Best Pedicure Tools and Equipment (by Top UK Bloggers)

I hope we all can agree on how important foot care and pedicures really are for every woman. Despite the importance, many of us still choose to ignore their feet or just don’t pay enough attention to them.

Is it that difficult? Why can’t we spend 1 hour every week doing a simple at-home pedicure? At-home pedicure tools are beauty essentials that every woman should have in their bathroom; however, many ladies keep complaining that they don’t really know what to buy to take care of their feet.

So I’ve approached dozens of top beauty/lifestyle/parenting bloggers with one very simple question:

Which three (at home) pedicure products/tools would you recommend to everyone to keep their feet and nails in good condition?

14 amazing ladies participated. Thank you so much!

Responses are listed in the order I have received them:

Gemma MillsMy Mills Baby

I’ll plump for Body Shop’s peppermint foot lotion – really refreshing and naturally deodorising. Also Doc Kelly’s heel balm – hard to get hold of but it’s just the best one I’ve ever used. Finally Clearzal’s tea tree foot soak – this is SOOO relaxing and smells insanely good.

Jane DuckworthJane’s World

My top 3 are:
1 ~ Avon Foot Works Beautiful Marine Salt Invigorating Scrub
2 ~ Vasaline Original Petroleum Jelly
3 ~ Soft Cotton Socks
The combination of these 3 plus a good nights sleep equal transformed tootsies by morning!

Claire P – Yet another blogging mummy!!!

Here are my three:

I reviewed this a year ago and I’ve been using it regularly ever since to help combat hard skin, callouses and corns.

  • Sanctuary Spa Intensive Rescue Heel Balm

My heels cracked badly when son1 was born and my previously product wasn’t up to the job. I’ve used this on a daily basis ever since.

  • Sanctuary Spa Moisture Locking Socks

I haven’t tried these yet, but they are top of my footcare wishlist. You can wear them overnight for really soft feet.

Natalie McDermott – it’s tilly lou

My 3 products that I use are:

  • Foot File – I try to use this once a week to keep my feet nice and soft. Prevention is better then cure!
  • Cotton Moisturising Socks – I wear these when I go to bed and slather my feet in foot cream.
  • Burts Bees peppermint foot cream. – Fresh feeling and super moisturising!

Marie Medler – marvellousmarie

I could not deal with my feet without a good nail file to get the tootsies looking nice, a good foot cream like the Neutrogena foot cream and a pair of cotton sock – the best tip I learnt was slather your feet in cream at bedtime, pop the socks on and in the morning they will be lovely and soft! 🙂

Kathryn WatsonThe Kat Paws

Foot Crystals to soak your feet into, so they are smelling fresh as a daisy.

The Boots Botanics Bamboo Moisturising Socks (Sorry their website is currently down) – These can be popped over a moisturiser on the feet in which you sleep with and wake up with super soft feet!

And of course the Micro Pedi itself due to ease of use, time and result!

Lydia Cooper – Dream big, the world is your oyster

I personally use a hand held manual scraper, which I use on the heels and the bottom of my feet. Moisturiser, so I can keep them nice and smooth. Finally I always make sure my toenails are short, filed and polished.

Melanie Edjourian – Melanie’s Fab Finds

I do neglect my feet a bit.

I’d say the basics, nail clippers, nail files and a pumice stone to rub off dead skin.

Hayley SweeneyFashions Finest

The first product that I use to keep my feet and nails in good condition is an Argan Oil deep moisturizing foot pack with Moroccan oil extract. This product promises to penetrate deep into the skin to reduce callus build-up and help repair and soften cracked/split heels. It does what it promises to and you only have to wear the boots in the packet for 15-20 minutes before you feel the effects. This cost me £1 at poundland for this product. It really is a bargain.
The second product that I use is the Scholl pedi velvet smooth nail care system, you just file over your hand skin and watch it become smooth again. I purchased this product at Boots.

The third product I use is Flexitol hard skin and callous remover cream. This product gently exfoliates hard skin while giving your feet moisture at the same time. This product retails at just under £5 and you can purchase it online or in Boots.

I would highly recommend all three of these products to keep your feet and nails in good condition.

Natalie RedmanUpYourVlog

Firstly I’d recommend your average nail clippers. I always use them to keep my toenails from growing too long and getting damaged. I use a foot scrub from Lush called Pumice Power which is great at exfoliating and buffing away the hard skin on the bottom of my feet. Finally I like to soak my occasionally using a general foot lotion to keep my feet feeling soft 24/7.

Naville Torres – Inspirations have I none

I think that the 3 must have tools & products for an at home pedicure are always:
  1. Your basic nail clippers to keep your toe nails neatly trimmed
  2. A moisturising foot lotion to apply before bed
  3. A pair of cosy socks to help skin absorb the lotion and wake up with beautifully soft feet

Rachel HirstU me and the kids

The three pedicure products/tools I use at home to keep my feet and nails in great condition are:

  1. A moisturizing cream which I apply at night and wear with cotton socks throughout the night for a really deep moisturizing treatment
  2. A pumice stone whilst in the shower to remove hard skin
  3. Good quality clippers to keep my nails at the correct length

Melissa – Melissa Jane Lea

They would be:

  1. The Ped Egg: a nice easy way to remove dead skin and it’s so convenient to use
  2. Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil: a super moisturising oil to keep nails looking their shiny best
  3. Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing polish in Fuchsia – the staying power of a gel pedicure with a drugstore price, and a gorgeous summery colour

Claire WayClairey Sweetie

The three (at home) products and tools I use to keep my feet and nails in good condition are:

  1. Scholl foot file -just a simple hand held manual one (I would LOVE to try the new MICRO Pedi!).
  2. Nail file and scissors, and then I’ll finish off with
  3. Nail varnish – I often pick a pastel shade to add a pop of colour to my feet!


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