Antifungal Nail Polish: What You Need to Know

Toenail fungus unknown to many, is a common problem affect most individuals in the UK. If you are reading this and thinking the problem is unique to you, you might find some comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this.

Owing to the large number of individuals sharing in this problem, you can rest assured that there is a solution devised by creative and entrepreneurial minds. Antifungal toenail polish is a product designed to conceal toenail fungus as you find a remedy for it.

Now fungal infections penetrate the toenails through crack and cuts in the skin. At first they manifest as black or yellow speckle on the skin. Unfortunately, these symptoms, though hard to miss, are ignored by many. After all, the speckles are not painful. But while they may be left untreated, they grow and develop eventually destroying the toenails.

Toenail fungus often crop up in the older generation. However, it at times manifests in young individuals experiencing reduced immunity levels. Some causes of infections include excessive sweating, exposing your broken toenails to water, poor hygiene, using non-unsterilized clippers and trauma from running.

Yes treating toenail fungus is important to improve aesthetics. But aside from this, it is also important to treat it to curb its spread to other toenails and the skin.

With that said, at the very top of the list of recommended toenail fungus polish is Dr’s Remedy Toenail Polish. This is a great polish to cover the situation in your toenails without making things any worse.

How does antifungal nail polish work?

antifungal nail polish

For many, it is exciting to learn of nail polish that protects and helps to fight against fungus. I mean, nail polish, for a long time has been used for aesthetic purposes. It is impressive that some have medicinal properties infused in them.

Here is how it works. The antifungal nail polish features an active ingredient designed to attract the cell membrane of the problematic fungus. Upon breakage of the membrane, the fungus is weakened, dies and is eradicated effectively.

The active ingredients seep into the nail and attack. These ingredients remedy the situation from the outside working towards the underside of the nail. During the eradication process, the nail also undergoes a healing process courtesy of the antifungal nail polish.

Below are some active ingredients used in antifungal nail polishes including M.Y Health Natural Antifungal Nail Polish:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Amorolfine
  • Undecylenic acid

Speaking of M.Y Health Natural Antifungal Nail Polish, it is a preferred choice for many given that it is made using natural ingredients including lavender extracts and Tea Tree. Additionally, it is breathable and water based. The nails are left hydrated and healthy.

Before you start your treatment, it is imperative that you assess the state of your toenails. If the fungal infection is well advanced, you should get a prescription from your doctor to tone it down. This will help you achieve better results with antifungal nail polishes.

Can you use regular nail polish on fungus infested toenails?

Do not be deceived. Concealed toenail fungus is not treated. Normal nail polish may cover-up the ugly situation of your toenails, but will not do anything to help treat it. As such, they are not recommended.

So to answer the question, no, normal nail polish is not safe to use on fungus infested toenails. Below are more reasons why you should avoid normal nail polish.

Reasons to avoid normal nail polish

Let’s dive right into the reasons:

  • Fungi thrive in dark and damp areas. Normal or gel nail polish tends to trap moisture thus providing an ideal environment for fungus to thrive. Additionally, it blocks light from reaching under the nail and worsens the situation.
  • During application, fungus gets transferred from the nails to the polish in the bottle. Consequently, every other nail you apply the polish on gets infected – even your fingernails.
    All infected toenails ought to be dry and kept open. This helps to contain the fungal situation.

Preparing your toenails for treatment

If the infection is mild, then the healing process will be fast. However, if it is severe, the healing process will be long and challenging. For this, you will need to be consistent, patient and use a tried and tested treatment.

Below is a popular treatment you can follow;

  • Trim your nails – trimming your nails is important as it helps to get the active ingredients into the nail bed for fast action.
  • Nail filling – infected nails are hard and thick. The filling needs to be gentle to get rid of excess layers
  • Purchase a pedicure set – this is not a must, but it only makes sense to do so. A good pedicure set will help you prevent the spread of the infection
  • Smoothing – infected nails are rough and craggy – smoothen them before applying your nail polish. This will provide a better finish.


While there are numerous antifungal nail polishes in the market, a few brands have managed to build a strong reputation for themselves. One of such brands is DaniPro. It has a wide range of products designed to treat and prevent fungal infection. In their line of products is DaniPro Infused Nail Polish.

Hopefully this piece has cleared any doubts you had about the product. it is worth noting that antifungal nail polishes are available in lots of color variations to suit your taste.

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