Review of Pedilux Professional Nail Drill

If you have the kind of nails that require several hours every week to manage, you know how tedious and time consuming they can be. You could save yourself the effort and go to the salon for a weekly pedicure but that can be quite costly. And you still have to set time aside every week for the appointment.

The Pedilux Profi foot care system provides an easy, effective and time-saving way to take care of your feet at home. The system is electrically powered, making it easier and faster to do your own pedicure. If you have corns, ingrown nails or calluses on your feet, get the Pedilux Profi today.

Pedilux Profi review

pedilux profi

Pedilux Profi

What I like

  • Time and cost saving
  • Quick and long lasting results
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for the elderly

What I don’t like

  • Takes some time to learn it
  • Not too pretty design


What are you buying?

1. Electrically powered

Most pedicure kits come require you to wield the tools in your hands and struggle for hours to file your toes and smoothen your feet.

The Pedilux Profi demands no such thing. It comes with a log cord that connects to the mains. This powers a motor that turns attached tools. You will find that taking care of your nails and feet is easier and faster.

Not only that but you also get better results than if you were using a manual kit. Most users say their feet got softer and their nails looked much better after just a few sessions with this kit.

If you want to save time and money while still keeping your feet looking good, I highly recommend Pedilux Profi.

2. 2-speed settings

The motor has two speed settings: gentle and moderately fast. The gentle setting provides pinpoint precision especially when you are working on small areas such as your toes. You can carefully file and shape your nails exactly the way you want.

For larger areas such as your heel that need a little more aggression, the faster mode is ideal. Start with the slow mode until you feel comfortable enough to use the fast one.

In addition to the two settings, the motor can also move forwards and backwards. This gives you even more freedom when working with the kit.

3. Sapphire-coated instruments

The Pedilux Profi kit consists of the main unit and a set of instruments that attach to the electrical drill. All the instruments are coated with sapphire to give them extra hardiness and durability. They will easily take on the toughest of nails and calluses without faltering.

Each of the instruments has a specific role. The Grinding Wheel shapes and shortens your nails. The Grinding Cones are ideal for removing hard skin and calluses. The Oblong Grinder combats in-grown nails. The Spheric Grinder attacks corns and the Felt Polishing Cone provides a smooth polish to your feet.

4. Diabetics-friendly

For diabetics, foot care is extremely important. But traditional pedicure is risky because of the many sharp instruments involved.

The Pedilux Profi foot care system has no sharp tool, hence no risk of a wound or cut. You can confidently use it on your feet.

How easy is it to use?

There is nothing complicated about the Pedilux Profi system. You simply plug in the cord into the mains, attach the right tool, switch on the unit and begin working on your feet. The cable is long enough such that you can easily bend over to reach your feet.

Note that you can also use the kit on your fingers to treat corns, ingrown nails and callused skin. The tools connect with the nail drill using a magnetic system. You will hear a distinct click to indicate locking. The magnetic lock makes it easy to pull away the tool once you are done with it.

What accessories are included?

The Pedilux Profi includes a set of five instruments designed for different uses. You can also get additional instruments separately from the seller. The kit connects to the mains so no batteries are needed.

Pedilux Profi key features


  • Time saving and cost saving.
  • More effective than a manual kit with quick and long lasting results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ideal for the elderly and less-abled users.


  • Takes some time before you learn how to handle and use it well.

Anything else you should know?

If you are going to share the kit, the company recommends buying another full set of instruments. You can still use a single main unit but each user should attach his or her own tools.


Getting the perfect feet has never been easier. Instead of spending money on weekly salon pedicures or spending lots of time battling your unwieldy feet, get the Pedilux Profi foot care system. It will save your money, time and leave your feet looking better than ever.

Where to buy?

Pedilux Profi Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Pedilux Profi foot care system provides an easy, effective and time-saving way to take care of your feet at home. The system is electrically powered, making it easier and faster to do your own pedicure.

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