Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day For Women

For a lot of women, a normal workday involves spending most of your time standing up. Hours of standing on your feet is bound to be uncomfortable if not downright painful. By the end of the day, your feet and leg muscles are sore.

In the long term, the constant pressure could result in a variety of health problems. All of this is made worse if you have the wrong shoes on. The right pair of footwear can make a huge difference to your comfort and long term health.

Here are the top five picks that made our list of best women shoes for standing all day in the UK.

Best shoes for standing all day for women

1. Clarks Un Loop, Women’s Mocassins

most comfortable shoes for standing all day

These shoes have a practical yet stylish look to them. They look formal enough to wear to the office and other work situations. But the real magic is inside.

The insole is so comfortable that customers describe it as wearing fuzzy slippers all day. This makes them perfect for the times when you need to stand for extended periods. The cushy inside relieves the pressure from your feet and keeps your muscles from getting sore.

The inner and outer material is leather while the sole is made from gum rubber. This means they can also double up as walking shoes and still last several years without any damage.


  • Practical yet stylish.
  • Extremely durable and comfortable.
  • Great for standing and walking in.

2. Skechers Gowalk 2 Women’s Trainers

best sneakers for standing all day

These easy slip on shoes tackle to common problems for women who have to stay standing for hours; pressure relief and breathability.

For pressure relief, the shoes are fitted with Resalyte cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. A soft fabric inner lining adds to the coziness. A mesh upper provides breathability and comes in especially handy when the weather is warm. A Gum rubber sole keeps the shoe in good shape for years.


  • Easy to slip on/off.
  • Great breathability.
  • Perfect sneakers for standing all day

3. Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Clogs

standing comfort shoes

For less formal situations, these unisex crocs will come in handy. The flat heel and soft inner cushioning keeps your feet feeling good all day long. They are extremely easy to slip on and off and are also ideal for walking around with.

The only thing you need to be careful about when buying is the size. Know your exact shoe size and then make sure you pick the right size when buying on Amazon.


  • Very comfortable for less formal situations such as care centres.
  • Easy to slip on/off.
  • Perfect for hot weather.

4. Josef Seibel Women’s Steffi Son 13 Ankle Boots

best shoes for working on your feet all day

Good for walking and good for standing too. If your day involves a lot of standing, these shoes provide the best of durability and comfort while still managing to look stylish. An inner textile lining keeps everything cozy and warm.

A removable footbed provides much-needed cushioning for your feet. If you also need to do a lot of walking, the leather outer material and a hardy sole keep the shoes in top shape for years. The shoes are also waterproof, a big plus if you need to use them outdoors in different types of weather.


  • Very stylish yet practical.
  • Leather material provides added durability.
  • A comfortable foot cushioning.

5. Dr. Marten’s 1461, Unisex-Adults’ Lace-Up Flats

womens work shoes for standing all day

These are some of the best and most durable formal shoes for both men and women. The exterior is made from strong leather, which has a nice shiny look when new. Over time, the leather softens and attains a subtle matte style.

These lace-up, no-heel shoes are perfect for people who spend their days standing or walking up and down. The inside is roomy with plenty of wiggle room for your toes. The innersole cushions the feet from too much pressure.

Even with repeated use, these shoes age quite well and you can expect them to serve you for several years.


  • Very durable.
  • Roomy design for extended comfort.
  • Great standing comfort shoes.

Key considerations

When you start shopping around, sellers will throw numerous fancy terms at you, trying to convince you that their shoes are the best. Be careful not to overpay for unnecessary features or compromise quality for low costs. Here is a handy checklist of five things to look for in your new pair of shoes.

  • Lightweight

This is an absolute essential. You will be tired enough from all the standing without adding heavy footwear to the mix. Heavy shoes will be a drag on your feet, making you feel more tired and sore than usual. They can also increase the risk of various foot health problems.

Thanks to modern technology, manufactures can now make super lightweight shoes without compromising on the quality. Materials like nylon mesh have led to better, lighter and more comfortable footwear.

  • Cushioning

This is perhaps the most important part of a shoe that is going to be used for standing in all day. Standing for extended period is like applying unrelenting pressure on your feet. Without something to mitigate that pressure, your feet are going to hurt and develop health problems. It could go as far as causing back pain.

Cushioning reduces the amount of pressure your feet are under and provides a comfortable bed on which to stand on.

  • Breathability

If you are going to be standing all day, you will likely sweat more than usual. Things can get worse when temperatures go high. A breathable shoe keeps your feet feeling cool and fresh. Look for shoes that have a breathable and moisture-wicking inner lining and upper. Otherwise your feet will feel uncomfortable and get smelly.

  • Durability

When you have to move up and down and stand for hours, durability is a must. Leather is often the best material when talking about shoe durability. Some manufacturers use leather for both the exterior and interior for added longevity. As for the sole, gum rubber is one of the best materials. It is soft enough to provide bounce and cushioning while still being durable.

  • Heel and sole design

The size of the heel affects how ideal certain footwear is for standing in all day. In most cases, a flat shoe or low heel (less than 1 inch) provides the best feet positioning and alignment. The midsole should be slightly raised to offer arch assistance.


1. Why do I need to get shoes specifically for standing all day?

Normal shoes will not provide you with the comfort and cushioning you need to be able to stand for long without pain and soreness.

2. My feet are extra wide/narrow, what shoe size should I get?

Most retailers will have a width sizing guide or chart (in addition to the regular size chart). Use that to determine which width will work best for you.

3. What are the best shoes for winter?

Several of the shoes we mentioned above work perfectly even for colder weather. When shopping for winter shoes for standing all day focus on a soft warm lining, durability and water resistance.

4. Which are the best shoes for standing all day?

Look for shoes with better than average cushioning made from soft rubber or memory foam. This allows your feet to withstand pressure from hours of standing.

They should also fit snugly, be breathable and offer adequate arch support.

5. How to stand all day without feeling pain?

The most important thing is to get proper footwear that’s comfortable. Avoid heels, sandals, and ill-fitting shoes.

Regular feet and leg exercises can also help you withstand hours of standing without pain. You should also consider getting a leg massager or spa to help with sore feet at the end of the day.

Another tip is to try and move a little while you stand. Even shuffling in place can take strain off your feet and keep blood moving.

6. Are sports shoes good for standing all day?

You may have noticed that nurses and many pros who need to stand for hours prefer sporty shoes. That’s because sports and athletic shoes provide excellent support and cushioning that’s great while running or standing still for hours.

Sports shoes are also highly breathable, which keeps your feet from getting stuffy and clammy.


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