Foot Massage Techniques For Pedicure

Our feet often get neglected, don’t they? Which is a shame, because they deserve as much love as the rest of our bodies!

With this in mind, why not get learning about foot massage techniques for pedicures? This way your feet get some love, and they get to be tidied up a little too.

Foot Massage Techniques For Pedicures

Foot Massage Techniques For Pedicure

A pedicure is a luxurious, relaxing treatment that should leave your feet looking – and feeling – like a million dollars.

It’s not only the pretty colours that you can choose for your toenails, but also the techniques used to soak and massage the feet themselves.

  • Generally, your feet and lower legs will be soaked and exfoliated, in some lovely warm water that often has essential oils added.
  • The whole foot will be massaged, using strong movements of the fingers and hands (if you have sensitive feet, be sure to tell your therapist before they start!)
  • The ankles and lower calves will also be gently massaged, as stimulating the blood flow will have a good effect on the whole foot.

What Kind Of Massage Is Used For Pedicure?

Every pedicure is different, as is every massage. As you probably know, there are many different kinds of pedicures, and each will use slightly different techniques.

Your standard pedicure massage involves rubbing the feet, ankles and calves with basic massage techniques. This is incredibly relaxing and good for your body!

This standard technique, in case you were wondering, is called effleurage, and it involves a repeated stroking movements made with the palms of the hands.

You can also get more specialised pedicure massages, such as an aromatherapy massage that uses specific oils to enhance your experience.

Hot stone massages are very popular, and they can be used as a pedicure massage technique too – the feet seem to respond particularly well to this!

A paraffin pedicure is becoming more widespread; this one is great for those with particularly dry or cracked feet.

For the sporty types, why not try a specialist athletic pedicure? It will focus on the areas of the feet that work the hardest at your chosen sport.

Whatever kind of pedicure you decide to go for, you will definitely notice a whole host of benefits – not least the enjoyable relaxation!

What Are The Two Main Pedicure Massage Benefits?

Getting a massage anywhere on your body, provided the person doing it is good at it, is a wonderful thing that can help in many ways.

Relaxing is essential for our mental health, so giving yourself some dedicated time to do just that is very good for you.

The exfoliation of the skin is very good for clearing away dead skin cells and for encouraging rejuvenation of the skin.

Massage stimulates the circulation, which can lead to stronger, healthier nails, smoother skin and a general feeling of more energy.

A foot massage can also help to relieve the symptoms of back pain – there is not enough good stuff to say about getting a pedicure massage!

Pedicure massage can help to deal with any foot problems you may have – it reduces the chance of your nails developing problems caused by poor hygiene.

As with any treatment that you undertake, ensure the person doing it is qualified and reputable, so that you get the best experience possible.

What’s The Healthiest Pedicure To Get?

Pretty much any pedicure is a good pedicure, right? Yes, that is definitely true – but there are a few out there that are considered stand-out in terms of being good for your feet.

  • A paraffin pedicure will work wonders at softening and moisturising your feet. Melted paraffin wax is spread over a thick layer of moisturiser then peeled off, leaving super soft skin.
  • Hot stone pedicures involve all sorts of yummy essential oils, then a really good, deep hot stone massage working on your foot’s pressure points.
  • Champagne is not just for drinking! It can also be used a luxurious pedicure treatment that will leave your feet feeling truly pampered.
  • A herbal pedicure uses carefully selected, all-natural products made from botanicals, to give you the best, healthiest pedicure there is.
  • CBD is increasingly popular these days, and yes, it can be used in pedicures too! The CBD oil can help to soothe aches and pains, as well as making the skin super soft.

The great thing about all these different kinds of pedicure is that you can pick and choose the best one for you – at the same time as enjoying the journey to find your favourite.

If you’re a little confused about using stones in massage, have a look at this video explaining how to do it:

What Should You Not Do During A Pedicure?

Having a pedicure from a professional is similar to getting a haircut – that person is there doing a job, and they appreciate being treated like a human!

  • Don’t be rude. No one wants to be treated like dirt, even when they are dealing with feet.
  • Don’t spend the whole time on your phone. You don’t have to make conversation if you don’t want to, but acting as though the therapist isn’t even in the room is a big no no.
  • Don’t eat. Not only do you risk getting crumbs all over the therapist, it can affect the massage that is going on, and might even make you feel nauseous.
  • Don’t stand up too quickly. Any massage therapy can make you feel a little light headed, so take your time once it’s done.
  • Don’t apologise for your feet. A pedicurist has seen it all before, and they won’t be judging you even if your toenails are long and your legs are unshaven!

A pedicure is a really good way of giving your body some extra pampering – and it’s good for you too!

Now that you have a better idea of foot massage techniques for pedicures, you can get out there and find the best one for you and your treasured toes.

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