PureMate Foot Circulation Massager Review

Those who spend their days walking or standing up know how heavenly a foot massage can be at the end of a long day. The PureMate foot massager provides a relaxing welcome home through its EMS (electric muscle stimulation) action. Your feet will feel more relaxed, less sore and less painful.

Even if you don’t spend hours on your feet, this foot massager can still help improve circulation, reduce swelling and provide general relief in your feet and legs. It cannot compete with design and functionalities of higher end circulation machines but it is still a good machine.

Read on to learn more in my new review.

PureMate Foot Circulation Massager review

puremate foot circulation massager review

PureMate Massager

What I like

  • Effective for reducing swelling
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Various modes
  • Bonus electrode pads

What I don’t like

  • Irritating beeping
  • Cheaper looking design

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What are you buying?

1. EMS therapy

The PureMate foot massager works by sending electrical pulses through feet and leg muscles. These pulses are mild and completely safe. The muscles are made to contract and relax rhythmically, a sort of muscular workout. This reduces muscle aches, strengthens muscles and increases blood circulation.

Users of the foot massager report feeling less pain after just a single use. Others say that the massager has helped them improve their mobility. Just 30 minutes a day is enough to impart health benefits on your feet. For lasting benefits, use it at least once every day.

2. Warming up cold feet

If your feet tend to get chilly, this massager is an excellent solution. Through its muscle stimulating action, it opens up the lower legs to better blood circulation. This keeps your feet and legs feeling warm. You can use it in the evening just before you go to bed to maximise on this benefit.

3. Different modes and intensity levels

To cater to different needs and preferences, the PureMate massager has been equipped with 15 different modes and 99 different intensity levels. If you are just using a foot massager for the first time, you can start at a comfortable low setting and then ramp it up with time as you get used to the feeling.

4. Remote control

You don’t have to keep bending over to change the setting on the massager. An accompanying remote control allows you to sit back and relax throughout the entire session. If you need to increase the intensity or switch modes, just use the remote. A tiny beep indicates a successful mode change.

5. Electrode gel pads

While this is primarily a foot massager, its benefits are not limited to the feet or legs. Using the additional sticky pads provided, you can apply electric stimulation to other sore or aching muscles of your body such as the shoulders, thighs and back.

You will find extra cables included for connecting the pads to the main unit. You then stick the gel pad on a specific muscle you want to target. You can apply the same mode and intensity settings of the main foot massager on the electrode pads.

How easy is to use?

The PureMate foot massager is incredibly easy to use. Even without the included user manual, you should be able to get it working. You just need to connect the plug to the mains, switch the massager on and place your feet on the indicated spots.

The controls on the remote are easy to learn and current settings (intensity, duration and mode) are clearly indicated on the main panel. If you experience any problem, consult the instruction manual or contact customer support.

What accessories are included?

The electrode gel pads are the only bonus items included. You do not need batteries or any other accessories to enjoy the PureMate foot massager. It is good to go as it is.

Key features of PureMate Foot Circulation Massager


  • Effective for reducing swelling, foot aches and soreness.
  • Easy and comfortable to use. A remote control is included for a frustration-free experience.
  • Varied usage levels and modes to suit different needs.
  • Bonus electrode pads for use on other parts of the body.


  • Some users find the mode-change beep to be slightly irritating.
  • The design looks a bit cheap, especially when compared to Revitive circulation machines.

Anything else you should know?

While the product is generally safe for use, the seller recommends usage restriction for pregnant women, those with a cardiac condition or have a pacemaker, those with sensory nerve damage, those with severe varicose veins and those who have recently undergone surgery. If, while using the massager, you experience unusual discomfort or pain, stop using it immediately and talk to your doctor about it.


The best and perhaps most surprising thing about the PureMate foot massager is how quickly it works. Expect a positive difference by the end of the first session and even more noticeable changes to your foot health with regular use.

Where to buy?

PureMate Foot Circulation Massager Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


PureMate foot massager can help you improve circulation, reduce swelling and provide general relief in your feet and legs. It cannot compete with design and functionalities of higher end circulation boosting machines but it is still a good machine.

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