Review Of Amzdeal Foot Massager Shiatsu Air Pro

You come home after a gruelling day at work and your feet are killing you. Or maybe you are in your last trimester of pregnancy and your painful swollen feet won’t let you rest. Or perhaps age has affected your mobility. Your feet feel weaker and sore almost all the time.

Whatever is causing your feet to act up, a nice deep massage can greatly improve the situation and help you relax. With the Amzdeal Foot Massager, you not only get a deep kneading massage, you can also turn on heat and air pressure for triple the relaxation.

If you have unsuccessfully tried to beat the pain and fatigue using other foot massagers, I have a feeling this one will not disappoint.

Amzdeal Foot Massager review

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What I like

  • Strong kneading action
  • Heat and air pressure functions
  • Remote control
  • Good price

What I don’t like

  • A bit too firm
  • You will need to get used to it

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What are you buying?

1. Deep kneading action

Most foot massagers rely on vibration to stimulate blood flow and reduce aching. The Amzdeal foot massager uses a kneading action, which is much more intensive and effective. It’s like having firm fingers massaging your feet, targeting all the right areas.

This action focuses on Shiatsu points. These are energy points that connect to major systems in the body and affect your well being. By targeting these nodes, the kneading massage not only benefits your feet but also your entire body.

You will feel more relaxed and energized.

Another benefit of kneading is improved blood flow. If you spend a lot of time sitted or in bed, boosting your blood flow is essential in keeping your feet healthy and strong.

2. Heat and air pressure

The massage does not just rely on the kneading rollers to relax your feet, it also includes heat and air pressure functions.

At the touch of a button, the massager heats up and warms your feet. This can be especially effective in reducing pain. If you have chronic pain in your feet, regular massage sessions with the heat on will provide much needed relief.

The heat also improves relaxation and reduces soreness.

There is also a button for air power or air pressure. Combined with the heating function, air power boosts blood flow and reduces pain and fatigue even further.

3. Removable fabric

The fabric into which you place your feet can be removed and washed. This is important for hygiene especially if the massage is going to be used by more than one person. Refer to the accompanying manual on how to detach the fabric and safely wash it.

How easy it to use?

The Amzdeal Foot Massager is easy to use. Setup is as easy as connecting the cord to a socket and finding a comfortable chair to sit on.

The massager has four buttons: On, Mode, Air power and Warm foot. Once you switch it on, use the Mode button to set the massage intensity.

Many users noted the massage can be really firm to the point of being uncomfortable if you are not used to it. Start with the lowest intensity and then increase it if you need a stronger kneading.

The Air power button turns on the air pressure. This provides an extra firmness. The Warm foot button turns on the heating function.

You don’t have to keep bending over to change a setting. The unit comes with a remote control that is just as easy to operate.

What accessories are included?

No accessories are included with the massage nor do you need to buy any.

Amzdeal Foot Massager key features


  • Strong kneading action.
  • Bonus heat and air pressure functions.
  • Remote control included.


  • Some users find it a bit too firm even at the lowest setting.

Anything else you should know?

Under the fabric, there are three sets of rollers targeting your entire foot. It is important that you position your feet properly for maximum effect. Place your feet such that you feel the farthest roller under your toes, the middle one at the arch of your foot and the nearest one under your heel.

This way, the rollers are able to massage your foot from top to bottom. As mentioned, the rollers can be quite firm so make sure you start at the lowest setting.


Just based on its kneading rollers alone, the Amzdeal foot massager is more effective than most other vibration-only massagers in the market. The bonus heat and air pressure functions make it one of the best foot massagers you can buy.

If you are pregnant, have age-related foot problems or you simply need a daily massage to take away the tiredness, I highly recommend it.

Where to buy?

Amzdeal Foot Massager Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


With the Amzdeal Foot Massager, you not only get a deep kneading massage, you can also turn on heat and air pressure for triple the relaxation. The bonus heat and air pressure functions make it one of the best foot massagers you can buy.

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