Which Is The Best Foot Massage Oil?

Most people could probably do with a little bit more attention to their feet.

Over the course of a single day, your feet go through a lot. They bear your entire body weight plus the weight of whatever you are carrying. They absorb the shock from the ground as you walk, protecting your ankles and knees. They also help you walk and ran fast.

Without proper care, the effects of all these forces and stresses soon become apparent. Conditions like plantar fasciitis, calluses, bunions and even osteoarthritis can be caused or exacerbated by poor foot care.

The most important part of foot care is wearing the right footwear. Tight footwear causes friction and excess pressure on your feet. Loose shoes reduce arch support and force you to walk in an unnatural gait.

In addition, use easy home treatments like foot spas and massage rollers to keep your feet in their best shape. One of the easiest but effective treatments you should give your feet at least 2-3 times a week or even daily is an oil massage. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you.

Benefits of a foot oil massage

A foot oil massage helps soothe aching muscles and joints. It also boosts blood flow and reduces nerve inflammation for those with conditions such as arthritis.

If you spend most of your day walking or standing or if you are an athlete, regular massage will improve your foot flexibility, reduce strain and boost performance.

Good quality oils will also leave your skin moisturised, keeping your feet soft and smooth. It also keeps away calluses and cracks.

Here are the best foot massage oils we found online.

1. Foot Massage Oil with Lavender Peppermint and Tea Tree, 250ml

Foot Massage Oil 250ml with Lavender Peppermint & Tea Tree
  • 100% Natural product
  • Pure essential oils added
  • Freshly Hand blended to order
  • Fantastic fresh relaxing aroma
  • Great value bottle

This bottle of massage oil is blended by hand on order. It is 100% natural and contains peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils. This blend creates an amazing aroma that’s relaxing on its own. The lavender part of it is especially noticeable.

The oils penetrate deep into your skin, making your feet feel soft and supple. Most customers say their feet remain soft for days. The oil is quite thick so just a little goes a long way.

If at the end of the day your feet always feel tired and worn out, try this oil. You can even travel with it for on-demand feet refreshment wherever you are.

What we like about it:

  • Natural ingredients. It’s ideal even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Relaxing aroma. It’s perfect for relaxing at the end of the day before you sleep.
  • Just a little spreads far on your feet. Expect it to last long.

2. Muscle Aches and Pains Massage Oil with Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint pure essential oils, 250ml

Aromabar Muscle Aches & Pains Massage Oil 250ml with Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint Pure Essential Oils Pre-Blended 100% Natural Ingredients Pump Dispenser Included
  • 100% Pure & Natural ingredients Pre-blended Ready to use massage oil
  • A soothing blend of pure Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils in Sweet Almond oil
  • Hand blended in small batches for maximum freshness
  • Fantastic aroma

If your particular need is to treat persistent foot ache or pain, this blend is better. It is formulated with natural essential oils that not only relax your muscles and nerves but also reduce aches.

Eucalyptus oil is especially effective at combating pain. It is used in many balms and insect bite treatments for its soothing and anti-bacterial effects.

Peppermint is more of a refreshing oil. It leaves your feet feeling cool, which can be especially relaxing after spending hours in shoes.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use hand pump.
  • Effective in treating foot aches and sore muscles.
  • Refreshing aroma.

3. Songbird Tea Tree & Mint Reflexology Wax, 100g

Songbird Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax EcoTub 100g
  • 100% Natural and Vegan Society Certified
  • Altogether Natural Reflexology Wax with Tea Tree, Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils
  • Gives an excellent grip for Reflexology treatments and foot massage with no spills or mess
  • Trusted by professionals for over 30 years

If you don’t like massage oils, try this wax. It’s formulated specifically for foot massage and natural reflexology. It’s also great if you hate the mess that some oils create on the sheets or couch (tip: when massaging with oil, place a towel underneath your feet).

This wax is made from peppermint, spearmint and tea tree essential oils. With regular use it softens your feet, reduces cracks and calluses and improves your general foot health.

Unlike most massage oils and even waxes, this Songbird reflexology wax is much thicker. It gives your hands more grip on your skin. This is helpful when you need to do a deep massage.

What we like about it:

  • Provides a better grip than oils for a stronger and deeper foot massage.
  • Perfect for reflexology treatments.
  • Softens the skin.

4. Naissance Aches & Pains Massage Oil 250ml

Naissacne Muscle Revive Massage Oil with Ginger & Rosemary | Joint Relief | 250 ml
  • Essential Oils of Ginger, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Lemongrass, coriander, peppermint, lavender, Litsea, and vetiver.
  • Helps relieve muscle pain and stiff joints releasing heat.
  • Apply a small amount on the affected areas or on the soles of the feet.
  • Ready to use massage oil and already mixed.

This oil contains an invigorating blend of various natural essential oils including lemongrass, coriander, grape seed, lavender, ginger and vetiver.

You can apply the oil on your feet and just leave it there or gently massage it into the skin. Either way, your feet will feel fresh and soft.

You can also use it on other muscles and joints of your body especially if they are aching. If you just want to feel the aroma, apply a little on your wrists or temple. It will produce a refreshing aroma as you go about your work.

What we like about it:

  • Refreshing blend of natural essential oils.
  • Effective for massage as well as aromatherapy.

5. Naissance Certified Organic Massage Oil, 100ml

No products found.

This is an organic oil blend of lemongrass, ginger, lavender, spearmint and Rosemary essential oils. It’s vegan friendly.

You can use the oil in one of two ways; as a massage oil for your feet and other muscles and joints in your body or for aromatherapy.

For aromatherapy, apply just a little on your wrists to keep the aroma around you all day long.

What we like about it:

  • Natural and vegan-friendly organic oils.
  • Great for both massage and aromatherapy.

6. Naissance Relaxing Massage Oil, 100ml

Naissance Relaxation Bliss Destressing Massage Oil - 100ml - Grapeseed Oil Base with Lavender & Chamomile Massage Therapy for Muscle Relax
  • Let the soothing touch and captivating scent of this natural blend transport you to a state of pure tranquility, where the worries of the day simply...
  • The smooth glide and soothing properties of this massage oil make it perfect for relieving muscle tension and promoting flexibility
  • Incorporating Relaxation Bliss into your bedtime routine can help improve the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised in...
  • The nourishing properties of lightweight grapeseed carrier oil help moisturize your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated
  • The delightful aroma of this massage oil enhances the overall sensory experience, making it a perfect addition to your self-care rituals

This Naissance blend consists of a grape seed oil base with Ylang Ylang, lavender, cedarwood, orange, Patchouli and Roman Chamomile oils.

It is 100% natural so it’s ideal even for those with sensitive skin.

The formulation is very balanced. It doesn’t feel too greasy on the skin and doesn’t leave a mess on your surfaces. You can use it to massage your feet and other areas as well.

What we like about it:

  • Natural essential oils.
  • Leaves skin soft and supple.
  • Non-greasy formulation.

Frequently asked questions about foot massage oils

Q: What’s the best massage oil for foot pain?

Any foot massage oil will help reduce foot pain just from the massaging. But for the best pain relief, look for foot massage oils with ingredients that are known to reduce pain in the nerves and muscles.

Some of the best pain relief ingredients in massage oil include eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, cypress oil, ginger oil and clary sage oil.

All these essential oils relieve muscle soreness, relax muscle tension, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and can also help with swelling.

Massage the oil on your feet in the evening, focusing on those areas that are particularly sore or painful. You can also apply the massage oil immediately after a workout to reduce soreness.

Q: What’s the best foot massage oil for sleep?

As with pain, just the act of massaging can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

But if you want something more powerful to fight insomnia, look for a foot massage oil or wax with essential oils that are known to help with deep relaxation and sleep.

A classic example is lavender oil. Other good ones include cedar wood, ylang ylang, frankincense and chamomile.

For best results, massage your feet in the evening just before bedtime. This will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Q: Should I use a massage oil or wax?

This comes down to personal preferences.

Some people love the slippery feel of oil as they massage their feet. They find it more soothing and relaxing.

But others hate the oil, and sometimes greasy, feel. Oil may also leave a mess on the bed or couch (use a towel beneath your feet to prevent that).

If you’d rather not use oil there are plenty of massage waxes that are just as beneficial. They contain most of the essential oils and other helpful ingredients found in traditional massage oils.

Wax is also a better choice for deep foot massage. Because it is thicker and less slippery, it gives your hands a stronger grip on your skin, allowing you to massage with stronger and deeper movements.

Q: Can I use foot massage oil for athlete’s foot?

Yes you can. You just need to find a foot massage oil with the right ingredients.

Look for a massage oil with ingredients that provide antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infections but getting protection from viral and bacterial infections is also important. Enclosed in a warm and humid environment – your shoes – it’s easy to get a foot infection.

The best essential oils for athlete’s foot and other infections include tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and lavender oil.

Apply the massage oil directly on the affected areas and massage to get it deep under the skin. Put on some socks and sleep in them to get the best results.

Q: Can I use foot massage oil during pregnancy?

It depends on the type of massage oil you are using. Check the label or manufacturer website for any warnings about using the oil during pregnancy.

But most foot massage oils, especially the all-natural ones, are safe for pregnancy.

Massaging your feet with the right oil during pregnancy helps with swelling, improved blood circulation and relieving soreness and tension in your feet.

It can also reduce pregnancy-related anxiety.

Just make sure you do it gently and stop immediately if you experience any discomfort.

Q: Can I make my own massage oil at home?

Yes, you definitely can.

You can just take any natural oil and use it to massage your feet. Some of the best oils for foot massage include coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil.

Essential oils like lavender, lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint are also great.

You can also mix a base oil like coconut or olive with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

However, store-bought massage oils offer more benefits because they combine many different ingredients.

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