Hello Kitty Foot Spa Review: Best Kids Foot Spa

With today’s hectic school schedules and creative outdoor activities, it can often leave our children feeling stressed, fatigued and a little beat up. To maintain both their health and achieve optimum development, it is crucial to help them feel loved. You have to put their feet up and help them relax once in a while.

What better way to while away the stress and rejuvenate the little ones than with a pampering foot treatment. The Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa will relax away the aches and pains in a cleansing, vibrating and child-friendly foot massage.

Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa review

kids foot spa

Hello Kitty Foot Spa

What I like

  • Fits all sizes
  • Mood lighting and heat
  •  User friendly, easy to operate
  •  Luxury feeling

What I don’t like

  •  Too much bubbling
  •  Claims of faulty middle bits


What are you buying?

Hello Kitty Foot Spa is a relatively great kids foot spa that will leave both you and your children’s feet feeling soft and refreshed. Some good old TLC is the best place to start if you often find yourself on your feet for most of the day.

For children, sitting still is a phrase that is totally absent in their vocabulary. I have three sweet kids; a boy and two girls. The little rascals are always out either riding their bicycles or playing tag all day. As fun as this looks, it’s always a nightmare in the evening and morning when they can’t even wear closed shoes or walk to the bus stop. This is because their feet are swollen, achy, painful and even covered in blisters. So I decided that instead of punishing them by taking their bikes away, why not let kids be kids? I opted to get a child-friendly foot spa to help them get back on their feet sooner and avoid all those nasty blisters.

The Hello Kitty Foot Spa is perfect for relieving all these problems. With features like foot massage rollers, bubbles, and even infrared heat, this foot spa takes pampering to a whole new level. I especially like this particular product because it is gentle and kind to my kid’s soft and supple feet. It provides great stimulation for their tiny, sensitive feet. The foot spa has extra room for feet exercises and even larger feet.

I think it works great, especially on a cold, freezing night where you just crack up the heat on the foot spa and enjoy a warm bubble bath. After my kids are done with it, I take my time working on my sore, callused feet. I’d consider it a win-win situation. Even my mother can’t seem to get enough of it, once she pops out her pedicure accessories and enjoys a DIY treatment, I smile knowing that it’s saving us lots of spa treatment money.

How easy is it to use?

One of the intriguing things that had me stoked is how easy and convenient it is to use this foot spa. Hello Kitty Foot Spa is so easy to use that my kids don’t even need any assistance. Not only is the product super light, but it also provides a very simple interface that indicates clearly the different features and settings available.

Features such as heating, bubbles, and even vibration can all be individually controlled. All you have to do is fill her up with water, input the settings, dunk your feet in and enjoy the stress-relieving experience.

I’ve gone through my fair share of foot spas in my time, but so far, the Hello Kitty Foot Spa is one of the easiest to empty and clean up. It doesn’t have that awkward shape and cumbersome design that most high-end foot spas have.

What accessories are included?

Once delivery or purchase is made, upon opening the box you will find the following products and accessories:

  • 1 Hello Kitty Foot Spa

Key features of Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa


  • Extra deep dimensions to immerse your feet and ankles
  • Numerous luxurious and pampering features
  • Fits all sizes out there
  • Mood lighting and heat to complement the massage
  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate


  • Some people claim that the middle bits either get stuck or in the way. Personally, I have not seen this issue with my foot spa, perhaps mishandling your foot bath could cause this problem.
  • Another problem that seems to affect this unit is over-excessive bubbling. However, ensuring that you don’t fill your foot bath too much should sort this issue and turn it into an advantage.

Anything else you should know

While fun and games may be great for child development, leaving the battle wounds to heal by themselves can significantly impair your child’s growth. The Hello Kitty foot spa allows you have the best of both worlds. Take it from a loving dad, if your child is an outdoor enthusiast, there’s no need to limit their adventurous spirit. Just make sure they get pampered like kings after spending all day out at the mercy of the elements.


The Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa combines all the desirable criteria for making a great product for kids (definitely better than some other kids foot spas). With exceptional and user-friendly features, this product is the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren and even for you too.

Relaxation and enhanced well-being is the key here. Its unique design, shape, and space make this foot spa worth every single penny. The fact that you can now actively heal and prevent any injuries to your kid’s footsies will go very far towards securing a strong, healthy and active lifestyle in future.

Where to buy?

Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Hello Kitty Kids Foot Spa has exceptional and user-friendly features, which makes it the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren and even for you too.

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