with a relaxing bubble bath. Why should the pampering stop there?

With this purchase, I can take the pampering way further with the 9 included pedicure accessories. They include foot massagers, toe separators, nail brush and of course, a pumice stone to get rid of all the tough, dead, stubborn skin that collects around the heel.

I don’t know if guys enjoy all the different arrays of meticulously designed colours. My particular unit came in a delicious mixture of white and wine colours and even went ahead to coordinate the pedicure tools according to their colour. Here’s where the functionality bit comes in. By incorporating a foot rest in the middle, you can work on one foot while the other is being massaged, vibrated, and all bubbled up.

One setback that I noticed with the Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa was that it didn’t have any water-heating features. This means that I had to heat my water using other means first. However, once you get some hot water in there, this foot spa works wonders at ensuring it remains hot for as long as possible.

How easy is it to use?

One thing that you have to give it up to Revlon is their consideration for the smooth and effortless operation. It’s so easy to use this foot spa that a 5-year-old could work it no problem. Of all the other foot spas I checked out online, this one struck me due to its simplistic, yet very efficient design.

The foot rest at the middle just shouts use me, and the interior has lots of wiggle-room for even the largest of feet. Features such as the splash guard also make wiggling in the bubbles super easy and safe. This is because it prevents messy splashing of water to the floor.

At the bottom are 2 clearly indicated foot pads that seem to invite your feet to a fantastic world of massaging nodes. Smack-dab in the middle is the very exciting pedi-center that is always the highlight of my day. The compact size and simple design make cleaning really easy; all you need is a slightly damp cloth to clean her up.

What accessories are included?

Upon making a purchase and signing on delivery, you will get the following items in the box:

  • 1 Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa
  • 1 Pedicure Kit

Key features of Revlon Foot Spa


  • Accunode basin and pads for ultimate comfort.
  • Excellent safety features such as splash guard.
  • Waterproof control feature.
  • Plenty of attachments that can be detached (rolling massage and pumice stone).


  • This foot spa is made of some pretty fragile plastic that looks like it could crack with too much pressure. Just try not to stand up or hop in the foot spa with too much weight on.
  • The Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa also does not contain any heating features and requires users to heat water using other means. However, once you fill her up, it maintains high temperatures for much longer periods.

Anything else you should know?

Although this pediprep foot spa does not heat water, it still needs to be plugged in for the bubbles. This is one of the most exciting features in this foot bath because it’s almost like being in a mini Jacuzzi for your feet. The bubbles are very vigorous and could lead to splashing, but the splash guard is always there to trap any stray drops. I did notice that this causes some noise from the foot spa, but you could barely hear it over the TV.


While the Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa doesn’t compare to other foot spas when it comes to performance, you really don’t need all those extra buttons and switches to enjoy a DIY home treatment. I love the way this foot spa is always there to receive me and doesn’t require too much effort to clean up afterwards. It reminds me of Scholl Colourpop Foot Spa I reviewed last year.

Having said all that, why don’t you look at our best foot spa table before you make the final decision.

Where to buy?

Revlon Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


While Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa doesn’t compare to other foot spas when it comes to performance, its simple, yet very efficient design makes it a good value for money foot spa.

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