Pedicures Near Me: Review Of Treatwell

Today I’ve decided to look at Treatwell (formerly known as Wahanda), an all-new concept in finding and booking excellent spa and salon services. It sounds unbelievable but through Treatwell’s website and app, you can search through more than 8,000 salons and spas, offering over 120,000 services across the UK. So, if you are wondering where to find good pedicures near your place, check Treatwell.

When you have found just what you are looking for, you can book your appointment and receive your confirmation in just few moments. For personal services from haircuts to spa days to pedicure, there is no better resource than!

Why was it called Wahanda?

Before it was rebranded as Treatwell, it had been known as Wahanda. Wahanda is a word borrowed from the Native Americans. It means “great spirit & creator”. The developers of Treatwell apparently believed at that time that it accurately reflected their desire to convey a passion for happiness, beauty and health.

Remember that Treatwell is not trying to sell you anything. Instead, it is a service that is established for the sole purpose of matching seekers of health and well-being services with the very best in providers of those services.

Is it hard to use Treatwell?

Booking your appointments through Treatwell is astonishingly simple. To begin, simply fill out the quick and easy form on the website’s home page. Choose between BOOK TREATMENT and BOOK A SPA DAY OR BREAK. Follow the prompts to provide the information necessary to find and secure just the right health and beauty services to suit your needs.

Find good sources and book appointments for a wide variety of services such as:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Hair Removal
  • Facial Care
  • Spa Breaks
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Spa Days

If you already have favourites in spa and wellness destinations, you can share them with others by clicking on the “Suggest A Salon” tab. In this way, your current favourites will be included in Treatwell’s choices. This means, that you will have access to excellent coupons, discounts and deals at all your favourite places when you book through Treatwell!

One-stop shop for health & beauty services & information

When you are looking for the very best in wellness and beauty treatments and even therapists, there is no better source than Treatwell in my view. When you visit the website, you will find expert advice and tips and solid information about current trends, therapies and treatments.

All of this enables you to make wise decisions when booking your appointments. You can also enjoy making friends and discussing health and beauty topics on the website’s vibrant community pages.

Are there any downsides to booking through Treatwell?

All in all, there are no downsides to booking your health and wellness appointments through Treatwell. You’ll have access to the most comprehensive collection of information and services available anywhere. Additionally, the website’s tools enable you to put together your own scrapbook of information and services you wish to turn to on a regular basis or in the future.

While some reviewers have said that they still prefer to book their own appointments one-to-one with the providers, it’s worth bearing in mind that when you do this you may very well be missing out on excellent deals and promotions and the opportunity to find even better providers.

When you book your appointments through Treatwell you can be sure of knowing about the most convenient locations and best prices available at the time of your booking.

If you have questions about preparing for your appointment or any other aspect of the service you have booked, you will surely be able to find the information you need at!


There’s absolutely no reason not to give Treatwell a go! It is a virtual speed dial for health, wellness and beauty. When you book your health and wellness services through Treatwell, you can enjoy coupons and spa vouchers that can be used in hundreds of spa locations.

Treatwell provides a user-friendly website that offers accurate information about a wide variety of health and beauty treatments. The site gives users the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and reviews, while enjoying access to some of the very best offers, gifts and deals available from top studios, salons, spas and fitness centres across the UK and Europe.

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