Best At-Home Treatment Methods For Verruca Warts

Also referred to as plantar warts, verrucas are common skin conditions that mainly affects the sole of your feet. While they may not be necessarily painful, they are often unsightly and embarrassing to have. However, with an effective verruca treatment method, these warts are easy to manage. By treating them, you not only prevent them from multiplying but also from spreading to others.

Looking for the best verruca treatments? You may want to check the following three best-rated products which you can use at home.

Top 3 best verruca treatment reviews

1. Verrugon Complete

Containing salicylic acid as its active ingredient, Verrugon Complete works by overhydrating the verruca cells, eventually causing them to burst and die off. The creamy nature of the treatment makes it easy to use. Once you purchase the pack, you will be given plasters, a file, and an ointment which is all you need for effective removal of warts.

best verruca treatment

Usage instructions

  • Apply the gel on the affected area.
  • Cover the area with plaster. Let it stay for 24 hours.
  • File off any dead skin upon removing the plaster.
  • Repeat this procedure for between 8-12 weeks after which the verruca will have cleared up.

When used properly, one tube of this product should last you a month. And the best part? Verrugon Complete is priced very reasonably while still offering some of the best results compared to most others on the current market. Indeed, the product is our favourite verruca treatment as regards performance.

2. Cuplex Gel

Cuplex Gel is best suited for swimmers and children affected by verruca warts. Containing two active ingredients, salicylic acid (11%) and lactic acid (4%), this gel works by drowning the verruca cells while also disintegrating the skin around them. Cuplex Gel can also be used to treat corns and callus.

how to remove warts

Usage instructions

  • Apply the gel to the affected area and let it stay for 24 hours.
  • Peel away the old coat and reapply. Repeat this procedure till the verruca disappears.
  • File the warts on a weekly basis to speed up treatment.

Cuplex Gel is easy to apply and forms a waterproof finish upon drying. This, therefore, means that you do not have to use plasters with this treatment. The gel is available at an affordable price with the 5g package likely to last you a few months depending on the number and size of the verrucas being treated.

3. Wartner Wart and Verruca Removal Pen

The Wartner Verruca Removal Pen is arguably one of the most effective verruca removal product you will find on the market today. Unlike most other verruca treatment options that contain salicylic acid, this gels has a stronger Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as its active ingredient. TCA works by peeling away layers of skin affected by verruca and consequently killing any verruca cell lying beneath it.

wart removal

Usage instructions

  • Apply the gel on the affected skin using a pen provided as part of the package. The pen has 12 interchangeable tips for application.
  • Apply the gel twice a day. After every application, leave it for 15 minutes to allow the skin to absorb the paste.
  • Typically, it should take about a week for you to realise significant results.

Verruca treatment guide

How to buy the right verruca treatment

Buying over-the-counter verruca treatment products can be a daunting task for anyone due to the numerous options available on the market today. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few valuable tips to help you make better decisions when looking for the best verruca treatment. So what are the factors you should consider when buying the best wart removal?


When looking for a verruca treatment, you will want to buy a product that contains key ingredients for wart removal. Acids are considered to be most effective in verruca treatment. However, if one method fails, do not hesitate to try out an alternative product that contains other active ingredients.


A majority of verruca treatments today are available as either gels or liquids. You may want to look for a brush or pen for use when applying the products especially if you want to avoid touching the treatment with bare hands.

Treatment duration

Some treatments take only a few weeks while others may take several months to clear your verruca warts. However, it’s important to note that a few factors may also determine how fast your condition heals including the size of the wart as well as its severity.


To avoid spreading verruca warts to others, it’s often recommended that one covers them using plaster or other waterproof materials (especially when accessing shared facilities such as swimming pools or showers). Apart from this, having a seal can help quicken the healing process as it prevents the coating from getting removed or washed away easily.


A majority of verruca treatments are reasonably priced going for between £5 and £15. However, some are more economical than others depending on their package size or the amount needed per each application.

Why you should treat your verruca

Verruca warts can be stubborn to treat especially if they are not treated properly and using the right products. On the other hand, the condition can in some cases go away even without treatment. However, most are the times you will need to seek treatment and here is why.

Warts can cause foot pain

While most verruca warts are not painful, the hardened skin that forms around them can cause foot pain. The pain mostly comes from constant pressure and friction generated when one is in motion.

Treatment prevents warts from spreading

Verruca warts can quickly spread from one person to another which is why they should be treated as soon as possible. Besides, early treatment prevents them from spreading to other areas of your feet.

Can cause embarrassment

If you’re planning to show off your feet in sandals at the beaches this coming summer, you will want to avoid having those ugly, sore warts beneath your feet.

Warts may make it difficult to wear certain footwear

This is mainly dependent on the location of the verruca on your feet. For example, if they occur between your toes, wearing flip flops or strappy sandals can be a nightmare for you.

Medical treatment options for verruca warts

1. Acid treatment

The most common ingredient used by podiatrists for this treatment method is 70% salicylic acid. Often, you will be required to cover the area using plaster for three days. Subsequently, you will need to use the application on a weekly basis until the condition clears up. Acid treatment method has about 70 percent success rate.

2. Cryotherapy

This method entails the use of common freezing agents to kill the verruca cells by way of freezing. Some of the popular agents include carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. A majority of people will find this method a little unpleasant for a start. It has a success rate of about 80 percent.

3. Prescription ointments

These ointments are rarely prescribed since most have side effects such as causing skin burns and staining. Indeed, most specialists offer them as a last resort. Most topical creams in this category contain various active ingredients such as formaldehyde, silver nitrate, and glutaraldehyde.

Popular home remedies for verruca warts

Duct tape

For this method, you will need to cover the verruca with a thick duct tape for about one week. At the end of that week, you are to file away the wart. Repeat this process for about two months or until the wart clears up.

The concept behind this method is to limit the amount of oxygen reaching the verruca while also waterlogging their cells. This leads to their death.

Banana skins

This method involves placing a banana peel (while facing upside down) on a wart and covering it using a duct tape. You will need to replace the peel every day for quicker results. Usually, it takes several weeks to realise significant results. It’s believed that banana peels contain certain ingredients that help to speed up the destruction of verruca wart cells.


Considering that apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, it is no surprising to see why this natural product is popularly used to treat warts. As such, you will need to apply the vinegar to the wart every day until it’s gone.

How to avoid getting verruca warts in swimming pools

Swimming pools are some of the riskiest areas where you’re likely to catch a verruca infection. As such, we’ve listed a few swimming tips on how to avoid spreading or catching the virus while there.

Wear a waterproof plaster

This will bar your feet from getting into contact with water or vice-versa.

Use waterproof treatment

Often discreet, this treatment forms a barrier between the wart and the ground thereby meaning you do not spread it to others.

Wear swimming socks

While they may not be discreet, these waterproof latex socks offer a great way to avoid spreading verrucas to others.

Pool slippers

These slippers will help to prevent you from catching verruca from the edges of a swimming pool or public showers.

Frequently asked questions

What causes Verruca warts and are they contagious?

These warts are caused by a virus. You get them if you touch a verruca wart on someone’s skin or use contaminated objects such as towels, socks and shoes.

Are verruca warts painful?

Typically, no. Most people seek treatment because the warts are unsightly or itchy, not because they are painful.

If you develop painful verruca warts, see your GP for treatment. Otherwise, you can use an over the counter gel, ointment or spray.

How long do verruca warts take to heal?

Most cases of verruca warts will disappear on their own after several months. Even if you use treatment, it can still take several weeks for them to completely disappear.

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