Best Wide Fit Sandals: Buying Guide And Recommendations

The shoe store can be brutal for those of us with wide feet. Getting a pair of sandals that fits just right without pinching you is a challenge.

But worry not, we have some great recommendations for you. We went out and looked for high quality sandals designed specifically for ladies with wide and/or swollen feet. We have included a variety of styles from formal sandals to casual ones for spending the weekend in.

If you want to look beyond our recommendations, we have included a must-have UK buying guide. It will help you buy the right sandals with the perfect fit and style.

1. Ladies Cushion Walk Wide E Fit Leather Lined Wedge Sandals

fashionable wide fitting shoes

Available in a dozen colours, this wedge is conservative enough for formal use but still laid back enough for casual wear. The leather lining is very comfortable and lasts long without any deterioration.

The synthetic sole material is designed with a nice Cork effect that adds some sparkle to the otherwise plain style.

Key features

  • Simple hook and loop closure that makes it easy to put the sandals on and take them off.
  • Stylish wedge heel that fits in whether you are in a formal or casual environment.
  • Great comfortable fit for those with wider-than-usual feet.

2. Ladies Faux Leather Cushion EEE Wide Fit Sandals

extra wide sandals

Wondering what to wear when summer rolls in? These extra wide sandals are perfect for summer parties, shopping excursions and parties.

They have an alluring summery style with a block heel to give you some height. The EEE sign indicates they are extra wide, making them perfect for those whom slim or even normal-sized shoes cannot fit.

Key features

  • Super comfortable with plenty of toe and heel room. You can spend all day in them without getting pinched or developing blisters.
  • Easy hook and loop closure. It takes only a few seconds to fit them on or take them off.
  • Cool style, perfect for casual use including weddings, parties and street wear.

3. JWF Wide Fit Scoop Wedge Open Toe Sandals

wide fit wedge sandals

What’s your favourite colour? Is it orange, blue or black? You can get these wide fit sandals in either of these colours. If one colour is not enough, get all three to match your outfit on any day.

They are an E fit (meaning wide) so you can expect a large room for your toes and heels. The soft inner lining and cushioned foot bed are really comfortable ensuring you can stay in them all day without any discomfort.

Key features

  • Very comfortable thanks to a soft textile lining and cushioned foot bed.
  • Easy and quick closure method.
  • A well designed wedge platform perfect for summer events.

4. New Look Ladies Strappy Wide Fit Wedge Leather Sandals

wide fit wedges

These sandals are the perfect definition of strappy. The intricately designed straps will catch your eye immediately. Go out in them and your are bound to stand out.

Both the outer and inner materials are leather, ensuring all-day comfort and longevity. The wedge heel combined with the scoop design gives the sandals a cool casual style. You can wear them to the beach, wedding or a friend’s party.

Key features

  • A unique design consisting of looping straps and a scooped wedge platform.
  • The wide fit and leather material make for a comfortable wear all day long.
  • Easy and quick buckle closure.

5. Ladies Padders EEEE Leather Sandals

ladies wide fit sandals

With a flat heel and casual design, these EEEE (extra wide) sandals are perfect for spending the day at home. You can also wear them to the beach or when going shopping.

The leather lining and upper are really comfortable and ensure the sandals last long. You can adjust the fit of these sandals using the three Velcro straps at the front middle and rear.

Key features

  • Can be adjusted to fit different feet sizes.
  • Very comfortable especially for warm weather.
  • Easy Velcro closure. You can quickly slip them on and off.

How to buy wide fit sandals

It goes without saying that the first thing you should check is the size. Specifically, check how wide the sandals are. D represents standard width. A single E indicates a wide fit. Double E means an extra wide fit. Six Es indicate an Ultra Wide fit.

Measure your foot size to determine which size is perfect for you. Use the widest part of your foot to measure how wide your feet are. If you are not sure, look for sandals with an adjustable width such as the last one mentioned above.

Buying the right size goes a long way in ensuring that the sandals will be comfortable. Other factors that determine comfort include toe room, foot bed and lining.

Look for sandals with a wide enough foot bed that will ensure your toes are not pinched. A comfortable pair of sandals should also have a cushioned foot bed to absorb shock as you walk or stand. This is especially important for those who spend hours on their feet either walking or standing.

As for the lining, leather is often the preferred material. It is durable, comfortable and keeps your feet fresh even in warm weather.

Finally, look at the style. The best sandal design will depend on your needs and preferences. The first thing to determine is what you want the sandals for. Are they for wearing to the office, casual events or both?

Some styles are formal enough that you can wear to the office while others have a nice cool design that would stand out in a party. You can also buy sandals that are perfect for both environments. In our recommendations you will find sandals that are great for whichever situation you have in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are wide-fit sandals?

These are sandals that are wider than normal. They are meant for people with feet wider than usual (or swollen feet) for whom standard and slim sized sandals would be uncomfortable.

Q: How do I know whether a sandal is wide-fit?

Look at the manufacturer’s size description. They will either specify it is a wide-fit shoe or will use markings such as E, EE, EEE and so on. The more the Es the wider the sandals. It is a good idea to measure your own feet so that you can buy the perfect size.

Q: Are wide fit sandals good for pregnancy?

Yes, they are. Many pregnant women experience swollen feet especially during the later trimesters. Switching to wide fit sandals keeps your feet comfortable and allows you to stay active without hurting your feet.

Q: Where can I buy wide fit sandals?

You’ll get a wide variety of wide fit sandals on Amazon UK ranging from casual flat sandals to formal wedge and platform sandals.

If you don’t want to buy online, check your local supermarket, fashion store or specialty shoe store. Prices may be slightly higher in brick and mortar stores, but you can try shoes right there to get a perfect fit.

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