Redstone Circulation Boosting And TENS Machine Review

The Redstone Circulation and TENS machine is a medically certified device designed to provide relief from pain and swelling. If you have a condition that causes chronic pain, this machine can help with temporary relief.

It is also beneficial for older people who have mobility problems because of muscle aches and swelling especially in the legs. Using it regularly greatly improves mobility.

But what if I don’t have chronic pain or any age-related mobility problems? You can still benefit from this circulation boosting machine. Every evening when you come home from work with tired and swollen feet, this device can act as a foot massager, helping you relax and beat the ache in your legs.

Redstone TENS Machine review

redstone circulation booster review

Redstone TENS Machine

What I like

  • Provides pain and swelling relief
  • Can help improve mobility
  • Easy to use
  • Great price for a TENS device

What I don’t like

  • Outdated design
  • Only provides temporary relief

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What are you buying?

1. Boosts blood circulation

The Redstone TENS machine uses a type of therapeutic treatment called EMS or electrical muscle stimulation. When you place your feet on the indicated slots and turn on the device, low voltage electrical current is transmitted to your feet and leg muscles. Don’t worry, this is completely harmless. It does not cause shock; you will only feel a slight tingling in your feet and some muscle twitching.

The effect of this current on muscles is a continuous contraction and relaxation. Essentially, your muscles are getting a mini-workout.

This has several benefits. One, it boosts blood circulation, which helps fight fatigue, soreness and pain in your feet and legs. Two, it strengthens your feet and leg muscles. This also combats pain and improves mobility for older users.

2. 4 gel pads

In addition to the main device, you will also receive four gel pads. These are much smaller and are designed to be used on various parts of the body where you are experiencing pain. This includes the back, thighs and arms.

While the pads work roughly in the same way as the main device (through electrical stimulation), they use a slightly different kind of therapy.

They use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to combat pain and aches. So how does this differ from EMS?

It’s simple. EMS targets the muscles while TENS targets the nerves. By sending electrical current to nerve endings, these gel pads reduce the pain signals being sent to the brain. The result is that you experience less pain.

TENS pads are ideal for conditions such as back pain, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and sciatica.

3. Multiple modes and levels

The Redstone TENS booster comes with 25 different modes and 99 EMS levels. Feel free to play around with the settings until you find a comfortable sweet spot.

You should especially take note of the intensity levels. Start at a low level and gradually increase the intensity as you get used to the tingling feeling. You may find that you need a higher intensity to successfully keep pain away for several hours.

How easy is it to use?

This device is very easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in, place your feet on it and set the mode and intensity level you are most comfortable with. Make sure you are seated on a comfortable chair before you begin.

It comes with a remote control meaning you do not have to bend down every time you want to change the setting. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the therapy. The device comes with a usage guide to help you get started and troubleshoot any problem.

What accessories are included?

Apart from the TENS gel pads, there are no other accessories included and you do not need to buy any additional ones. The device plugs into a wall socket so you can forget about buying batteries. The gel pads come with everything you need to use them.

Key features of Redstone TENS Machine


  • Provides pain and swelling relief using EMS and TENS therapies.
  • For older people, this circulation machine significantly improves mobility.
  • Easy to use.


  • Only provides temporary pain relief lasting a few hours.

Anything else you should know?

While the electrical stimulation from the machine and gel pads is generally harmless, there are certain groups of people who should not use this device without the advice of a doctor.

They include those with medical implants such as a pacemaker, pregnant women, epilepsy patients and those with deep vein thrombosis. See manufacturer specifications for a comprehensive list of contraindications and safety warnings. It is goo to discuss with your doctor before you start using it.


Whether it is age that has affected your mobility, a medical condition that causes frequent pain or you just need treat your legs to a relaxing massage after a long day, the Redstone Circulation Boosting Machine is here for you.

Where to buy?

Redstone Circulation Boosting Machine Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Redstone Circulation Boosting Machine is a medically certified TENS device designed to provide relief from pain and swelling. If you have a condition that causes chronic pain, this machine can help with temporary relief.

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