Pedicure Bowl Vs Foot Spa: Which Is Better For Your Salon?

Foot washing is an experience that people have shared since before biblical times. Washing another’s feet is an act of caring and of service. For this reason, pedicurists should take particular care to select tools of the trade that convey a good balance of professionalism and genuine concern for the clients’ comfort and enjoyment.

Foot spas have been all the rage with pedicurists and their customers for quite some time now; however, recently simple pedicure bowls have begun to take their place. What is the reason for this? How do these two types of equipment differ? Which is best? In this article, we will explore these questions. Read on to learn more.

A simple pedicure bowl is lighter weight & more portable

pedicure bowlWhen discussing the differences between foot spas and pedicure bowls, many pedicurists say that bowls are just easier to handle. For mobile pedicure business, this is a big plus. It is simply a great deal easier to set up a nice looking bowl than to lug around an electric foot spa.

Additionally, setup is a breeze because the pedicurist does not have to search around for an electrical outlet. Furthermore, clean-up is quick and simple and bowls without attachments, gadgets, jets and so on are easier to sterilise.

Foot spas have more bells & whistles

Pedicurists who prefer to use a foot spa say that their clients appreciate the heating elements, the bubbles and additional capabilities of a foot spa. For example, many come with pumice stone attachments that make working on hard skin very convenient.

Those who prefer a pedicure bowl point out that the simplicity stimulates creativity. Many say that they have a small collection of stylish bowls on hand to delight clients. Some choices include:

  • Specialty hardwood bowls made just for the purpose of delivering pedicures.
  • Lightweight, pack-able, inflatable options.
  • Attractive Victorian style ceramics.
  • Classy Ikea stainless steel bowls.
  • Simple tempered glass basins.

Creative pedicurists say that they enhance the clients’ experience by lining the bottom of the bowl with heated massage stones, differently sized pebbles and even small shells. These creative solutions add warmth and stimulating texture to the experience.

Pedicure bowls don’t have to be fancy

Student pedicurists often use a plain, plastic wash basin similar to a dish pan. This type of equipment is typically standard issue in pedicure course work. While this is certainly a workaday solution, it is also a practical and useful one.

Plastic basins are inexpensive, light and durable. They are certainly simple to clean. To make cleanup even easier and more sanitary, it is also possible to purchase disposable liners for pedicure basins. Risky pedicures are a hot topic today, but using a disposable liner in the basin removes a tremendous amount of risk.

Variety helps you personalise your service

If you are very sensitive to aesthetics, you can take care to select pedicure bowls to suit your clients’ personal care preferences, home décor or other aspects of their personalities and lifestyles. There is so much flexibility when using a simple bowl that you can make choices that are sure to delight your clients.

There is some variation in foot spas, but for the most part they look quite a bit alike and offer fairly similar features. They don’t really give you much wiggle room for personalization.

Which is the better choice?

Both foot spas and pedicure bowls are good equipment for a professional pedicurist to have on hand. Remember that you don’t have to make a hard and fast choice. There is absolutely no harm in having a collection of top quality pedicure tools for delivering the very best in individualised pedicures.

While a spa adds a lot of variety, you may find that some of your clients don’t like the idea of sharing an item of personal care equipment that has so many nooks and crannies to clean. Additionally, pedicure clients often complain that foot spas are noisy and detract from the relaxing experience.

A simple bowl is not noisy, and clients who are concerned about cleanliness will appreciate the fact that it can be completely sterilised (even put in the dishwasher). Of course, if you decide to add enhancements such as stones and shells, you must be sure to sterilise them between clients as well.

In the final analysis, it is really best to choose equipment for your profession that is easy for you to use. Always be cognizant of your clients’ wishes, and do your best to meet and exceed their expectations for a wonderful pedicure experience.

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