Foot Reading: What Do Your Feet Say About You?

Did you know that your feet can speak volumes about you? Yes, you heard that right. Foot reading, just like palmistry, is an interesting technique that has been in use for several centuries now to help in revealing an individual’s personality traits and characters. As such, the technique entails matching various aspects of the individual’s feet such as their shape, dimensions, and toes to particular personality traits and demonstrating characters.

We researched on foot reading and below are some of the findings we thought were most fascinating. Please read on to see if you can find a match up for your feet or toe type.

feet reading

Foot reading: Types of feet and what they mean

1. The Roman Foot

Also referred to as the “Common Foot”, this is perhaps the most common type of foot you will find today. People with the Roman feet come out as outgoing and easily sociable. Besides, a majority of them are endowed with well-proportioned bodies which even show in how their toes neatly graduate in size.

Due to their outgoing nature, people with the Common Foot tend to enjoy travelling and have a penchant for new cultures. On top of it, they relish learning new things and are often open to new experiences.

2. The Square Foot

Just as the name suggests, this foot takes a blocky shape whereby the big and the little toe are nearly of the same length. People with this type of feet are considered to be very calculative when making their decisions. As such, they tend to weigh both the negatives and positives before making conclusions. For this reason, they are regarded as very practical and reliable. Indeed, owners of square feet often make very dependable friends. The Square Foot is sometimes also referred to as the “Peasant Foot”.

3. The Greek Foot

Also known as the “Flame Foot” or the “Fire Foot”, this foot feature a comparatively longer second toe than other toes. So, what does it mean for owners of such feet? First, people with the Greek Foot tend to be sportier as well as highly creative. Besides, they are often open to new ideas and can also be welcoming to new people. Due to these traits, the Greek-footed are considered to be superb motivators and often make great leaders.

However, on the downside, owners of this foot tend to be quite impulsive which makes them prone to occasional stresses.

4. The Stretched Foot

Some of the outstanding features of this foot include toes that are tightly fused together with the big toe slightly pointed upwards. Besides, the foot looks quite elongated and with a slim shape. People with this type of feet tend to be secretive and love keeping their personal spaces. Additionally, most are moody and sometimes impulsive.

What your toes say about you

1. Big toe

If your big toe is way longer than your other toes or maybe it’s even overlapping some of them, chances are high that you’re a creative and sharp thinker. On the hand, people with comparatively smaller toes tend to be amazing multi-taskers.

2. Second toe

The length of the second toe is considered to be directly proportional to an individual’s leadership qualities. As such, the longer the toe, the higher the chances of that person making a great leader. Additionally, longer second toes denote resourcefulness and dynamism.

Conversely, people with short second toes tend to value harmony and peaceful correlations with others.

3. Third toe

Longer third toes signify resourcefulness and energy while comparatively shorter third toes show that an individual loves enjoying the pleasures of life.

4. Fourth toe

If your fourth toe is relatively longer than other toes, it indicates that you value your family quite highly. As such, you’re happy when your family is thriving and are equally affected when all is not well within the family. You’re a keen nurturer and listener. You also find it hard to disentangle yourself from other people’s problems.

The opposite is true for people with shorter fourth toes.

5. Little toe

If you have small little toes, chances are high that you quickly get bored by routines and are thus constantly looking for more exciting diversions. Besides, you tend to shy away from responsibilities and can also be mischievous. On the upside, people love keeping your company due to your witty and sociable nature.

Other exciting secrets that your toes reveal about you

1. Ability to wiggle the little toe

If you’re capable of wiggling your little toe separately from the fourth toe, then you possibly enjoy adventure and have a charming flirt. Conversely, people who cannot do the same are considered predictable and loyal. Indeed, those who cannot wiggle their small toes make excellent life partners.

2. Second toe with a narrow base and wide tip

People with second toes with these features tend to be very communicative. As such, if they are the good-mood type, then you’re safe being around them. If otherwise, you better stay far from them.

3. Third toe tilted and pointed towards the little toe

People with such third toes are good planners and often highly organised in virtually everything they do.

4. Toes with unusually long necks

This category of people tends to be very expressive.

5. Massive toe pads

If your toes are heavily padded, then you’re possibly a deep thinker and also equally calculative.

6. Gap between second and third toe

People with a gap between their second and third toes are excellent at managing their emotions. As such, most can separate their emotions from the task at hand or when dealing with different people.

Additional information about foot reading

1. Wide feet

If you have wide feet (and need wide fit shoes or sandals), you’re a naturally a hard worker and hate idling around. Besides, you’re almost always on the move.

2. Arches

People with high arches tend to be self-sufficient and independent. On the other hand, those with low or average arches are sociable and value the company of others.

3. Long narrow feet

People in this category love to delegate their duties. As such, they make excellent managers.

4. Hard skin formed at the outside of your heel

People with cracked heels tend to be insecure and are often unsure about facing their future.

Wrap up

So, does any of these ring true for you? Please feel free to share your findings with us here.

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