Beurer FB20 Foot Spa With Pedicure

The Beurer FB20 Foot Spa is presented as a good, all around foot spa that provides massage, bubbles, pedicure treatments and infrared treatment.

beurer fb20 foot spa

Beurer FB20 Footspa

The unit keeps water warm while providing relaxing and rejuvenating vibration massage with bubbles. Infrared light treatment is said to provide more soothing relaxation whilst water jets and bubbles act to detoxify and refresh the feet. Removable massage roller attachments are also included, and dry, vibrating massage is possible. Emphasis is on creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

What are you buying?

The FB20 is a low/moderate priced light foot bath that includes an array of attachments and accessories. A handy hanger is included to keep the three pedicure attachments easily accessible while using the spa. Four reflex zone massage rollers are also included. Like all Beurer foot bath products, safety is an important consideration with this spa, which sits on skid-free rubber feet and is designed with a removable splash guard to prevent spills.

How easy is it to use?

The control knob is placed at the top-front of the unit. This is an improvement over some models in terms of being easy to see. It may be a bit of a reach for some users, though. The handy hanging caddy makes access to the included pumice stone, brush and massage head simple and easy. The size of the spa is smallish, and this can make use difficult for some. The automatic cord winder makes it easy to store the unit away neatly.

What accessories are included?

Here is what you will find when you open the box:

  • The Beurer FB20 Foot Spa W/ Pedicure Attachments
  • Set of Three Pedicure Attachments in Hanging Caddy
  • A Three-Year Warranty Certificate
  • An Instruction Manual

Key features of Beurer FB20 Foot Spa

Pros & Cons

Users of the FB20 Foot Spa tend to either love it altogether or hate it intensely for very specific reasons. There seems to be no middle ground. Those who rate it four or five stars express overall happiness and simply say they love it and it’s great. Those who dislike it, do so intensely and complain specifically of the following:

  • Some users complain that the motor is noisy.
  • Some users complain of cheap construction.
  • Infrared function seems not to do anything.
  • The small size of the spa is problematic.
  • The massage nubs/dimples are prickly.
  • Men dislike the pink colour.
  • Bubbles don’t work.

Anything else you should know?

This is not a spa for large feet. Size 9 in a man’s shoe would be the maximum. One satisfied reviewer joked that he would buy a second one so that his wife would have one for each foot for greater ease of use.

The heating function is just for maintaining a warm temperature, not for heating the water, so it’s important to start out with water on the warmish side for longer treatment and enjoyment.


The Beurer FB20 Foot Spa with Pedicure seems not to be an all around choice for everyone. It is important to note that those who are generally satisfied with it do not give specifics, which might indicate that it is adequate but not outstanding. The small size and general complaints about construction are matters for concern, still it seems that the unit might be perfectly satisfactory for smaller women who will use the spa lightly. People with larger feet or who will be using the spa intensively might be better off going with the next Beurer model up (FB25) for sturdier construction and larger size.

Where to buy?

Beurer FB20 Foot Spa Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use


Beurer FB20 Foot Spa is presented as a good, all around foot spa with a number of good functions but it seems not to be an all around choice for everyone.

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