13 Interesting Foot Tattoos Designs And Aftercare [Pictures + Guide]

There are many reasons to get a tattoo: to show off your personality, to show love to someone, as a style statement or simply for the pleasure of it. Of all the parts of the body that people get tattooed on, surprisingly few people opt for the feet.

But a foot tattoo can be beautiful and a deeply personal part of you. Here are some of the most creative foot tattoo design ideas to inspire you. We also have a short guide on how to take care of a foot tattoo should you decide to take the plunge.

Foot tattoo designs

1. Word tattoo

word tattoo

Photo credit: tattoojosh.92

This tattoo keeps it simple but powerful. It is great for those who might prefer a text tattoo over a graphic. To give it some character and unique feel, each letter is styled beautifully, giving it an almost graphic feel. The message itself is inspiring.

2. Geometric polynesian design

polynesian tattoos

Photo credit: jlopeztattoos

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can go for something as bold as this. The tattoo covers both the foot and leg for an overwhelmingly vivid design. But the most eye-catching part is the intricacy of the floral and geometric patterns weaving among each other.

3. Bat tattoo design

bat foot tattoo

Photo credit: cherrylovesgrim

Delicate, beautiful and discreet best describes this tattoo. The four differently sized bats give it an almost haunting character which feels both beautiful and mysterious at the same time. The best part about it is that you can hide it or show it whenever you want by changing what shoes you wear.

4. Birds and flowers

bird foot tattoo

Photo credit: kaluf_p_morning

Beautiful nature in vivid colours. This colourful flora and fauna combo creates a mind-calming look while also pulling of an adventurous feel. Going way above the ankle, this is quite a bold style. There are not many ways you can hide it, making it perfect for those who want to show off their tats as often as possible.

5. Text foot tattoo

simple text foot tattoo

Photo credit: beauty.revealed.story

Another simple but incredibly powerful text tattoo or a foot pun. Though it may just be a single word, the meaning and inspiration behind it is strong. It is also the perfect choice for those who desire something minimalist and discreet.

6. Red waves

red foot tattoo

Photo credit: jessestattoos

Who said simple cannot be beautiful or colourful? This delicate floral weave makes a big statement through its light touch. The red waves and curved lines give it an unmistakable feminine look, perfect for those looking for a soft and beautiful design. Its location means you can easily hide it away whenever you want.

7. Italian tattoo

italian foot tattoo

Photo credit: luckease

You can also decide to ditch all those intricate and graphic styles for a more whimsical design. What makes it even more interesting is how it spreads across both feet for a cool, urban and unique look. Whether you want to remember someone or pass along a message, this is perfect.

8. Teapot and cake

teapot and cake

Photo credit: misscharlottecake

Nothing better than getting them done in tandem. This heady mixture of floral and vintage patterns looks both homely and cool at the same time. The tangled lines combine with the bright colours to form an urban sort-of-crazy skin art.

9. Floral tattoo

floral foot tattoo

Photo credit: tattoodotcom

Staring at this tattoo feels like being right in the middle of the biblical Garden of Eden. Trying to sort out all the different colours and flowers is an interesting visual adventure on its own. Covering almost the entire upper part of the foot, this tattoo is for the adventurous.

10. Stars design

star foot tattoo

Photo credit: maddnaz

This looks like a series of stars plucked from the night sky and weaved in among a beautiful floral pattern. The results speak for themselves; beautiful, delicate and sharp all rolled into one. It gracefully spans the foot from the ankle to just below the big toe.

11. Black rose design

black rose foot tattoo

Photo credit: blackvalleytattoo

A single twig that holds so much meaning within its wispy vines and dainty leaves. The monochromatic dark style creates an alluring mystique, as if there is much more to see beneath the simple black lines. It is perfect for those who want something discreet and easy to hide away with the right footwear.

12. Flower tattoo

flower foot tattoo

Photo credit: tattoonow_dot_com

The colour purple has never seemed so powerful and charming. It perfectly ties in with the dark shades to create a haunting sombre style. The intricate loops and patterns beneath the plumeria flowers promises of dark secrets underneath.

13. Heart foot tattoo

heart foot tattoo

Photo credit: graham_oliver_tattoo

A beautiful mum and daughter tattoo to carry the memories of the best moments together. The two parts of a single necklace forming an infinity sign, the one half of a heart; this piece is full of warm symbolism that is bound to melt any heart.

Essential tips for taking care of your foot tattoo

Getting a tattoo, especially if you are doing it for the first time, can be pretty exciting. But the taking-care-of-it part may not be as exhilarating. Foot tattoos can be especially troublesome when not taken care of properly.

The best tattoo aftercare routine will vary from one tattoo to another. Some require more special care than others while some take much longer to heal. Below are some general tips and tricks to make sure your new tattoo heals properly.

1. Let the scabs be

In a few hours, dry scabs will start forming over your tattoo. Avoid all temptation to pick these scabs. For one, they are there to protect your ‘wounds’ from germs. It is the body’s natural safety mechanism when the skin is broken.

Secondly, you might lose ink if you remove a big scab and might even have to go back for a retouch.

2. Keep the shoes away

Avoid wearing shoes for at least a couple of weeks after getting the tattoo. Shoes can cause painful friction and could even bring about an infection because of sweat and bacteria build-up. Other things to avoid during this crucial healing time are swimming and too much time in the sun.

3. Use mild soap and be gentle

It is absolutely important to keep your foot clean during this period. Wash your tattooed foot using cool water and very mild soap. Gently rub the tattoo until you stop feeling a slimy substance (plasma) on it.

4. Use an ointment or lotion

After cleaning it, it is important to keep it moist using an ointment, cream or lotion. There are many moisturising products you can apply as long as they do not contain any harsh chemicals and scents. They do not even have to be foot-specific. Stay away from petroleum jelly as it can harm and fade your tattoo.

A word of advice when applying lotion or cream; do not overdo it as it can cause your tattoo to lose some of its ink. Start by applying the first coat and slathering it evenly over the tattoo. Use a tissue to dab any excess, leaving the tattoo looking glossy and smooth.

A word of caution

If you experience redness and swelling for more than a few days, you may want to see a doctor as it could be a sign of bacterial infection.

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