Review of the Revitive CX Circulation Booster

Having had a positive experience with the LV model, I was wondering how Revitive CX would compare. It’s more powerful and has additional features that the LV model doesn’t have, which may be important for some of you.

It is easy and pleasant to use and although it costs a bit more than the LV, it’s still affordable in my view (at-home, DIY physiotherapy is much less expensive than going to a medical professional). If you have poor circulation that is affecting your ability to enjoy life, you will be happy to know that you can get relief from swelling, aches and pains quickly, easily and affordably.

Revitive CX review

Revitive CX Circulation Booster

What I like

  • Good performance with positive medical effects
  •  Easy to use including remote control
  • Powerful with 99 intensity levels

What I don’t like

  • TENS pads lose stickiness

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What are you buying?

The Revitive CX is a foot massager and much more. It is a handy medical device you can own and use at home. Its main purpose is to minimise discomfort and swelling and improve blood circulation and oxygenation in the lower legs. It warms your feet comfortably and provides relaxation and stress relief, along with relief from pain. With regular use, it can improve your circulation and your life!

The circulation booster is pleasant to use although it can take some time for a first time user to get used to the treatment.

How easy is it to use?

Set-up and use are as simple as finding a good location for your treatment, plugging in the unit and putting up your feet. Selecting the level of intensity (1-99) is simple with the buttons on the unit or the remote control. Digital LED screen with a handy timer helps you keep track of the length of your treatments (the timer beeps each minute it counts down as it is recommended use the device for 30 min).

Although this type of massager uses electric impulses rather than vibrating massage, you will still find the experience pleasant and effective. In fact, most people report marked improvement after a single use.

What accessories are included?

Here’s what you’ll find when you open the Revitive CX box:

  • A user manual
  • One device
  • Two dust protectors
  • One remote control
  • Four TENS electrode pads (these are to be used for treatment of any other part of your body)
  • One adaptor

Key features of Revitive CX Circulation Booster


  • Positive medical effects – you can set your own schedule of treatments. Regular use has been proven to improve overall health and result in measurable improvements to blood circulation.
  • Easy to use – the Revitive CX is easy to use, enjoyable and very effective. It is mains operated so you do not need batteries. The leads for the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) pads are long, so you can use them for pain relief anywhere on your body.
  • Powerful – 99 intensity levels provide effective treatment.


  • TENS pads lose stickiness – you must remember to purchase TENS pads replacements periodically as they lose their stickiness after 20 or 30 uses. TENS pad care can be a bit challenging as you must store them correctly for proper functioning. It would be nice to have a carrier to keep the TENS pads neat and well protected.

Anything else you should know?

Remember that the Revitive CX is a genuine medical device, so it is important to use it correctly. Be sure to read, understand and follow all instructions and consult your doctor before use. This medical device is intended for use by people over the age of 16. When you purchase the unit, you are in essence, certifying that you are older than 16.

If you have epilepsy, be sure not to use the TENS pads on your neck. If you have an open wound or a tumour, naturally, you should not use the device in these areas. If you are pregnant, do not use apply them to your stomach area, and do not use the device at all during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you have AICD or a Pacemaker or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), you should not use the Revitive CX at all.


In today’s society, most people have some symptoms of poor circulation due to our generally sedentary lifestyle. With Revitive CX you can add a pleasant, daily half-hour session to your routine and reap tremendous benefits in terms of improved circulation, more energy, less pain and overall better health.

Do you want to compare the CX with other circulation boosting machines and electric foot massagers on the market? Check our comparison chart.

Where to buy?

Note: Both Revitive and Circulation Booster are registered trademarks of Actegy Ltd.

Revitive CX Circulation Booster Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use


Revitive CX Circulation Booster provides a good value for money if you want to minimise discomfort and swelling and improve blood circulation and oxygenation in the lower legs.


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