Foot Jewellery: 11 Fun And Flirty Ways To Enhance The Look Of Your Feet

Foot jewellery is back, and for most of us, they never were out of style. These versatile pieces, often worn to embellish your feet, are the ideal ornaments for girls all over the world. They not only enhance the beauty of a woman, but also her health.

Surprised? Well, it’s true. Every ornament or foot tattoo that you wear affects your health in one way or the other. And now that celebrities like Rihanna have made it a staple, you can’t possibly be left out.

Our latest collection is chock-full of options for those of you looking for beautiful foot accessories that look and feel great on your feet. So whether you’re looking for barefoot jewelry, gold foot jewelry, or foot jewelry for beach wedding, say hello to these super-cute and super-affordable babies.

1. Silver Plated Anklet Chain with a Design to Die For

Beach Tassel Barefoot Sandal Foot Turquoise Jewelry

Here’s an anklet that’s less glam and more girl-next-door. A classic from DIY’s collection, this silver-tone anklet is a hip accessory with exclusive design and unique structure that’s ideally suited to complement all your style choices. You are sure to give off a princess vibe.

2. About 25 Inches of Manmade Cotton Knit Beauty

Barefoot Sandals Beach Wedding

This ankle bracelet is a minimalist’s dream. Embellished with cute cotton strands, it’s a charming take on the usual silver anklets. And of course, you can wear it on its own or with other foot accessories for a bolder appearance. It will bring your natural beauty and give your feet an edgy look.

3. Lovely Nails Complimented With Pearl Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry

For the girls who know what’s what, these delicate pearl barefoot sandals will add a little torque to your look. Made from imitation pearl, its design is adjustable, meaning it will guarantee a perfect fit. Be prepared to rock it on the beach, at the greensward and at outdoor weddings. You will definitely kill the look.

4. Two Words – Simply Amazing

Beach Tibetan Daisy Foot Chain

An interesting take on the usual hoops, Rongxinuk has applied their bold aesthetic to create this extremely wearable ankle bracelet. Threaded with attractive alloy, this unique anklet chain is bestowed with high-gloss dangling beads and a simple closure. They are approximately 22cm in length and are lightweight for all day wear.

5. Rhinestone Crystal Toe Rings are the Bomb

Rhinestone Crystal Ankle Bracelet

With cute silver plated metals and bold rhinestones, this is a first-rate timepiece at a relatively affordable price. It comes with a ring, which makes it versatile without compromising beauty. Not only can it be worn on your feet, but also on your hands. Thoughtful, stylish and useful – what more could you ask for?

6. Cute Feet Rocking an Ankle Bracelet with Boho Beads

Adjustable Anklet Boho Beads Anklets Bracelet

Boho beads automatically raise the bar with their unique, elegant beauty. Plus, the fresh blue colour gives it an edge over other accessories. You will definitely make a statement with this anklet regardless of when and where you wear it.

7. But Why Do You Look Too Gorgeous?

Rhinestone Crystal Ankle Bracelet Crochet Anklets

A piece that can sparkle on its own or in combination with other foot accessories, the Rhinestone ankle bracelet is a spot-on stud. It comes in your choice of silver- all adorned with cute oval-shaped flowers. What’s more? You can wear it on your feet or your hands. How is that for attention to your needs?

8. Sterling Silver Beauty

Sterling Silver Toe Ring

A romantic gift for a romantic occasion, this elegant piece is a stylish charm toe ring. Anchored in a round arch, the piece is beautifully manicured to embellish your feet and enhance your beauty. Beauty and luxury in one item? Worth every penny.

9. Simply Fits Right

Sterling Silver Toe Ring

Plain and simple, this bright silver toe ring is not only comfortable but also really cute and quirky. You’ll appreciate the fact that it’s neither too thin nor too thick- just the perfect fit for your toes. And they are nothing short of glorious.

10. Cute and Gorgeous Elephant Design Toe Ring

Sterling Silver Adjustable Toe Ring

Possibly the highlight of this jewellery list, the elephant design toe ring perfectly embodies simplicity. Made from sterling silver, the adjustable toe ring twists unto itself to create a self-sufficient closure. It’s just one of those things you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

11. Wow It’s Just Lovely

Sterling Silver Adjustable Intricate Scrolled Band Toe Ring

This intricate band toe ring is the real expression of uncompromising quality and feminine appeal. It expresses luxury which indeed stands out from a mile away. Made from sterling silver, it’s perfect for girls who prefer a piece that’s neither too big nor too small. You can bet it’s also a fantastic gift for family and friends.

Bottom Line: You can never go wrong with foot jewellery. They have every aspect of sensual, playful and romantic. You’ll definitely look gorgeous.

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