Bodi Tek Circulation Plus Active Foot Massager Review

The Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus Active Foot Massager is like a mini-gym. The difference with an actual gym is that you can sit down and even watch TV while giving your feet and legs a workout.

The massager, similar to other circulation boosting machines, uses EMS or electrical muscle stimulation to improve blood circulation and improve muscular function in your legs and feet. It sends harmless electrical pulses that force muscles to contract and relax rhythmically as if they were exercising.

While this massager should not replace your gym time, it can offer significant improvements if you frequently experience numb feet or leg and feet aches. It can also be beneficial for older persons with mobility problems as well as office workers who spend hours seated.

Bodi Tek Circulation Plus Active Foot Massager review

bodi tek circulation plus active foot massager

Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus

What I like

  • Boosting blood circulation
  • Improving general feet health
  • Great price for an EMS device
  • Easy to use

What I don’t like

  • No pads for other body parts
  • You will need to get used to it

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What are you buying?

1. Harmless electrical pulses

It is important to emphasize that electrical pulses emitted by this massager are completely harmless. Don’t worry about getting an electrical shock or developing adverse side effects.

The exception is if you are pregnant, have a medical implant in you or have a chronic condition. If you are in one of these groups, consult your doctor for guidance before you use this massager or any other EMS-based therapeutic product.

2. Boosts blood circulation

If your feet frequently feel numb or tingly, it could be that not enough blood is reaching them. EMS therapy has been shown to be effective in boosting blood circulations.

It can be especially helpful for older persons for whom age has reduced blood flow. Many elderly users report improved mobility after using an EMS foot massager.

3. Improves muscle function

As we mentioned, the EMS massager is like a mini-gym. Using electrical pulses, it simulates the action of exercise. Muscles contract and relax in controlled rhythmic motions.

Over a 25-minute session, the repeated contractions improve muscular strength, boost flexibility and reduce fatigue and pain.

If you spend most of your day sitting down, EMS can help keep your legs healthy and strong through muscular contractions. Additionally, it can help manage persistent aches in your feet or legs.

Most users report less pain and a feeling of vitality after just the first day or two of using it. They are able to sleep better at night and experience improved mobility during the day.

4. It reduces fatigue and aches

You know how you come home after a long day feeling like you would give anything for a foot rub? The Bodi-Tek massager can help you with that.

By boosting blood circulation and giving your muscles a workout, the EMS massager also relaxes your feet and legs. After the session, you will experience reduced ache and fatigue.

For many customers, it has become a habit to use the massager every evening. The best part is that you can sit down, relax and even read a book or watch a movie while the device does its work.

How easy is it to use?

There is nothing complicated about the Bodi-Tek foot massager. An instruction manual will be included along with the device. Refer to it for help on getting started and for important safety information.

The device has all the buttons you need to control the massager. But you don’t need to bend over every time you want to change a setting. There is a remote control provided to make your experience even more relaxing. So you can sit back and stay that way throughout the session.

Nothing much is required in the way of maintenance. If you run into a problem, consult the manual or contact customer support.

What accessories are included?

No accessories are included with your purchase nor do you need to buy anything extra for the massager to work. It connects to a wall power outlet so no need for batteries.

Bodi Tek Foot Massager key features


  • Effective at boosting blood circulation, reducing fatigue and improving general feet health.
  • Improves mobility, especially for older users.
  • Easy to use.


  • Does not include gel pads for targeted EMS therapy on other parts of the body. Some EMS foot massagers nowadays include gel pads that you can use on other areas where you are experiencing pain.

Anything else you should know?

As you will see in the manual, there are 99 intensity levels and 9 simulation modes. Use the remote to change the mode and intensity level until you find one that you are most comfortable with.


Whether you are suffering from age-related feet problems or it is the long days at the office that are causing crumps in your legs, the Bodi-Tek EMS foot massager will help. It is effective and completely safe.

Where to buy?

Bodi Tek Circulation Plus Active Foot Massager Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Bodi Tek Circulation Plus Active Foot Massager can offer significant improvements if you frequently experience numb feet or leg and feet aches. It can also be beneficial for older persons with mobility problems as well as office workers who spend hours seated.

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