Why Do We Get Dry Skin Between Toes?

Why should we take a closer look at our feet? Taking a closer look at your feet when you come out of the shower or bath could prevent common foot care problems. It will help to prevent fungal infections and spot foot care problems earlier.

Many common foot care problems may not start on the foot directly. They can start in between the toes, and unless we take a look closer look at our feet, we may not even spot them. Dry skin between toes is just one such problem which often goes ignored. In itself, dry skin in between toes is not a health hazard, but it can lead to other problems.

How do I know if I have dry skin in between toes?

dry skin in between toes

Symptoms of dry skin between toes may include itching toes and a feeling of thickness in between the toes. Lack of circulation is one factor that makes dry skin itch, but if you are unfortunate, it can be more to it than that. Conditions such as fungal infections can quickly take hold in between the toes, and any type of fungal infection will make the skin itch.

Dry and cracked skin in between the toes can also indicate more serious conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Psoriasis in between toes is not so unusual and it can once again be easy to miss if we don’t take a closer look. Foot eczema is likely to spread rapidly, Catching it early means you can start an effective treatment before it spreads to the front of the foot, or back of the toes.

Psoriasis in between toes

One of the most common places for psoriasis to start on the foot is between the toes. You will notice a flakiness which feels very much like dry skin. The flakiness is often accompanied by intense redness and cracked skin. The problem with any kind of psoriasis is that the skin “believes” it is a normal condition. Curing psoriasis in between the toes means using a range of treatments. One singular treatment may only remain effective for a week or a couple of weeks.

Natural foot care treatments for Psoriasis

Natural treatments for psoriasis in between the toes are more effective as they can be used on a long-term basis. Conventional treatments are known to cause the skin to dry out further, and this is the one thing you should try to avoid when you suffer from any kind of psoriasis.

To treat psoriasis, you should avoid treatments containing any kind of parabens. They will make the conditions worse as they stay on top of the skin, and are less easily absorbed by the skin. The trick is to stay ahead of the condition, and it is a good idea to have a range of treatments at hand.

  • Honey – a foot care cream containing honey is not only an excellent remedy for psoriasis, but can treat dry skin between toes in general. Honey has amazing healing qualities and at the same time, it is both antibacterial and anti-fungal. It has long been used to treat psoriasis and can reduce the associated inflammation in a matter of hours.
  • Hemp seed oil – hemp seed oil is another go to treatment for dry skin and psoriasis. Hemp seed oil is strongly anti-inflammatory and has the unique quality of improving circulation to the upper layers of the skin. It is best not to use it on the skin directly, but as part of a foot care cream, hemp seed oil makes an excellent treatment solution.

Avoid perfumed lotions between toes

The area between our toes is one of the most sensitive areas of the entire foot. You should not try to rub it, and when you do discover dry skin, you are better to treat the area gently with a good quality foot cream. Pay particular attention to the skin in between the toes after you have used a public swimming pool. Fungal infections can easily develop and spread. Some foot soaks can also be used as creams and applied after a swim.

If you do suffer from psoriasis in between the toes, remember to vary your treatments. Use one remedy for one week, and then move on and use the other one the next week. This is an excellent way of reducing the occurrence of psoriasis not only between the toes but also on other parts of the body.

Dry skin between toes can mean contact eczema. In that case, it is crucial you find out what is causing the condition. Avoiding the substance which is causing the eczema is the best way to cure any kind of eczema. Highly perfumed lotions can trigger a reaction and the use of natural solutions is always best.

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