Best UV Nail Lamp: Reviews And Recommendations

What is UV nail lamp?

A UV nail lamp emits a specific UV light wavelength, which is responsible for curing gel polish. Depending on the bulb wattage, the intensity of UV light released tends to vary. Hence, if the lamp has more bulbs, the UV intensity is also greater, which impacts the speed of curing the gel.

Compared to LED nail lamps that are superior in terms of performance and speed, UV nail lamps are cheaper while still providing results you need.

Reviews of the best UV nail lamps

If you are in the market for a quality UV nail lamp, then the following are some of your best options.

1. UV Nail Lamp by Proxima Direct

36w uv nail lampCuring gel nail polish should no longer take more than a few minutes with the help of this UV nail lamp.

Proxima Direct offers this professional nail lamp that can instantly cure nail varnish and gel polish.

To speed up the entire process of drying nails, the lamp’s inner walls come with reflective layers that allow UV light to penetrate into your nails.

Getting started into using this tool is easy, and you only need to plug it in, press the button, and the lamp is ready for use.

If you wish, you may purchase another color of the lamp, which is available in pink.

2. UV Gel Nail Dryer by NailStar

best uv nail lampOne of the leading brands of nail lamp in the market, this product by NailStar is designed to give your nails superior quality results all the time.

It is suitable for home or salon use, and you can bring it along during your travels.

It has a light, compact and portable design, which makes it easy taking it with you in your handy beauty kit.

Lastly, you can choose from different timer modes at 120 and 180 seconds for fast-drying process after applying gel nail polish.

Items included in the package are the instruction manual, 4 pieces of 9-watt bulbs and the 36-watt UV lamp.

3. Mylee UV Lamp Light

mylee nail lampMylee features this top-of-the-line UV nail lamp that you can use to achieve stunning-looking nails at the comfort of your home.

This product is compatible with other brands of gel nail polish such as OPI, CND Shellac, Gelish and Bluesky.

In addition, this UV nail lamp features constant timers that are turned on permanently, as well as 120-second auto fixed timer.

Hence, you can select your preferred time for curing your nails the fastest way possible.

Whether you intend to use the lamp on drying polish on your toes or fingernails, this tool works just as expected.

4. DNA Induction-Powered UV Nail Dryer

uv gel nail lampRecognized by salons and professionals, this UV nail lamp works with popular nail polish brands including Bluesky, Gelish and CND Shellac.

This UV nail dryer is induction-powered, and it offers two curing modes such as the 120-second timer and the constant timer.

You can be sure that this piece of equipment will last for a longer period, thanks to its built-in type of heat exhaust.

Most importantly, it comes with four powerful and professional 9-watt UV bulbs for quick and excellent results.

However, be sure to purchase replacement bulbs that are compatible with this tool by checking its key specs.

5. Amos UV Lamp Nail Dryer

uv nail lamp reviewsGet professional quality results on your manicure with this UV nail dryer by Amos.

It makes the entire process of curing nail polish quicker and easier, which is perfect when you are in a rush to get to work or prepare for a party with friends.

This nail lamp features ultra-powerful bulbs that dry gel polish in as fast as two minutes.

In fact, you can choose between the manual or auto timer, depending on the requirements indicated on your nail polish or nail varnish bottle.

Additional items are included in this product such as the cuticle trimmer and pusher, as well as a 4-in-1 buffer for your nails.

Treat yourself to sophisticated-looking nails whenever you feel like it with the best UV nail lamp for home or salon use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a UV nail lamp?

Prepare your nails by cleaning them and removing the old nail polish. If necessary, shape your nails using a nail file.

Apply a very thin layer of the gel polish base coat being careful not to get any on your cuticle. If your UV nail lamp has a timer, set it to 2 minutes and place your fingers underneath the lamp. If you have an LED lamp, you only need 30 seconds to cure your nails.

Apply the gel polish colour and place fingers again under the UV lamp to cure the second coat. Dark colours need about 3 minutes while lighter colours cure in 2 minutes. If using an LED lamp, 30 seconds are enough.

Apply the gel polish top coat and cure for 2 minutes if using a UV lamp or 30 second for an LED lamp.

To protect your skin from the UV light, especially if you are using a UV lamp, wear fingerless gloves such that only your nails are exposed to the UV light.

2. What is the best wattage for UV nail lamp?

Wattage is not an important factor to consider when choosing a UV nail lamp. Wattage indicates how much electricity the bulb uses, not how well it cures gel polish.

Most UV nail lamps have a wattage of 36 or 54. They all work well enough. Just don’t go too low. A 10W UV nail lamp may have trouble curing certain types of gel polishes.

3. What is the difference between a UV and an LED nail lamp?

LED lamps cure gel polish way faster than traditional UV nail lamps. While a UV lamp takes 2-3 minutes to cure gel polish, an LED lamp takes 30-45 seconds.

While LED lamps cost more than UV nail lamps, they don’t need bulb replacement. UV bulbs, on the other hand, need to be replaced regularly, which adds to the cost of owning a UV nail lamp.

The biggest advantage of having a UV nail lamp is that it can cure all types of gel polishes, even those designed for curing with LED lamps.

LED nail lamps can only cure LED-specific gel nail polishes.


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