Can Foot Massage Cause Back Pain?

A foot massage is a wonderful thing – relaxing and comfortable… Unless, that is, it causes pain elsewhere in your body! Can foot massage cause back pain?

You are not the first person to wonder this, so we are going to look into this, and the reasons why it sometimes happens – and what you can do to prevent it, so you can enjoy a foot rub with the best of them!

Can Foot Massage Cause Back Pain?

Can Foot Massage Cause Back Pain

It may seem as though these two parts of the body are as far away from each other as they can be, but in truth, feet and backs are definitely connected.

In Reflexology (the practice of treating the whole body via different parts of the feet), you can see exactly which body parts correspond to which parts of the feet.

A foot massage can cause – or awaken – some back pain, if you have problems with your back. It can also help to solve them, thankfully!

You may not even know that you have back problems before you go to your foot massage appointment – but if you feel any back pain afterwards then it’s definitely worth getting checked out.

A foot massage can definitely help with back pain, but if you notice that it has worsened since you had a foot massage, a trip to the doctor or chiropractor might be in order.

What Are The Side Effects Of Foot Massage?

Foot massage is generally incredibly safe, can be very good for the body, and should give you no unwanted side effects.

However, some people report feeling a little tired after a session with a trained foot masseur.

You may also experience a lightheaded feeling, or even get a little dizzy if you stand up too fast after a treatment.

In some cases, flu-like symptoms may occur – this is because the massage can help body the body to flush out toxins.

Some people experience foot tenderness after a foot massage – just give yourself a little time to adjust and take it easy!

You may experience frequent urination and bowel movements – again, this is because the body is working hard to expel toxins.

Any side effects that you get from a foot massage should be pretty mild, and will generally resolve themselves in a day or two. However, if the symptoms continue then check in with your doctor.

Is Foot Massage Good For Back Pain?

Because different areas of the foot correspond to different parts of the body, you can definitely improve back pain by getting a foot massage.

If you get yourself a really good reflexologist, they can help you to pinpoint and target the source of your back pain, and help to get rid of it.

There are pressure points on your feet that are linked to your parasympathetic nervous system, and if these are stimulated correctly, your back pain should ease considerably.

Get yourself a really good foot masseur, and you may very well find that your lower back pain becomes a thing of the pasty!

Alternatively, you can have a go yourself – simply roll a tennis ball back and forth under the soles of your feet.

There are also a great many specialist foot massage machines that you can get and keep at home; some of them are a bit more pricey but definitely a worthwhile investment.

A trained and qualified reflexologist is your best bet, but you can also have a go at your own home foot massage while you’re waiting for your appointment!

Here’s an interesting article discussing the effects reflexology can have on back pain.

What Part Of The Foot Affects The Back?

Your back is a fairly large part of your body, and as such there are different parts of the foot that affect different parts of the back

The entire inside edge of the foot, from the base of the big toe to the base of the heel, corresponds to the length of the spine.

You can easily give yourself a little foot massage at home, if you are having a hard time getting an appointment with a specialist:

  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit down, and make sure you can take your foot in your hands with ease (if not, ask someone else to do this for you).
  • Find the inner edge of the arch of your foot – we’re talking about the area between the base of the big toe and the heel of your foot.
  • Press your thumbs up and down that inner edge of the sole, alternating from one to the other.
  • Try to concentrate your efforts on the area where your back pain in the worst – upper, middle or lower.

If you suffer from upper back and shoulder pain, you should be focusing on the inner edge, from the base of the big toe to the middle of your foot.

For middle back pain, work on the middle section of the inner edge of your foot.

Lower back pain can be altered by applying pressure on the inner sole, between the middle of the foot and the heel.

If you like a visual, check out this video that shows you a great way to massage feet to focus on back pain:

Can Foot And Back Pain Be Connected?

In a word, yes! Your entire body is connected, and although it may seem strange, certain types of back problems can be very noticeably felt in the feet.

For example, if you have a herniated disc, where the pads between the vertebrae are swollen, will pinch the spinal nerve and send pain all the way into your feet.

The sciatic nerve is another one that extends right down into your feet, so if you suffer from sciatica then you will almost certainly notice foot pain.

Sudden sharp, stabbing pains in the feet that come with certain movements can also be linked to spinal problems.

The good news is that once you identify the problem you can start to fix it, so get yourself a good back person!

You can also address the problems in the back by identifying problems in the feet, so a good reflexologist is also a great idea.

So there you have it – all the ins and outs of foot massage and back pain. Hopefully now you are a little reassured if you have experienced this.

Remember that treating pain in parts of the body should always be done by a trusted professional – don’t risk causing yourself more problems!

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